Skit translation complete!

By • September 18, 2014

This project is continuing to move at a pace that is far beyond any of my expectations. If you’d told me that I would have all of ToDR’s 711 skits translated in just over a month, I would have laughed at you. And yet here we are.

We’re now two months into this project, almost to the day, so how are we looking? Pretty damn good! If we were working on Tales of Phantasia, the end would be in sight (as long as you had really good vision). But this is Tales of Destiny, so we have a long, long way to go! There’s roughly 17x more event text in Tales of Destiny than there is skit text. For those of you who love trying to calculate when we’re going to be done, that would put the translation completion date in early 2016. Of course, not all text is created equal. Some things take much longer to translate while others fly by. Keep in mind, also, that the menu text and battle audio remain incomplete at this point. And perhaps most importantly, sustaining this pace – a pace I can only describe as miraculous – is probably not possible. The only project that I have ever worked this quickly on was Tales of Phantasia, which saw the whole game translated in a mere three months. Given that I worked on Phantasia when I was still in school, I never expected to have another project move that quickly. Translating Destiny has been the first thing I do when I wake up and the last thing I do before I go to bed many days, but it hasn’t felt like a chore. Rather, working on Destiny like this has been a blast. I haven’t had this much fun translating in a while. The progress feels so fulfilling. I’m thankful that it’s possible. I hope I can keep this pace up, but if you want my honest opinion, I still don’t think this patch is coming out in 2015.

But enough of my negativity, here’s a video showing off some of the skits:

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

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    Looking pretty damn good so far.

  2. Great progress guys! And also thanks for the continual updates. Really appreciate it.

  3. Thanks for your work guys, looking phenomenal

  4. This is such continued fantastic news!

    Keep up the great work, and hopefully it’ll help keep motivation knowing that there are fans out there immensely excited by your progress πŸ™‚

  5. It is impressive with the progress. Also I REALLY like the font. It’s nice to look at. One more thing. I’m happy there’s a skit viewer in the game. Skits can be particularly funny so it’s good to be able to go back and watch those when you want.

  6. Yeah, there’s a skit viewer and a movie viewer. I’m a big fan too (especially when it comes to translating)! The only downside is that you can only view the ones that you’ve seen! So if you want to see all the skits, you’ll have to find them all!

  7. Awesome job! Looking at your prediction how long this translation is going to take before it’s completed, are you planning to finish ToPX before that?

  8. Hi, throughhim! I’m ashamed to say I’m a first time commenter, but long time fan of the site and you and your teams work, but after seeing this post I felt obligated to let you know how much I appreciate you guys and the content you been giving back to the large majority of us that can’t play these amazing games in their native language.

    The original Tales of Destiny for the PS1 was my first introduction to the Tales franchise back when I was maybe 11 years old and has remained my favorite of the series to this day, more than likely a fair bit from a nostalgia filter, but also because I’ve grown so fond of the characters from the hours I spent on the game as a kid. To see the same game I played years and years ago revamped and in a language I can finally understand brings me such joy and excitement.

    Thank you guys for the amazing work, truly.

  9. My first Tales Of game, and my first ps1 game was Tales of Destiny, glad to see some progress on this translation.

  10. I want to kiss you for this!
    awesome work!

  11. 2016..Damn, that’s quite fast bro. No sarcasm if anyone is reading this..

  12. I’ve been willing to ask this for a long time and now I guess it’s the best chance, forgive me for being blunt but… Why you don’t you guys join forces for the completion of these translations?? I’m talking about you guys from Absolute Zero, Phantasia Productions, Rebirth Team, Vesperia Team and so on. It seems to me that would be much faster and a lot easier if you lot joined for the translation of said game, and then when the translation of that game is finished all of you could still keep on another unlocalized game. Well, call me naΓ―ve or a dreamer but it’s just what I think.

  13. @Denim: I think you’re vastly overestimating how many people are actively working on Tales games. Only two teams have dedicated translators – Absolute Zero and the Vesperia Team. On top of that, the teams have been pooling our resources for years. Tales of Destiny was started as a joint project between Absolute Zero and Tales of Destiny. I was working with Kajitani-Eizan on Hearts DS and the Graces Team on Graces Wii before the localization announcements. Kaji and I have both worked with the Vesperia Team on Arte names. Kingcom has helped Stormyu of the Rebirth Project with some programming tips and Stormyu did some of the programming on Tales of the Tempest. We’ve all been working together a long time.

    In terms of any kind of collaboration beyond that, I disagree with the sentiment that more staff members will result in a faster project or a better final result. Absolute Zero works because Kingcom and I both share the same philosophy when it comes to creating a translation patch – make it as perfect as we can the first time around. There’s rarely, if ever, any conflict in our vision. I focus on making my translation accurate, consistent, and well-written and he focuses on making sure the presentation of the game and enhancements we make work flawlessly. We both tend to believe that too many cooks spoil the broth. We’ve seen many groups start up claiming they have a better way to do things and almost all of them have failed. We’ve found a system that works for us and we’re still at it after all these years. At the end of the day, this is our hobby and we want it to be fun for us. As long as we’re having fun, and we are, we don’t see any reason to change.

