Tales of Phantasia X Video Preview

By • June 15, 2014

This video shows some of Absolute Zero’s work-in-progress translation of Tales of Phantasia X for the PlayStation Portable. As this video shows only the introductory events of the game, there are no spoilers.

So since I failed to get an update together last month, we figured we’d go big and put up a video this time. We’ll try and do more regular video updates going forward.

As for the content of the video itself, while we’ve worked to refine the text you see, nothing should be considered final at this point. That said, if you see any glaringly stupid errors, please let us know and try to get them fixed. Also, remember that ppsspp’s sound emulation isn’t perfect yet, so the sound quality isn’t representative of what you’ll hear if you play it on the actual PSP hardware.

Things to note:

  • Cress is the default name for the protagonist. The renaming option is still there, so if you want him to be Cless, more power to you. His last name is currently Albane.
  • The intro sequence shows off Kingcom’s awesome battle subtitles. The opening sequence just wouldn’t be complete without Indignation’s incantation!
  • For Chester and his sister, I’ve left their last name as Barklight for the moment. Chester’s sister is named Ami.
  • Kingcom pointed out that I wrote one line that was almost identical to the GBA version’s translation, but I’ve kept it for now. The line is Ami’s first one – “Be careful. You’re the only big brother I’ve got.” The actual Japanese text is “Be careful, onii-chan.” So I need the translated line to do two things – 1) express concern for her brother’s safety and 2) establish the relationship between them. In English, we wouldn’t normally say “Be careful, big brother.” So I had to expand the line a little bit to work their relationship into it. Turns out the GBA translation had the same idea. Props to them.
  • We added some text about our skit indicator to the text when you exit the village. Yay, improvements!

This video was recorded from ToPX running on ppsspp using fraps. It’s truly incredible how far this emulator has come. And speaking of ppsspp, I want to give a major shout out to [Unknown]. His work on ppsspp has been invaluable to our project. Honestly, it almost certainly wouldn’t have been possible without him. ToPX keeps breaking ppsspp in ways that few other game seems to, but [Unknown] has always been there to find a solution. Kingcom and I are in awe of both his technical skills and his willingness to help. [Unknown], I don’t know if you read this blog, but thank you so much for everything you’ve done!

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

40 Responses to “Tales of Phantasia X Video Preview”

  1. Lovely work guys. Thanks for still working on this game and giving us hope to play it at its best. It would be nice if at every post/update you would give a rough estimate of how much u have finished in %

  2. Nice to see some video. I’m looking forward to this translation. I wanted to replay ToP for some time but couldn’t bring myself to play psx version knowing that there was a better one (any of two psp versions, more voiced dialogs and no silly name skipping during them). Good luck with the translation!

  3. awesome just awesome 😀

  4. awesome… keep it up

  5. Very nice, thank you for your work!

  6. Thank god you exist!!

  7. Is there a project for rebirth ???

  8. Nice, really looking foward to play this in the summer.
    btw, Will you translate the dialoges outside of the towns when you press “select”?

  9. Guys,thank you so much for your titan work!

  10. Thank you guys so much for working in this game. The translation in the video looks awesome, just one little thing I noticed: When Cless first talks to Chester he says something among the lines “My bad” and the Chester asks “There somebody here?”, that sounds off, it should be something like “Is there someone here?” or “Someone’s here?”. But apart from that everything’s perfect.

  11. This is seriously awesome. The offer still stands on hitting me up if you’d like any kfx or translation on the OPs.

  12. @Jetta: I wrote the line that way to reflect Chester and Cress’s casual, friendly relationship, but I do want to have some kind of lead-in to it. Might just be something simple like “Anyway… There someone here?”

  13. awsome, but honestly. I already played phantasia plenty of times. what im really looking forward to is the destiny director’s cut. Its awsome what you do, but also pretty disappointing that you keep focusing on all these other games except the one that’s been announced for ages.

