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By • February 2, 2016

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Tales of Symphonia, in spite of its flaws, is easily one of the most popular Tales titles in the west. If there’s a game where the success of a PC port is virtually guaranteed unless you screw it up, it’s Symphonia. And yet they screwed it up. Badly.

There’s no excuse for a 13 year old game in an emulator looking so much better than a brand new port of that game to the PC. There’s no excuse for limiting the player to six saves on a system that has basically unlimited storage. There’s no excuse for saving to lock up the system for up to 30 seconds or for the game to crash when you alt-tab. I’m not even going to get into the 60 fps issue. The fact that Bamco just recently released what was considered a pretty great port of Zestiria is what confuses me the most. Why was so little effort expended on Symphonia when they should be wowing people and making the PC a successful platform for the series? I really hope that Bamco moves quickly to fix the issues that people are experiencing. I’m getting so tired of watching this two-steps-forward-one-step-back approach to Tales localization. On the bright side, it’s looking like a Symphonia replay won’t be biting into my free time as much as I’d expected, so hopefully it will be a productive month for ToPX!

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11 Responses to “Tales of Symphonia PC”

  1. Really a shame. Was looking forward to gamestream this to my tablet.
    Question: What version is the recommended version to play, GC(Dolphin) or PS3?

  2. Aarrgghhh!!! *Shock horror. The eyes hurt!

  3. @Alex well, it depends, the ps3 version has more content, HD interface and dual audio, the gc one runs at 60 fps, and if you are not playing it on dolphin it will not be hd nor widescreen.
    personally i prefer more content over 60fps, symphonia isnt even that much fast paced anyways

  4. Honestly, I’m not surprised.

    The whole “if we get enough pre-orders you get this thing free” deal raised red flags when Zestiria appeared on Steam; Namco were essentially leveraging goodwill and the promise of a free game to turn series fans into product evangelists for a pair of PC ports that they knew nothing about.

    Fast-forward to now and, in fairness, Zestiria’s PC version was decent. On the flipside however, fans whose decision to pre-order was driven by the free game got a broken mess, and Namco got a bunch of free advertising from the community.

    In the end, this should serve as an object lesson for what happens when you place your goodwill and trust in an entity that is, ultimately, driven by money.
    Obviously, that doesn’t excuse Namco from making a half-arsed job of the Symphonia port, but publishers will keep pulling shit like this if you give them money before they deliver a working product. Don’t pre-order, and if you do, for the love of god don’t push others to do the same.

  5. Surprising since that the ToZ PC port was pretty good. Oh well another reason not to play it.

  6. well at least they patched some of it, still looks like poop without durante’s program tho

  7. To speak to the level of testing this game got: Co-op wasn’t one of the features listed on the product page, and in fact sometime before release they edited the description to remove any implication that co-op play was still possible.

    Co-op still works fine, even in the unpatched release, which to me implies they couldn’t even be bothered to go back and test that support for certain systems had even been properly implemented before launching.

  8. Well I’ve seen what the old version of Symphonia looked like BEFORE…

    They made a little upgrade to it to look nicer in Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles, cause at least in there, we got to see much more along with other things to enjoy…

  9. You can easily Emulate the GC version in Dolphin in essentially ANY resolution you want. At 60FPS and there is an HD texture pack in progress for things like the UI and characters.

    The extra filler content and bug fixes of the PS2 version aren’t worth the downgrade.

  10. 9 months have passed. So does the PC version still screwed?

  11. With the TSFix it’s much better! Even has 4k textures available as well as the ability for you to easily modify the textures!
    I’ve made a few that Zelos would approve of!