October 2016

By • October 2, 2016

Current Focus: Tales of Destiny R

This month was pretty good. Had some hiccups at the end, but more months like this one would be okay.

September’s focus was of course still on Tales of Destiny. Like a lot of games, ToDR divides it files up by maps, so each city or area has its own set of files that will include all of the events that occur in that map throughout the game. Before I was translating a whole set at a time, which meant some of the late game stuff would be translated along with the introductory events. The problem is that it’s hard to get a lot of tangible progress out of translating that way. Because I actually wanted to see my work in game, I decided to play the game and translate the events that I encountered as I did. So effectively I’m going to start by doing a bare-bones story translation and then go back and fill in the gaps along the way. I’ve worked my way up to the party’s first visit to Calvalese so far. Although I think I may be missing like Straylize Temple’s initial events and some other earlier stuff still. I just used the save I already had. Of course, I should say that while it was a decently productive month, it could have been better. I’ll try to do better!

There are some less transparent moving pieces on the backend of the project as well, but we’ll talk about those another day.

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

17 Responses to “October 2016”

  1. Thanks so much for your hard work! I’m always happy to see new updates! Are you going to stick with the localised terms or the original Japanese ones (Woodrow/Garr, Greybum/Lydon, Snowfreer/Frostheim, etc)?

  2. Yeah, I agree with you on doing things that way. It just gives a better scope of progress percentage when you say “We’re just getting to Calvalese” and someone who knows the game knows how far into the game that is. There’s so many late game events taking place in the Seinegald towns that it would skew data.

  3. Nice. I like your method of translating, makes sense. Awesome progress, and really glad you’re looking to put your all into this. So lucky to have people like you. We’re with you all the way!

  4. @Chaltier: We’re using a bit of a mix and match of the localized terms and the Japanese ones right now. Like with any of our efforts, our objective is to understand the reasoning behind the source text before making any changes. With the game being voiced, my inclination is to not change terms we don’t have to, but we’re trying to balance that with a desire to let people who played the original enjoy some nostalgia. Exactly where that balance rests is still somewhat up in the air.

  5. WoW, to get to Calvalese in a month is pretty ok! Congratulations and thanks you a lot, as always.

  6. Would love to hear some of your thoughts on the differences your translation will have from the original PSX localization.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Sounds like things are on a pretty smooth path.

    I hope you’ll be on a smooth sailing path while working on Tales Of Destiny R, cause once it gets done, you KNOW, fans are gonna be going out of the way to obtain and then play it to view things different.

    Just like in Tales of Vesperia for the PS3 English Translation. This one is sure to become a popular.

    Good luck!

  8. Been checking this site for years for ToDR. I’ll be waiting!

  9. @XtraT: I’ll start working on a post about the various names we’re using. No idea when I’ll get it up, though.

  10. Thanks as always a0t team.

  11. Hey throughhhim413, I was wondering if you can send me the patch file for the current progress of the tales of phantasia X translation. I couldn’t wait for the translation to finish and I’ve begun playing it, and startin to get addicted to it.

  12. @K: That’s not something we do. It will be released when it’s complete.

  13. Awesome efforts @throughhim413,
    we’ll all be cheering for ya!

  14. Awesome <3
    That does give us a better idea of how much is translated, and wow, it's a lot actually.
    Will you do the skits this way too? Or are you going to translate those after the story is done?

    Again, thank you for all your efforts.

  15. The skits are already translated.


  16. Oh, well, stupid me.

    On another thought, that’s pretty awesome, thanks!

  17. thank so much Team! you are incredibly great to make this come true someday 🙂

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