ToPX Menu Translation Complete

By • January 3, 2016

Current Focus: Menu Revision (ToPX)

The initial draft of the ToPX menu is done. My plan is to have the full menu revision done by the end of the month. It shouldn’t take that long, but you never know.

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

15 Responses to “ToPX Menu Translation Complete”

  1. It’s nice to see some more updates and I’ll make sure to check monthly! Thank you for your efforts. Really looking forward to ToP X with the improved battle system and ToD with also the improved battle system:p You’re making the best versions of the two first classic Tales games playable for more people, which is awesome!

  2. Loving these quick updates.

    Could we ask for some screenshots to see how it’s doing, or would that be too much of a bother?

    Thank youuuuuuu!

  4. @Ivellist: The menus still need a bit more work before we can show off screenshots, but we will once they’re ready.

  5. Hey. Is this ToPX version in widescreen? I’m sure the original ToP game was in letterbox display mode only.

  6. Checked the gamefaqs page of this game. Yes, it is widescreen.

  7. @ObiKKa: Yep. Specifically PSP games are 16:9.

  8. Nice! That gets one hurdle off the page to focus on making it great.

  9. yaaaaaas

  10. Woah Now!

    Your on fire today? Guess this might mean that the preparations for TOPX for a download translation to play the actual game is almost ready.

    It’s definitely gonna be something. Good luck with that! And also good luck on Tales of Destiny, something tells me once you label they are COMPLETED & READY for use, Tales Fans will be lining up & start playing them faster then the eyes can spin.

    Till then, keep up the good work!

  11. @VISION-KING: While I appreciate the enthusiasm, we’re still a long way from talking about a release date on any of our projects.

  12. Good news again! Niiice. Another insightful update def makes my day. Can’t wait for the screenshots myself. Thanks again.

  13. That sounds nice. This version is the one included on ToP NDX right? There are so many ToP versions I get los sometimes…

  14. Much enthused!

  15. Hey Fellas! New stuff on a Tales Wiki site.

    They got character images of those from the mobile versions of the Tales Series. While it’s not much, it still is kinda impressive. Maybe one day, they’ll make a special Tales Mobile Collection Game Set for the PS4, new graphics, cutscenes, voices, etc. But, that’s in the future…

    Till then, wishing Absolute Zero best of luck in doing their best on their current Tales Projects!

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