Tales of Heartbreak

By • April 18, 2014

Tales of Hearts R will be localized in Winter 2014. That leaves us in a very unfortunate situation.

We know people don’t want us to stop working on Tales of Hearts for the DS. We’ve read your comments. We understand. Kaji and I feel the same way. Tales of Hearts was a great game with a lot of original stuff, one of the best 2D battle systems in the series, and a great story. Tales of Hearts R is… well, Kaji can explain the issues it has a lot better than I can.

That being said, our policy on this stuff has always been clear – we will not do anything that might impact sales of a full Tales localization. We want more Tales games localized, so when they put the effort in to give a game a real localization, we’re going to support that them by making sure that we don’t compete with the release in any way.

Therefore, our Tales of Hearts project is officially on hold. If you want to play Tales of Hearts, please buy it for the PS Vita. Effective immediately, Tales of Phantasia X is Absolute Zero’s primary focus.

I know people will want to compare this decision to our past decisions to cancel or not cancel fan translations, but every one of these situations is different. One of the biggest factors is that the Vita needs help in the form of exclusives to improve its install base. That’s something we don’t want to get in the way of. More viable systems means more viable localizations.

I’m sorry, I really am. I wish it didn’t have to be like this, but remember that we need to support the series we love.

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  1. Damn..

  2. Well I would have bought Hearts R regardless of the fan translation to see the difference between R and the original by myself.

  3. That’s a very sensible decision, especially since nothing stops you from resuming your work after Hearts R is out. How are things going with Destiny’s remake? Any progress?

  4. Pirates with honor are the best pirates. Good on you. The Vita is a great device and needs all the support it can get.

  5. Yeah I had a feeling this would happen after seeing that announcement. While I think it’s a shame, I totally respect your decision. Maybe Hearts R won’t be so bad once I actually play it myself!

    Maybe! Maybe…

    so does this mean kaji will actually work on his other projects now

  6. Why not just work on it on the backburner, and not release it for a year or two after R’s release? I feel most, if not all, who will buy Hearts R would have bought it regardless of the fan translation of Hearts DS, and those who wouldn’t want to buy Hearts R because Hearts DS was there wouldn’t buy Hearts R at all.

    Hell, I’ve already gone out and pre-ordered Hearts R and I still want you to do Hearts DS, even if it doesn’t happen for another year or two.

  7. Eh, I don’t care for the remake nor do I want a VITA. Meh, it’s not like the project was almost finished anyway.

    Time to dust off my DS.

  8. To be honest, I’m not heartbroken about this. I gave up expecting anything out of Kajitani about two years ago. I can’t wait for the Vita release.

  9. I Knew this would happen dang it. Oh well I’m still very thankful for tales of innocence and tempest and will happily wait for Phantasia X. Thanks guys keep up the good work.

  10. I wouldn’t buy a Vita just for that, ’cause it sucks, but a release on 3DS would be the more logic decision that Namco would done. Thus the patch isn’t nearly to be complete so i don’t mind i can wait 3 or 4 more years.

  11. Hope that you release a finished translation one day. They are both different games in many regards and it would be a shame for so many years work to go to waste. I agree with your decision to put the project on hold.

  12. I hate to say it but I’m happy with this decision. The sales factor is HUGE for Tales in USA/EUR and needs as many as it can get for future titles to come there. My condolences to both tl teams involved. It sucks having all the work go to waste, well not really wasted. I’m sure you both got tons of new hacking experience and techniques.

    As for full focus on ToP:X that is awesome. I can’t wait to play.

    God bless and have a wonderful easter weekend a0t and kaji.

  13. It’s nice to see you guys both say “put on indefinite hold” because I very much agree with releasing it any time soon being a bad thing considering, but that leaves whether or not it’ll come out in the future open. I personally want to play both; so I hope you guys will consider finishing it in a few years once there’s no way it could impact how well Hearts R sells here. It’s unfortunate so much was changed… I think that warrants the orignial being playable in english more than, say, something like Tales of Graces where I’m pretty sure nothing was “missing” persay in the localization.

  14. I understand your policy and I applaud your full support of both the Tales fandom and Namco. But this is really a heartbreak for me. I’been following Kaji’s work on this game since almos day I. It took a while getting here to the point in the translation were you are now. When you said you had intention of finishing Hearts this year I could not be happier. This things allways tend to end behind schedule but knowing your determination do get it done somewhat soon was thirlling.

    This being on hold is a completely reasonable and honorable decision, but both games were really different and honestly the DS version on the game is the only one I want to play. I don’t want to sound like I’m demanding something, because I am not. But, if the plan is not hurting the official release’s sales, could it be possible to Kaji’s Patch to be continued worked on and just be released on a later date? It would take a lot of time to complete at the regular pace, so reducing the pace could result in a release when ToHR’s sales have been on decline for months, if any.

    Anyway thanks for the hope of being able to play this game eventually you game me this years. Its somathing Namco could never do. I hope you come back to this project eventually. But even if you don’t, thank you for your passion and hard work.

    And well, at least NDX has now more chances of not be sitting on my shelve 😀

  15. Man, I;m happy and all, but in some ways it kinda sucks that Bamco has now announced two games for localization that were getting fan translations (you and I well know how far along the Graces patch was).

