Tales of Destiny Terminology

By • October 8, 2016

This post will contain Tales of Destiny spoilers!

I mentioned in a previous post that we’re trying to balance modern localization techniques with nostalgia for the original ToD PSX crowd and was asked about how we’re handling certain terms. These are all potentially subject to change.

I’ll just kind of run down the list.

Good Guys

Stahn Aileron

Rutee Katrea

Philia Philis

Woodrow Kelvin

Leon Magnus

Mary Argent

Chelsea Torne

Johnny Shiden

Mighty Kongman

Lilith Aileron








Bad Guys










Important NPCs





















Dark Wings





Terms of Interest:


Mare Draconis

Aegis Draconis

Eye of Atamoni



Er’ther Lands

Aeth’er Wars

Aeropolis (Plural: Aeropoleis)









Populated Places

















Straylize Temple













Those are all of the ones that come to mind. Did I forget anything important? I’m sure I did. If you have any terms you’re curious about that I didn’t include, let me know.

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  1. Aeropoleis, Aeropolis and Aereopoleis… I’m already confused!

  2. Thanks for the list! I like the combination you used but I gotta admit it took me a while to figure out that Littler is Ritora/Raiker :’D im really looking forward to the patch and thanks again for working on this game!

  3. Oops. The plural of Aeropolis should have been Aeropoleis. Corrected.

  4. Looks like a good balance. It’s definitely a tightrope walk since some of the changes were for spacing issues, others were just one way to interpret the katakana, while others were most likely mistranslations due to not knowing what the original devs were going for.

  5. Not Garr or Bruiser Kang? 0/10 will not play, jeez. >.>’

  6. You can rename the characters in the game if it’s THAT big of a problem….

  7. Wow! Looks pretty well up to date to me.

    Can’t wait to see them & follow along the translation of what they say to just know, what their characters are like.

    And in Tales of Destiny for the Director’s Cut version; which you guys are calling in Tales Of Destiny R, which is still pretty sweet, we’ll get to see things in a newer & open way. Just like between the Tales Of Vesperia from when it came out & when there was only a Japanese PS3 with new features, character additions, & new quest, dialogues, & added character appearances. It’s gonna be awesome, I still remember that cutscene video you posted, & it was so good, the rest will be just as nice.

    So keep up the good work…& feel the inspiration to motivate for the best that you feel satisfied for.

  8. Eh. I don’t mind most of these, but I really hate “Radisrol,” it always sounded so “Engrishy” to me when “Radislowe” makes so much more sense and is already romanized in the game and guidebooks in that version anyway.

  9. @eh: I don’t dislike Radislowe, although I didn’t see a need to modify it from the original translation. It’s not a reference to anything that I can tell and there’s generally more flexibility with invented names. You’re correct that it was romanized as Radislowe within ToDR. Generally speaking I approach any romanization produced by the Japanese with a heavy amount of skepticism, but in the case of Radislowe/Radisrol, their romanization isn’t bad. I find Japanese guidebooks to be less reliable in general – I’ve seen some with Stun and Lion, after all, and you certainly won’t be seeing those in the patch. But I’ll think on Radislowe. It’s probably an improvement in terms of feeling natural, the question is just weighing that against nostalgia.

  10. Looks very good to me. Really cool getting to see what you’re going for. On the note of Radislowe/Radisrol, I have to admit I’m biased towards Radislowe heh. Thank you for the update, and have a good one.

  11. I’d actually be in favour of “Radislough” in place of “Radislowe” or “Radisrol” here.

    Also, I’d romanise ダリルシェイド as Darlscheid, not Darilsheid.

    Many names in the Tales series have a old-style European bent to them, and “-scheid” is a common ending for German place names (Remscheid, Wattenscheid, Lichtscheid), while “-low”, “-lowe” and “-lough” occur a lot in the UK (villages in particular).

  12. Thanks for listing.
    I would rather Garr over Woodrow, but I understand you want to stay true to the Japanese version.

  13. @Jamyskis: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe lough in the context that you mentioned is generally pronounced loch. That wouldn’t fit the kana for the name. Plus the Radisrol/Radislowe is a ship, not a town.

    Also, I spoke to my German expert (Kingcom) and scheid in German is pronounced more like shy. The pronunciation from the kana should be shay, so again, I don’t think it fits.

  14. Wahay! ToD terminology 😀 I think I like most of what I see, the only ones off the top of my head I’d probably adjust is Shiden (both the kingdom and Johnny) to the previous US spelling of Sheeden (which is closer to “Sheeran” – http://www.surnamedb.com/Surname/sheeran )

    Maybe also tweak “Torne” (nice mix of both US and JP spelling there, by the way), to have a silent H in it; creating “Thorne” — http://www.surnamedb.com/Surname/Thorne

  15. @Carnivol: Carn! Long time no see.

    I go back and forth on the Shiden/Sheeden front. The problem lies in the fact that Aquaveil is a confused little country. Its architecture, fiefdoms, and isolationist policy are undoubtedly references to feudal Japan. Two of the cities – Shiden and Toukei (Terazzi in ToD PSX) – also seem to be Japanese in nature. And then complicating everything we have Moreau, which has always been the odd one out. If they wanted Aquaveil to be feudal Japan, Moreau’s name simply doesn’t make sense. By changing Toukei to Terazzi (which I’m still torn on as well), we’re already breaking down part of the Japan reference. If we also change Shiden to Sheeden, I feel like we’re throwing out all of the naming references in this country full of Japanese influence. So I’m certainly not saying that I’m happy with Shiden, but that’s because I’m not happy with Aquaveil in general.

