Tales of Innocence Cheat Code

By • April 1, 2015

Because it wouldn’t be right to let my favorite day of the year pass without some kind of post…

It’s been two years since Absolute Zero released an honest-to-goodness translation patch for Tales of the Tempest to celebrate the internet’s favorite holiday. Even now, as we approach the first of April, we often feel like we can hardly fill our own shoes. Of course, that doesn’t mean we can just do nothing! We have a responsibility to uphold. So with that in mind, we’re revealing a cheat code that you can use on our Tales of Innocence patch from way back in 2010!

Our fan translation removed a glitch that allowed players to max out their grade early in the game, gaining access to end-game weaponry with little effort. Some people were pretty upset about this! What a lot of people didn’t realize is that we added a secret cheat code that increased Gald and Grade in its place. To our knowledge, no one has ever discovered this code.

I owe everyone a post-Aselia Con blog update, but I’m still hoping to receive some footage of the panel before I do. I’d like to be able to share the full panel footage, but at worst I promise I’ll upload the exclusive new previews for ToPX, NDX, and ToDR that I showed off at the con. If you need more updates on Tales happenings in the mean time, Kajitani-Eizan posted an update on what’s happening in the world of Tales.

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8 Responses to “Tales of Innocence Cheat Code”

  1. “Enjoy, you filthy cheaters.”

  2. another reason to use/remember the konami code!

  3. btw is this real or an aprils fools joke? lol

  4. Its real I tried playing the game again.

  5. Hugh, this here’s something?

    Wonder if it’ll work on Tales Of Innocence R? Man, I would LOVE to see that make it out with an english translation; even if the voice actors spoke Japanese. Eh, be like Tales Of Hearts R, but it was still pretty sweet to see.

    Anyway, good luck, also sent a comment…but I’m not seeing it on the page even though the site saids it was sent & can’t be repeated? Weird, right?

    Till then…chow…

  6. So tell us, Absolute Zero, how are things coming along?

    Any progress in the new translation department? Any word on the net or plans for a Tales Of Innocence R translate program/system function, whatever thing to help translate the game for many players to understand the texts?

    Just asking since it’s been a while?I’m not being pushy, just curious in how far things have been going.

  7. Did you name yourself throughhim413 because throughhim1 through throughhim412 were taken?

  8. Hey there! I think I found something that might be interesting that involves TOIR?

    I read somewhere, that a group called: Firestorm_Zero, added a full translation guide to the Style abilities.

    Can’t tell if it’s true or not? But for Absolute Zero, well….I think maybe some interesting news of what could be useful info might help out in the future. (Maybe with plans of translating the script story that’s similar to the DS while editing the parts for the PSVita system.) Gotta keep an optimistic mind open for chances.

    But for throughhim413, I nor anyone should rush the guy. He’s doing his best, so lets let him work on his own paste. When something happens, we’ll hear about it.

    Till then, good luck for Absolute Zero in whatever work is being done for all us patient fans.

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