  14. Just asking, the music is the same as the PSX evrsion?, or this is remixed?.

  15. Leave it to you guys to make me play yet another version of Tales of Phantasia.

  16. @Ragna In the original PSP version it’s the PSX music with a different soundfont but, I think this is this is the one bundled with Narikiri Dungeon X so it’s the PSX soundtrack unchanged. So much better.

  17. CAN’T wait for Narikiri Dungeon X!!!

  18. Lookin’ good!

  19. Great! Thank you so much for your hard work guys.

  20. Wow. Wish I had a psp. Or a better computer to run the emulator. Damn, I’m missing out on many good games.

  21. Just wondering if you guys have any interest in translating the mobile games, such as Tales of Commons or Tales of Breaker. I’m really looking forward to playing those two.

  22. Nope. We’re definitely never working on mobile games.

  23. thx a ton for doing this, i feel weird to be excited about playing this game for the sixth (or so) time lol

  24. @Roman
    So, the PSX music it’s the best of all the ToP ports and remixes?.

  25. Just to let you know I’ve never played any “Tales of” and I will start with this one thanks to you guys. You’re awesome !! ^^

  26. Please keep the translation literal like becareful brother keep it as that not make it longer

  27. @Rin: No. I explained why it’s translated the way it is. I’m concerned with how the English script reads, not with how slavishly it sticks to the Japanese. Localization is about translating intent. If you prefer the Japanese script, it’s probably better to play the Japanese version.

  28. Oh my gosh! I’ll definitely wait for this. I had few glitches on your PSX version so I didn’t had the chance to play beyond the Valhalla War (or was it Midgard War?). Thank you so much for all the hard work! You’re the bestest of the best, ahaha. And I agree with Tom about feeling weird to be excited ’bout playing ToP for few times.

    Thank goodness that we can still rename him as Cless (it stuck on me) and wish his surname will be Alvein.

    But, anyway, keep up the awesome work!

  29. Great work guys! Keep up the awesome stuff! Will be waiting patiently for a release 🙂

  30. Why USA names?
    Use te oficial names please, or put an option like classic mode or new mode menu with the names 🙁
    http://oi60.tinypic.com/288yrf4.j pg
    Anyways, thanks for that amazing work.

  31. @Rex: “Official” names are not official at all. They’re attempts by the Japanese at romanizing the kana. These Japanese developers aren’t experts when it comes to English, so we never treat them as gospel. They often miss the entire point of the name (like Cless) or they would look out of place in a localization (like Refill). We’re not changing them just for the sake of changing them. The names you see are here to stay as the default choices, but ToP has a renaming menu, so feel free to name them whatever you want.

  32. Awesome work guys! I love TOP. 😀

  33. Oh,so hard to wait….. Thanks guys for your projects!!!

  34. Thank you very much for work!

    I will be waiting patiently. 😀

  35. Why would you never consider mobile games? Also, are there any thoughts about the prequels and sequels of ToP?

  36. Mobile games just don’t interest me. I don’t know what prequel you mean, but I don’t plan to work on Summoner’s Lineage because I don’t like SRPGs.

  37. i just found out about this project, and i want to know, how far along are you guys? because this is the version of Tales of Phantasia i really want to play and wished that Bandai would localize, not the shitty GBA and iPhone ports (that iPhone port and localization was a real slap to the face for me).

  38. @Keiichimorisato98: This project isn’t our main focus right now, so it will be a while before it’s complete.

  39. Feeling sad to read this, because this version of Phantasia seemed to be the best of all, and the videos made me want to play it soooo bad too. But if you’re in a Destiny mood right now, its okay, you have all out support !

  40. i hope this will be finish soon though i know your doing your best in all your works thank you for the hard work i already finish this game in psx in gba and in psp ToP doesnt make you feel bored when your playing it over and over again the roots of the tales series. Wishing you all the best for this year thank you very much.