April 2016

By • April 1, 2016

Current Focus: Euclid Events, Menu Text Edits, Menu Fixes

In this month’s episode, we keep on keeping on.

Tales of Destiny R

No significant progress.

Tales of Phantasia X

Most of the work this month was Kingcom’s. We made a post the other day showing off some of the improvements he’s making to the menu. There will be more screenshots coming eventually. In addition to the equipment, titles, and cooking menus that we mentioned in the post, he got the enemy names in battle working and made progress on the battle menus, finished the strategy menu, finished the artes menu, and made progress on the world map submenu (which will be a funny story we intend to tell later). His work let me start editing some of the some of the item descriptions for length and refining their content. And obviously it will make it much easier for me to progress through the game as I translation. I made a little more progress on Euclid, but the interior portion of the Euclid events are fairly sizable and I didn’t have as much time as I’d hoped, so I’m not quite done yet.

Narikiri Dungeon X

No significant progress.

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11 Responses to “April 2016”

  1. Sad to see no April’s Fools translation this year 😀

  2. @XtraT: That’s the problem when you’ve already fake translated all of the good titles! You start running out of things worth fake translating! But mostly April 1st just managed to sneak up on us this year. We’ll do better next time, probably!

  3. Next time? aww man…

  4. Keep up the good works guys! I can still wait for next year’s fool

  5. Will you guys be able to translate the the spoken dialogue that the “mimics” say near Ymir forest?

  6. I check this site yearly now on April 1st. Hoping that you guys sneak a Tales of Rebirth PSP or PS2 translation on us.

  7. @Max: We haven’t translated it yet, but we should be able to.

  8. Man….I’m hoping we get some news soon of how much closer these projects are getting.

    I’m really hoping to see some new Tales Of Destiny stuff,cause I find it the most eye-catching of all.

    Till then, good luck…

  9. What y’all think about Tales of Link? For me it’s kinda different but addicting.

  10. Can’t wait to play the best version of ToP. That upgraded battle system. <3

  11. I hope you guys are still continuing Tales of Destiny R project. Until then I’ll be cheering for you all 🙂