Tales of Hearts Merger

By • April 3, 2014

After Kaji has fired his old, worthless translator for Tales of Hearts, he reached out to me to see if I would be willing to join his project as the lead translator. Kaji is a long-time friend and a dedicated programmer, so of course I agreed. Absolute Zero is proud to announce the merger of our Tales of Hearts project with Kaji’s.

Until March 31st, we weren’t planning on doing anything for April Fools this year. You all know that I love April Fools, but I was crippled by the fear that I will never outdo April Fools 2013. Unfortunately it’s not viable to put hundreds to thousands of hours into my schemes every year. But when Kingcom told me to look at Kaji’s draft of the post, I laughed too hard not to get in on it myself. The sample translation almost killed me. What a masterpiece. I always try to maintain the ability to laugh at myself, so I hope you had a good laugh at and with me. Hopefully you enjoyed the dashes of truth that were mixed in with all the lies. Or maybe it was mostly truth with just a few lies… Either way.

In any case, there are a few things you can take away from the posts. It’s true that ToPX, NDX, and Hearts are all now using editing interfaces based on Kingcom’s code base. The editors are xml-based and they are just fantastic. Much as I hate to admit it, but Kingcom was right to recommend this format, in spite of my resistance. I can’t go back to text files now. These tools make it easy for me to do my job. I’m honestly able to work faster than ever before thanks to the interface alone. Since porting the editor code to Hearts, Kaji has suggested and added a few nice features of his own. The end result, and the part you all probably care most about, is that progress on Hearts has been steady recently. Please understand that we still have a long way to go, but things are looking up.

I keep referring to the progress in terms of “cities.” There are, if memory serves, like 10 cities in Tales of Hearts. The way the text in Hearts is organized, all of the text files for events that happen in that particular location are stored together. That means that when I say I have completed a city, everything that happens there through the course of the game is complete. Some cities are much busier than others based on the number of events that happen there. I am currently two small files short of being done with the third city, Hansella. Hansella is a fairly large city and events and subevents happen there throughout the course of the game. It’s not the biggest city, but it is still larger than the two previous cities, Siebr and Cynus, combined. You all may remember that completing Hansella by the start of 2014 was my original goal, so obviously I’m behind schedule. I am working to get back on track and with this new editing interface, doing so is that much easier.

Anyway, thanks for those of you that played along with our joke and for those of you that were fooled. I enjoyed both. I couldn’t stop laughing at this comment in particular: throughhim413’s Grocery Shopping Adventure. Well done. In other news, apparently Japan is killing off ToP on iOS… That’s pretty awkward considering it just launched in the west. It could still just be offered in the west, I suppose, but it’s not much of a vote of confidence in the game. That’s all from me for now! Look forward to more progress updates soon!

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  1. lol that was pretty clever for an April fools joke. I’m glad to hear you guys are working together to bring us those title. Very grateful fan here. Thank you and will be waiting to hear more news.

  2. I had seen the grocery store comment too. Laughed so hard, reminded me of something from Bobobo.

  3. Is there someone working on rebirth? or no one care about it !!

  4. Soooo, you used your last resort “let’s call it like that”, in this year april’s fool..But how you’re gonna top it next year?, hmmmm?

  5. It seems that Tales of Hearts R is coming to the west (if you believe gamestop’s pre-order listing).

  6. I also heard Tales of Hearts is coming west. I hope they keep doing this translation so we can compare the 2 when Kaji finally releases his in 2020.

  7. Hope you guys keep working on the DS translation, even with the Vita version coming out. The two games are different enough right? 🙂 Looking forward to playing both!

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