    Still, I’m really happy Hearts R is coming over. Just bought a Vita and was thinking of how fantastic it’d be to have a Tales game to play on it, and whaddya know, a couple days later the first hints at Hearts R getting localized start leaking!

    Thanks so much for your hard work, throughhim and Kaji. Maybe some day we’ll see the DS version released; I know Kaji was really into the project. In the meantime, it’s great that you can focus your efforts on other things. I’m still really hoping you’ll be able to get Destiny Director’s Cut out one day! In the meantime, I’m trying to teach myself kanji, so maybe one day I can take up the mantle of Tales translator and help the cause. 🙂

  16. Not to worry at all Throughhim, this is the right decision.
    I’m sure we are all happy that we will be able to play Tales of Hearts R after alot of fighting from the fanbase to bring it over. It definitly is a sweet reward.
    I do think that the DS version is so different that it should make the localisation still desirable, even after playing the Vita version. Of course, if you are still willing to finish it up and release it far after the Vita release, i’m sure Namco wont object.

    With that said, its always good news to have localised Tales and meaning you guys can focus on other projects that wont be as lucky as Tales of Hearts R. In the end, this is a better resolution for all fans of the series, i believe.

  17. This is good and bad at the same time for me because I really want to play the DS version with your translations and, at the same time, I want to buy a PSVita and ToHR game just to play the “improved” version of it to support the system, and to support Namco Bandai as well so that they continue bringing more Tales of in the West. So, I really wish you guys continue with ToH DS version translation, probably you, as someone already said, can release it one year or two after the PSVita version comes out, that would be really great. I DO really want to have the three Tales of games for the DS translated by you guys, even if I have to wait until 2015 or 2016. Please, don’t cancel your project, we, as fans, will wait the time it needs for it to happen!

    As for the time being, I’ll will buy a PSVita and ToHR when it comes to the West.

  18. Fine, but it would still be a great thing if the translation could be resumed once the sales of Hearts R go to a standstill.

  19. …I knew this was going to happen. Even so, I don’t blame you guys, you’re doing the right thing and I respect your decision. I have always admired fan translations, specially games translations, and if I ever was able to play Tales of Phantasia (My first game of the franchise) it was because of your translation.

    Is kind of sad to read that you will put this project on hold, but I think everyone here understands and, if some day you decide to resume the translation, I’ll definitely play the DS version (Either if I had already played the Vita version or not).

    Anyway, thank you. I really want to play ToPX/NDX. Good luck with these and any future project you might take in the future.

  20. Hey, here’s a nice thing – they’ll also have official names to refer to whenever they do get back to it.

  21. I knew it would be canceled when official localization announced..
    even i really want to play ToH DS but it’s ok..
    but can you continue the ToD remake?
    i really sure every tales series fan want this project to completed, cause i think Namco won’t make the localization for this one..

  22. I am incredibly excited about ToH R on Vita, its one of the reasons I got the system, and I was crushed when I thought it wouldn’t be localized. But it is really unfortunate that you guys put so much work in and wasted your time. Precious time, actually, because you guys really do top notch work, like I’ve never seen. Tales of Innocence is perfect. I’m really looking forward to your next projects. (Maybe Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, or Megaman Operation Shooting Star, since both are remakes with 95% of it available in English….but no access for additional features for Western Gamers..Nevermind, just a sad hope of mine)

  23. Also, more time to devote to Phantasia X! Can’t wait.

  24. Yo just continue the patch and release it a while after Hearts R comes out. Best choice honestly.

  25. Yeah…I’m not going to buy a Vita just to play 1 game even if it is a Tales game…maybe if they had 2 but….I just don’t see that happening.

  26. “Therefore, our Tales of Hearts project is officially on hold. If you want to play Tales of Hearts, please buy it for the PS Vita. Effective immediately, Tales of Phantasia X is Absolute Zero’s primary focus.”


  27. Guess I’m gonna have to stea- I mean find a way to get a Vita.

  28. Im very dissapointed with this since i have absolutely no interest on Hearts R, it is vastly inferior to the DS one im my opinion especially on the combat system, if they localized Innocence Vita i would definetely buy but not this one.
    Most will disagree with me but if Hearts R localization means no Hearts DS localization id rather not have it localized at all.

  29. I wouldn’t buy a Vita just for that


    i really want to play ToH.. but i only have 3ds & DS.. u.u

  30. Well, Kaji did get five years so he shouldn’t bitch about this. Screw the Vita, it’s too expensive and just has only one english title and the 3DS is even worse with its single Port release. The PS3 has 6 english titles so, buying a PS3 is more than worth it.

  31. Please don’t stop the project now. Kaji has been working on this for years. I can estimate with the pace of Kaji translating this game, saying he doesn’t stop now, he would be able to finish the patch long after the the official game has been released or if he finishes earlier why not just release it later(a year or two after the official release). Lets be frank, a lot of people would either play the game in english on a DS or not play the game at all because not really a lot of people would like to buy a Vita for a single tales game.

  32. To be honest, buying a Vita is not particularly expensive. Just on ebay (infamous for it’s over-priced rip-offs) you can buy a used vita in a decent condition from $90.

    To stay on topic: It’s probably a wise move, since continuing would probably only result in a CnD letter anyway, and if they were going to complain about one thing, they’d probably just include the other projects as well. I doubt anyone wants to give them a reason, right?

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