New Destiny Video

By • May 5, 2015

It’s been too long since the last update. Apologies for the delay! We’ve got a new ToDDC video for you to make up for it.

Life has gotten super busy and it’s looking like it’s going to stay that way for the next few months. Progress is definitely going to be slow, but thankfully the early part of 2015 was pretty productive, so we still have some new stuff to show you right now. We’ll be doing our best to make progress on our various projects, but thanks for bearing with us through the slow times. Here’s a new Tales of Destiny video that I showed off at Aselia Con 2015. Do note that this is still a work in progress, so nothing you see here should be considered final at this point.

Tales of Destiny DC – FMV, Events, and Battles

Those who attended Aselia Con 2015 also got to see a live demonstration of Tales of Destiny DC and two audience members played through the game’s final battle sequence. If I ever get a full recording of the event I’ll be sure to share it here! I wanted to share the videos I made for ToPX and NDX too, but YouTube keeps flagging everything I make because of the background music in the games. I’ll rerecord the videos with the music muted at some point. Sorry I don’t have more to share right now! Until next time!

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

32 Responses to “New Destiny Video”

  1. didnt like the font used that much, other than that pretty cool video


    I saw the cutscene, and the font looked pretty good. Nice enough to really read off what the characters say. Then during normal game-play, the computer font work allowed us to read nicely. And the bold fonts during the battle scenes really did look swell.

    I say keep up the good work. Maybe when it’s done, it’ll be kinda like from Tales Of Vesperia where one can upload the program translation & play the game to understand it.

    Keep doing your best & hope by the end of the mouth, more good news will come around. After all, Summer is almost here, and the extra time off could help, who knows? Till then…major good luck on translating Tales Of Destiny Director’s Cut.

  3. This is so great! Good job!

  4. Awww, you skipped over the OP 🙁 That’s the best part!

  5. I love u guys,the world is waiting for this translation,u guys are gods,still doing the good work <3

  6. More fans are coming.

    Many will wanna see Tales of Destiny Director’s Cut, because it’s got a little more better graphics to enjoy the show. Plus; the extra character cast members that join the gang for the storyline. That there will make things more interesting…

    There were 2 or so others that were not apart from the original, so this will make things even MORE amazing.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Super excited! Keep up the good work. Can’t wait until we can play w/o using these “inferior guides”– especially Leon’s side!

  8. Man, I can’t stop thinking about this?

    Heck, I almost wish that in the future….both Tales of Destiny from the first to the second, become one big game like Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles (I think they added some graphic improvements to the first one?)

    Imagine how cool that be? I could even imagine how we get the outfits from previous played Tales games to dress up those in Destiny.

    Hugh, it’s nice to dream big as they say, maybe one day it’ll happen.

    Till then, I’m wishing those working on this translation for Tales of Destiny the best of luck.

  9. Looks good. Font looks good too. Idk what these other haters got against the font lol

  10. Amazing

  11. Looking pretty good. Especially hyped for the in-battle subtitles (even though it’ll be hard to read them at times due to playing the game XD ).

  12. Keep up the great work. Any updates on TOP X?

  13. Good God that was awesome. This thing here is something that makes me so grateful for being alive at all. Things are looking good, Mate. I really hope things are going well in the future.

  14. Why is waiting so hard?

  15. Looks great keep up the good work guy’s and hope it works with Real PS2 hardware 😉

  16. Can’t wait to play this, thanks a lot.

  17. Man, I think we’re all so excited, that we will explode at the next news of how things are coming along.

    There’s already a site stating how well Absolute Zero has done much in helping to do Tales Series that have not been translated.

    Tales of Destiny Director’s Cut

    Tales of Phantasia X

    Narika Dungeon X

    AND maybe more?

    I think what be even more awesome be with Tales Of Innocence R having an english translation. Probably won’t be too bad, right? Just see what are the same functions & chat patterns, etc. to be maybe 50 or so percent through?

