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It’s time for another update (at least according to Kingcom). Lately we (and by we I mean Kingcom) have been working on visual enhancements to the game.

So first thing’s first: Kingcom made it possible to choose whether you want the classic marbled blue PSX/FVE background or the modern transparent ToPX background. Personally I like the modern look, but if you’re a fan of the classic background, more power to you. We want this to be the best version of ToP, after all, so we want to make sure you have your pick! He added an option to the Customize menu, so switching from one to the other is as simple as toggling that option. Also, when you’re using the classic look, the font changes from a flat white to a gradient. Fancy! We’ll show both a classic and a modern shot throughout this update so you can get a taste!

After we showed off the intro, I voiced my concerns that the character’s names in the dialogue boxes don’t really stand out very much from the regular text. We discussed a number of possible options and I’m really happy with the simple but elegant solution we arrived at: a nice bold font.

The Artes menu is a nightmare in this game like it is in many others. They just don’t give you much room to work with when you’re going from Artes that have 5 character names to Artes that have 20+ characters in their names. It required some major reworking, but you can see that Kingcom has once again made it look easy.

The status menu presents a whole lot of information in very limited space. The original layout for the equipment is horizontal (as you may remember from Absolute Zero’s original project), but we opted to move to a vertical layout.

The translation is coming along steadily, but it doesn’t make for as many pretty pictures. That’s about all I have to say this time. Hope it was interesting!

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

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  1. can’t wait to play this game, so excited.

  2. While I’m most likely sticking with modern personally, giving us the option to switch between the two is awesome!

  3. just awesome <3

  4. This is looking absolutely awesome! Looks very streamlined and everything. Don’t really know what “reverb” means in the configuration menu though.

  5. It’s an audio setting that generally improves the quality of the audio on the PSP.

  6. Wow how can you be so based a0t? I love you guys.

  7. You guys are doing an amazing job, thank you for providing us these unique and useful translations!

  8. Man, I wish you were also doing Tales of Destiny 2 for psp also. Oh well. I’m happy with this too!

  9. I’m dropping by just to ask how the translation is going.

    Are you guys done with it already? If not, is there some estimate to when it will be finished?

  10. It seems the pictures above were taken via the screenshot function of the PS Vita.

  11. @noname: It’s going well, but it’s not done and there’s no estimate on when it will be done.

    @zip: Not sure what gave you that impression, but that’s not the case.

  12. The resolution of these pics are 960×544, the same resolution the Vita uses. So I assumed the game was running via a hacked Vita in PSP mode and screenshots were taken via the screenshot function.

  13. @zip: Oh, I see. The screenshots were taking using the ppsspp emulator. It’s what we use for most of our testing.

  14. Great job, looks amazing.

    I have a question that’s not directly related to this project, but I hope you don’t mind me asking. But, because this is the “best” version of ToP, are there any plans to locate a code that could run battles/overworld at 60 FPS instead of 30 FPS? Cities/dungeons run in 60 FPS by default. The PS1 version had 60 FPS battles, not sure about FVE as I skipped that. I think it might be related to the spell pause.

    I also read a post by [Unknown] on the ppsspp forums on the matter:

    “Unfortunately, Narikiri Dungeon X isn’t very friendly to the same sort of trick, it’ll just go at double speed. Would need to replace 088EF39C with 0, and then figure out where the game’s timing is handled, which is probably a lot of work.”

    Not sure if he is only talking about NDX portion or as a whole. Several PSP games have such codes available, though some games have frames rendered twice resulting no visible smoothness. Don’t know if it’s the same case with this game.

    Thank you.

  15. Do you guys plan on doing a redaction for Destiny PS1, to fix its atrocious dialogue?

  16. ToP works the same way as NDX. The speed is coupled to the framerate, so it’s not possible to make it run at 60fps without major changes.

  17. @mike: I don’t like Destiny PSX, so no.

  18. I love the way you’re making this version of the game even more awesome! To me, Phantasia is the best Tales game anyway, but you’re translating the best version out there and you’re even improving upon it!
    The fact you’re using PPSSPP to test the game a lot makes me even happier, since I was already planning on playing this version of the game on my computer with PPSSPP, using a PS3 controller and my 24inch monitor:p
    Looking forward to it!

  19. @throughhim413

    But do you like Tempest?

  20. @mike: Tempest has one version. I’m not working on Destiny PSX for the same reason I’m not working on the non-Director’s Cut version on the PS2 – it has been superseded by a newer and better version. Also, I actually finished Tempest (twice). I find Destiny PSX to be unplayable and couldn’t beat it fairly. So take that how you will.

  21. 2 updates in 2 weeks, GREAT. Everything looks great, hope to play this soon and thx for all the work.

  22. Really appreciate the update, Kingcom ftw

  23. This looks great! Oh and how did you get it to work properly on ppsspp? And how far are you guys?

  24. Nice work keep it up also what about the tales of the world(psp) series or is that not part of the tales series ?

  25. Make a video update on the battle system next! XD

  26. I wonder if you guys could actually code an algorithm where you load the characters’ skit faces while they talk? Hell, if you want it to take a step further, you could even load their skit TALKING animation and code that the animation starts and goes back to their idle skit faces only while their associated audio file plays… IF the game recognizes when the voice audio file begins and ends.

    Let’s face it, guys: the sprites used in every iteration of ToP don’t seem to convey any kind of emotion at all. Compare this to Tales of Symphonia’s character animations during scenes. You see Lloyd’s arm-wave animation and you know he’s got something to say. You see Colette’s tripping and falling over and it drives her clumsiness home. You see Raine’s critical thought, whether it’s analyzing an ancient ruin or an introspection on her place in the world as a half-elf, need I go on?

    Using the Skit mugs in ToP would only ADD to the redone voicework- a good step towards making the characters out to be… well, characters, instead of simple sprites when you see them talking.

    And I know it’d take a long time to associate which character mood to use, as well as dig through every line of dialogue in the game, so here are some suggestions:
    1. Experiment with doing it only with key cutscenes
    2. See how your followers react and do a poll to see if they’d appreciate what extra time would be put into it.
    3. Get Kajitani-Eizan’s help with this. It’ll help take his mind off of Bamco’s unprofessional rush-job with Hearts Vita. 😛

  27. @Kysafen: Kingcom and Kaji have both tolerated an incredible number of my unreasonable suggestions over the years, but if I try to push this one, I have a feeling that it will be the one that finally makes one of them snap and hunt me down. This may be a bridge too far even for me. Much though I agree with your statement that the sprite animations leave something to be desired, it would take months of extra work implement this and months more to get it to flow naturally. Even ToP’s skit faces leave a lot to be desired, so I’m not convinced the result would be worth the time and effort.

  28. this is my dream after playing snes version! Big humanity THANKS to Absolute zero command!

  29. Not bad, never finished ToP before, only played the SNES version, so i’m looking forward to give this a chance.

    Looking great.

  30. Since there are multiple options being implemented, are there any chances of the PS1 sprites getting in as well? Though I prefer the new, PSP sprites, I’m pretty sure there are people who would like to get a consistent look.

    Antoher concern of mine is how well this is progressing. I just hope to god this won’t be cancelled, C&D’d or something. ToPX is just too great, I hope the project will be finished, publicly or underground. ;_;

  31. Awesome Dude! 😉

  32. Big THANKS Absolute zero for your amazing job on the Tales series !

  33. Awesome job as usual. With this, I might finally beat Tales of Phantasia. The thought is rather… pleasant.

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