  14. Nice progress! I’m glad to hear that it’s in a fun stage right now. It seems like once the tools became available from kingcom that were able to fly through these skits. Good luck and try not to burn out!


  16. Wow! Looking real good. I can’t translate, so I’ve always respected all the hard work translation communities do to allow us to enjoy these gems that never came out in the west.

  17. First time poster here, but I just have to tell you how awesome you are for translating a remake of one of my all time favourite games. I don’t care if I don’t get to play it until 2017, just the fact that you’re taking your own time and putting forth the effort to do something this grand when you certainly don’t have to makes you a super swell guy in my eyes. Keep being awesome, and thanks. And P.S. This is certainly directed at the rest of the team involved, not just the original poster here, you guys are all great.

  18. Love the progress you’ve been making. Just want to let you know how much I appreciate you doing this translation. I bought a copy of Tales of Destiny when I went to Japan and ever since I’ve been itching to play it. Good luck and keep the steady pace!

  19. Great. Great.

  20. Awesome news! Thank you for all your hard work, it is much appreciated.

    Looking forward to be able to play this all translated one day, will be a wonderful day when it is released!

  21. Thanks, this is awesome.

    Whenever you’re done, I’ll be very excited to play this game.

    Namco seems to have forsaken 2d Tales games for I don’t know what reason, so its pretty much guaranteed that they won’t translate this. I’m really glad people like you exists and give us a chance to play this game.

    Someday I’ll learn japanese and only import the games, maybe I’ll even try my hand at translating and hacking, but until then I’m very grateful for you. Thanks.

  22. Yo, this is looking awesome!
    I just want to express my thanks to everyone involved for resurrecting this project. I’ve heard a lot about this game and it holds a position of THE classic in the eyes of quite a few players, so I’ve wanted to play it for ages. I’m learning a bit of Japanese myself, so I guess I’m racing you guys to the finish line! (It’s almost certain that you’ll finish before I actually learn enough to get a satisfactory understanding of what’s happening in a game, so no rush.)

    Take it easy and have fun with it!

  23. ohh im looking forward to playing this game again, my favourite tales serie

  24. 711 Skits already? Whoa. You guys are doing godly right now! Keep up the good work!

  25. This is so amazing~ very impressive!

  26. This is definitely awesome~

  27. Question: Will there be subtitles for voices during battle like in the Phantasian Productions version of ToP?

  28. @SomeGuy: Of course. Every patch we’ve released has included battle subtitles. Destiny will be no different.

  29. HYPE!

  30. You guys rock my world. I’ve been playing through Tales of Innocence again lately, and I just have to send out 1,000 thanks for all your hard work. It’s truly amazing stuff! I can barely translation hack a Gameboy Color game without falling off the train for months at a time.

    I can’t wait to play through this remake again. It’ll be a little easier to digest in English. Heh

  31. Just giving my thanks from Rio!! You are awesome and make being a Tales fan a much fuller experience. Thanks a lot!!

  32. So they removed the intro song of tales of hearts R, why they do this?, I was hoping we already past that, but no butchering again.
    RIP Eien no Ashita

  33. So! Much! Hype!

    It’s nice to see progress being made for ToDR! One eager fan here who’s just been waiting patiently on this. Thanks for all of your hard work!!

  34. Well, I have already beaten the game in japanese this year, but would like to play it again on Chaos fully understanding the story and some names of items and menus. If I load my cleared savedata of the japanese version, can I play normally through the patched version?

  35. @Serge: Japanese saves will work on the patched version of the game. There might be some glitches if you use a patched save on the Japanese version after that, though.

  36. Hi throughhim413. Can you tell me how to get to there in your video?

    I’ve played the game several times but I’ve not found the skit preview place.

  37. It’s found in the Katz Base, which is on the Aethersphere. Look for the red dot near 24 on this map:

  38. Thank you so much for helping me πŸ™‚ I rarely explore the game because I assumed that there was no other places there since I played the PS1 version before.

    Since I could hardly read kanji, I totally overlooked many things.

  39. Video looks really great. But I gotta ask; has there been any progress on Tales of Destiny 2? You and Phantasian Productions are doing both translation jobs at the same time, yeah?

  40. I’m not involved with Destiny 2, so I’m not sure if there has been any progress.

  41. * * * k, can’ t wait for the translation project to be done. It looks awesome! Keep up the good and fast work! Wishing for it to be done earlier than the estimated time πŸ™‚

  42. can anyone tell me this project is on going until now? I would like to be a part of it I’m not an game developer anything I’m pretty sure I’m a fast learner anything is on the internet.
    I can’t translate Japanese but I can find a friend that can help me to translate this jap lines for me

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