NDX Update

By • October 4, 2015

Kingcom insists that we need to show off some NDX stuff since we really haven’t shown anything. He’s probably right. He also told me to make this post about a month ago, but obviously he was wrong about that.

Narikiri Dungeon X remains the project that is getting the least attention at the moment, but that’s not to say that nothing has been done on it. We did some of the initial menu work, we just never actually showed anything. So here are some pictures. As always, nothing is finalized at this point, so please ignore any minor (or major) imperfections. You can click on the images to see larger versions of them.

Skill Menu

Item Menu

Opening Subtitles

I wanted to post a video of the opening showing the timed subtitles, but lately youtube is giving me trouble about the background music. Going forward I’m probably going to have to record gameplay videos without the BGM, but it doesn’t make much sense for the opening. In any case, these opening subtitles feature karaoke timing for all those of you who want to sing along! They look really awesome! I guess that’s all for now!

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

26 Responses to “NDX Update”

  1. Checking the website multiple times a day for updates finally pays off! The wait is killing me but at least Zestiria is coming soon, keep up the good work you two.

  2. But, but, but… What about the lack of updates on the twitter bot for the past one and a half months? Are you and kingdom going to do something about any projects?

  3. Lookin good! I’ve been looking forward to NDX more than Phantasia itself so seeing some progress at all is nice.

    and now the #wait continues

  4. Wow, you know, it’s almost been a year when you announced your three current projects.

    Tales Of Destiny: Director’s Cut

    Tales Of Phantasia X

    Narikiri Dungeon X

    And from all of the work seen here, & from finding Absolute Zero on a Tales wiki main site as a fan group that has all of your recent works of projects, etc., maybe it’ll almost state out how far you guys have come across. You know, how much completed in the current project works, etc.

    Keep up the majorly good work, cause it looks like you are nearly there to finishing them.

    And who knows, maybe your next project will be involving Tales Of Innocence R, since, you know….you gotten the first one handled, and we still have not received word of WHEN a translated version will come out, let alone an english actor type?

    Till then, wish you major good luck, and happy halloween!

  5. YES! Just stick to the plan! Destiny DC, NDX and ToPX. Once those are done secretly release Hearts DS in english!! lol

    But seriously focus on Destiny , and the cross games…

  6. @ObiKKa: The twitter bot actually broke about… a month and a half ago. Forgot to mention that. I haven’t figured out how to get it working again yet.

  7. Wow, great! Love you guys! Waiting for more Tales! Keep up the good work! =)

  8. Wow! Timed subtitle opening…that is awesome! Every time you do a big update like this it always makes me amazed at how awesome you are in your dedication.

  9. @throughhim413: Oops, sorry for my typo. It should be Kingcom! With respect to him and his works! Hoping for another blog post by himself for the DQM games soon. Yeah, loving the karaoke timing thing, too, even though it may take up further times of your translation works!

  10. AWESOME…

  11. Thank you for the update!! Can’t wait for NDX and TOPX

  12. Wow! this is coming along great! Thanks for the update~
    Although with the release of Zestiria coming up, no one really expects any work to get done 😉 So hyped for that!

  13. Keep up the amazing work! Can’t wait for Destiny! So many fans are looking forward to these projects and it’s really great to see more updates from you guys. Keep pushing forward, you have our support!

  14. I’m personally not a big fan of yellow subtitles. They remind me of my horrid dvd subtitle stories >.<

  15. Great to see progress on this!! I cannot wait for NDX/TOPX/TOD:R DC!

  16. NICE!!!
    Keep up the good work.
    I constantly question the preferences of the many….
    I don’t see why this should be one of the games to get the LEAST attention for project work.
    This game is Amazing!!!
    The best of games are usually the ones left out of western sales.
    The Asian’s don’t care….
    I’m not EXPECTING God Eater: Resurrection (PS VITA/PS4) to release in the West……
    CONSTANT region exclusive crap like this could discourage gamers galore.
    Most of the games people want to play just aren’t coming over here any more.

  17. I CANT WAIT THIS GAME!!!!! When is the official Release??!!!

  18. Man, every time I check back on this page, I keep renewing hope to wanting to see a new translation program for any of the Tales series you guys are working on.

    I’m crossing my fingers in hoping the first one is Tales Of Destiny Remake – Director’s Cut. Cause from seeing it, it reminds me of having seen Tales Of Rebirth. Someone managed to put in translated subs during the discussions while playing out the story, but kept like boss fights & Mystic Arts separate, etc. to make a walkthrough. And I gotta say, it took real determination & love of wanting to show that for all of us to see something that never got translated.

    So….here’s hoping of what will be first. Course I’m good with either of the three this site’s working on, but hey, every fan has a favorite of which one they wanna try out first, right?

    Till then….majorly good luck now!

  19. You thought it would be main character of ToPNDX, but it was i, DIO!

  20. Oh boy! November is here!

    I wonder if we’ll get any new updates soon about the Tales Projects?

    But, you guys talk your time…we’ll wait to see what sort of awesome surprises are in store…

  21. December’s around the corner!

    We’re hoping Absolute Zero had a nice Thanksgiving, and hope to see some latest news about some Tales Projects of how close they are of being made.

    I’m hoping it’ll be Tales Of Destiny: Director’s Cut, cause that looks like it would earn the most attention.

    Then followed by Tales Of Phantasia X & Narikiri Dungeon X (which I think they are kinda almost the same thing, almost…?)

    Till then, wishing you guys the BEST of luck! It would be so awesome to see one of these made into a downloadable translation program in December, the time for Christmas theme. (it be like Tales Of Vesperia where we got so excited, many rush to get this & start playing the game) Well, for now….we shall await for any replies, major luck & happy holidays!

  22. So any news on PHANTASIA X? 😡

  23. Hey! Good News!

    On a Tales Wiki page, there is some news about Tales Of Destiny which involves a slot machine, but with 40 minutes of cutscenes from characters, including ones for the Director’s Cut. It’s label as…

    Tales of Destiny: A Pachislot Called Fate

    Check it out when you can, on the site to, well, whatever else you wanna do I guess? Enjoy, & good luck with any new updates, hope there’s some for the Destiny DC one’s translation, but one can hope. Chow…

  24. Hey, guess what!

    QQ Selezneva from Tales Of Innocence R is on a Tales wiki site.

    We can only hope that someday soon, a translation script for the R version comes so we can see & understand the action.

    Till then, hope this site’s doing their best as we all long to await what new updates announce the coming of new translations for the other Tales projects. My money’s on for Destiny, Director’s Cut, that looks most intriguing.

    For now, happy times to many.

  25. Any news on ToPX? I can’t wait to play the definitive version of my all-times favorites game. Please, give us some news regarding that! Please please please!

  26. Well, I wish everyone involved in those translation projects a Great 2016 and I hope we’ll see great news about the projects (specially Tales of Hearts for DS, I hope this year will be reactivated).