    Oh well, just have to wait patiently…Good luck!

  18. Can’t waittt. Must play this game

  19. Oh man, I’m very excited! I follow you since 2011, when I first played TOP, and I just want to say, keep uo the good work!
    Greetings from Brazil, there are some of us here who really want play this game!

  20. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the hard work!

  21. Oh man, I can hardly wait for what the June report will be?

    80 percent or 90 percent of Tales of Destiny Director’s Cut having a translation function made or something?

    The wait is killer? I’m bursting to know what we will look forward to seeing.

  22. @VISION-KING: As I stated in the post, I am very busy right now and I’m not currently making any progress on the projects. There very likely isn’t going to be a June update. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but these projects are not moving as quickly as you seem to believe.

  23. No problem…throughhim413

    We’re patient. If you say you need more time, then who are we to argue?

    All many of us can do is wish you the best of luck, & continue at your own paste. Till then, I and many others, shall wish you luck.

    Otherwise, if you like, you can post a help wanted request add, wanting translators, & all that other stuff to get folks to join in as your staff on your projects? Just tell them about looking up something to teach them something to better help you out? Some may have talent in those parts while others might not? But, if your not interested, that’s cool….just go about things in how you like it.

    Till then, hope you’ll have a nice June & look forward to Summer…

  24. Damn guys, can’t wait to play this patch, the game looks so good! Keep working hard, we all really appreciate you!

  25. Hey, big news!

    New Tales Game been announced!

    And this one may have a pirate developed theme to it. Definitely Aifread related subject or possible casting?

    Havn’t seen that with an important female since Chat & Patty?

    It’s called Tales of Berseria, and I think an animated scene has been made!

  26. I played the original TOD for PSX a long time ago…a really long time ago…damn you guys are my last hope to play the PS2 TODDC Patched…don’t give up….I’ll will as long as it takes…..this game worth it….

  27. Thanks for the outstanding effort guys.. keep up the good work.. You’ve been my hero ever since you started this project.

  28. Happy 4th of July!

    Just saying this since Absolute Zero has done a great work in helping Tales fans enjoy getting some translated games that never got localized. This site is the best that I’ve seen & heard much about.

    And we the fans hope to hear more things of any of the site’s current progress. But take your time, patients is a virtue, & it’ll be all the more sweeter to see what surprises await us, be it a new July or even an August posting of how Tales of Destiny DC, or any others are currently doing.

    Till then, we hope Absolute Zero has a fantastic 4th of July…

  29. Awesome guyssss! I’m waiting for this opportunity! Thanks

  30. Hope things are going well with Destiny R and ToP X throughhim413 can’t wait to play both especially the latter!

  31. Hi, Hi!

    It’s August! And you’ve already become famous on a Tales Wiki site. You & all your team members.

    The site’s showing & dating of old projects you all did from start to finish, with your latest current pick.

    So, hope you all are doing mighty fine. And many of us are prying for any news you’ll wanna let us know about the current workings of Tales Of Destiny: Director’s Cut. Cause we’re all eager to know, cause once a translation is made, fans are gonna go crazy to play the game & see how it plays out while of course, understanding things.

    Till then, we’re all rooting for Absolute Zero, the best group that will make old games Japan couldn’t translate to the US, possible.

    So have a swell time, enjoy yourselves, & good luck when you have the time to make something for all to witness…

  32. Saw what was said on Tweeter.

    Looks like another thing for Tales Of Destiny: Director’s Cut has been completed for the translation process. Well done, that means now all of the monsters will be able to have us see their status & stuff.

    I’m rooting for Absolute Zero! I truly believe this is a sign that when you have all the monsters in a book to look data for, it means one has fought them all, including the final boss of the game & of what else comes with it.

    So good luck! I can almost see it the next translation program for Tales Of Destiny: Director’s Cut, and it’s sure to be as popular as Tales Of Vesperia that everyone is playing to see things differently viewed compared to the old XBox version. Good luck…