    I feel like that silent h in Thorne wouldn’t end up being silent in English. Thorne feels a step too removed from the Japanese for me, I think.

  16. Ahaha. Yeah. Been a while! 😀

    But, yeah, I agree. That region’s totally an odd mix of “Orient” and “Central Europe”, but this, as you say, is probably more “Japan” than any other.

    As far as “Shiden/Sheeden” goes, at least, I actually dunno if this is solely from the localization of ToD PS1 or not, but Karyl/Johnny’s father was apparently named “Arthur” (seem to recall this being mentioned by both NPCs and listed as his character name upon interaction) — so father and son certainly have very “English/Irish” names. I don’t recall if the game named any other family members (think they only used hierarchy). As far as pronunciation goes, I think Sheeden would possibly be closer to what they’re aiming for (setting-wise and pronunciation; aking to similar names, such as everyone’s favorite Hobbit singer; Ed Sheeran). Explaining the pronunciation for Shiden would have to be “It’s Shit Den, but the T is silent”). Another argument for the “English” approach, is of course Karyl reverting to his original name; Johnny. Him being a bard/minstrel, and having a name like that, he’s like a walkin’, talkin’ medievel stereotype.

    Torn/Tone/Thorne is of course a tricky one, ’cause I guess a non-silent H would’ve made it something like ソーン in Japanese, right? But the main reason for my h-suggestions is mainly because Torn/Thorne are both known and recognizable surnames. The latter with and without a silent H – depending on family heritage or preference (heck, you’d probably even find silent Rs too), I suppose. Sort of like any other name you’d often have to correct people on the spelling or pronunciation of — “Sorry. Name’s Steven Minge. That’s Stephen with a V and Ming like the vase, ’cause the E is silent.”. While I know Sheeden’s not a recognized name, the same also applies as “Torne” (and Tone). The difference here is of course that you’d be moving away from a known name, onto utilizing a seemingly unheard of one. (Still love the idea of basically merging the two, but the H feels sorely missed.)

  17. I would first like to thank you for all the work you’ve done already. As a person who has yet to play the 2d tales games, i’m eagerly waiting for this patch. In this regard, i would like to share my opinion on names, although it may not be a popular one..

    I think names should be unchanged from the official translation. At least for characters, artes, or anything that could be seen again in any other game of the franchise. Because i think what matters most in a translation, is a mix of both fidelity and accuracy regarding the source material, but also consistency. By renaming Garr to Woodrow, for example, you do get the accuracy to source, but you lose consistency with all the other officially translated media where Garr’s name could be mentioned. Someone who would only have played your translation would not know at first that Garr is, in fact, Woodrow. And it’s the same for any of the series’ specific names, like artes. If you renamed for example Demon Fang to something else like “majinken”, someone playing your translation would not necessary make the connection that “majinken” was in fact the same as the “demon fang” he’s seen in other tales games 🙂

    I feel like, renaming Garr to Woodrow (to keep the same example, but it applies to any other name change really) would be the same as naming Phoenix Wright “Ryūichi Naruhodō”. Sure, it’s closer to the source material, but in the end, almost no one will know without checking first that they are, in fact, the same person. I think it’s a bit confusing to go around changing names like this.

    That’s it for my opinion on the subject, i hope it wasn’t too boring to read, and i hope to see more of the project come to life 🙂 thanks for reading

  18. @Crony: While I understand your point, but I intend to use Woodrow over Garr.

    Our goal is to understand the reasoning behind the source before deciding whether or not to make a change. In the case of Woodrow, while his name doesn’t seem to hold any apparent meaning, neither does the name Garr. It appears, like many PSX era changes, to have been an arbitrary change. Phoenix Wright is a great example of a case where a name was changed for a clear purpose – to maintain the joke. The only reason to change Woodrow to Garr is, as you said, to maintain consistency with the official media, but the official media is not without its flaws and we’re already selective about what we use and what we don’t. You mentioned that you thought artes should be unchanged as well, but do remember that in ToD PSX, Demon Fang was Missile Sword. Localization techniques tend to get updated with time, but the characters’ names get left behind. Garr is a relic of the past, and not one that I think most players will benefit from seeing.

    My inclination with voiced games is not to change names if I don’t have a compelling reason and I don’t feel there is one here. In the end, I don’t want players constantly experiencing a disconnect because they hear Woodrow but see Garr or hear Miktran but see Kronos.

    The good news is that the game allows you to rename your characters, so if you want Garr, you can have him.

  19. I was about to say, the original translation of Majinken is Missile Sword (man that arte’s name got so many English iteration in the first Tales games).

    And yeah with voice acting a thing, you can’t call him Garr anymore. Not only it’s not his actual name, it goes against what the characters actually call him.

  20. All of those are perfect. ^^
    But, I think I’vee saw somewhere the official romanization for Ritora is Lythra.

  21. @throughhim413
    Really looking forward to ToDDC and ToPxNDX.^^
    I have a question though. Do you have any plans on doing ToD2 PSP with the same translations? Sorry if I’m jumping ahead I’m just curious about it is all.

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