Lone Valley Complete

By • May 16, 2016

Current Focus: Venezzia

Lone Valley is complete! I’ll probably change Cress’s dad joke before the final version. I’m not sure my current version is lame enough. But for now it’s on to Venezzia!

About the Author

I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

15 Responses to “Lone Valley Complete”

  1. Thank you so much ! Take care and keep up the good work *-*
    I really am looking forward to this project !
    Best of luck !

  2. HOORAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Thanks man! Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Hugh…maybe by the end of May, you can give us another update of how much of the 3 Tales Games are completed?

    Sounds like you’re working hard to get the Phantasia one done.

    Maybe afterwards, you can work on Tales of Destiny DC or R, or however you like to call it. I’m REEEEEEEALLY interested to see how that goes. Seeing the better game graphics with understandable words to follow through, is much better to enjoy.

    OH! You know what would be even AWESOMELY-AWESOME to see, Tales Of Innocence R with a translation. It be just like Tales Of Vesperia for the PS3, already, fans are loving it & playing it. Someone on Youtube looks like he’s almost reaching the finale, & it’s looking great. Maybe when you get these other Tales their translations, Innocence R could be your next subject, just a thought?

    Good luck….

  4. @VISION-KING: I update with the progress on every project every month. The reason all of the updates are about Phatnasia is because I’m only working on Phantasia right now. Everything else is on the backburner for now. We have no plans to take on any new projects until our current ones are complete.

  5. Thank you for the translation and keep it up!

    I wish you good luck! 😀

  6. I feel for you…I’m bad at writing lame jokes myself so characters like Cress are hard for me to write.

  7. @VISION-KING the Vita wasnt even hacked yet, you are not going to get a a translation patch for a Vita game in a long time (when we do I hope we also get a retranslation of Herats R)

  8. First time I’m posting, but been following this for years!!
    I’m soo excited to play the absolute edition of this game,
    with a damn good translation!

  9. I don’t know how you’re even doing this kind of work, but you the man, throughhim413!

  10. Great job, man.
    If I lived in the US, I’d buy you a beer.

  11. Nice! Will ToP be finished before ToDR?

  12. How many towns remain? Last time I played Phantasia was a decade ago on the GBA.

  13. Very nice! You are a beast!

  14. I second the ? about the # of towns. I am willing
    to wait as long as needed, bu it’s nice to have a
    mark with which to count down. Also, yes, I believe
    ToP is getting worked on first and foremost.

  15. What towns and locations have you finished?