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By • March 30, 2016

There has been a ton of progress on Tales of Phantasia this month, and I can take credit for almost none of it! Kingcom took the menus from rough to almost complete over the last few weeks and the game is looking better than ever. These are just a few of the screens to start. We’ll show more later. Screenshots below!

First up we have the equipment screen. Lots of little changes here to make sure that the English text all fits appropriately. Simple and clean!

Next up is a bit of a before and after of the title menu. In the Japanese menu, you can see there are three blank spaces. Two of these actually never get filled with any titles, they’re just empty slots. One of them is actually a title we haven’t acquired yet. The Japanese game does nothing to differentiate between them. We decided to take and convert the whole title menu to a scrolling list like many of the other screens. The dummy titles will be completely omitted and titles you don’t yet have will be marked with ???? so you know if you still need to acquire one. A big improvement in my opinion!

The cooking menu has most of its changes under the hood. In the first shot, you can see what a regular recipe looks like. Nothing terribly complicated at this point.

Certain recipes have a few mandatory ingredients as well as requiring a certain number of optional ones. In Japanese, the strings used actual numbers, but Kingcom made it so that it actually converts these numbers to text.

And the next shot is the reason why. I really didn’t want to lead with number when the recipe consists solely of optional ingredients. I have a weird hangup about starting sentences with numbers. Thankfully Kingcom made it work!

And that’s all we have for this time around! Most of this work was completed a few weeks ago, we’ve just been slow in getting it posted! We’ll try to do better in April, but time needs to slow down a bit!

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  1. Damn, not only is this a translation but it’s also an improvement of the original game. Kudos to Kingcom.

  2. I was always bothered by the clear slots in the rage menu in final fantasy vi, and then the fact that you could aquire tonberries but for a stupid reason could not use it
    thank god you are fixing issues like these

  3. Yessssssssssssssssssssss this looks amazing!
    Oh man, thank you for all your hard work!

  4. That’s awesome how much better you were able to make this in addition to simply translating it!

  5. You guys are awesome as always, thanks again for working on & sharing more “Tales of” love!

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