November 2016

By • November 1, 2016

Current Focus: Tales of Destiny R main story

October started out fairly productive, but it kind of went off the rails partway through. Hopefully I can keep myself on task a little better in November.

At the start of the month I translated the initial story events in Calvalese, which covers the cities of Cherik and Kalviola. From here, the story moves on to the continent of Fitzgald and its capital Neustadt. The story also kicks it up a notch and we get some more densely packed content.

For those who may have missed it, I posted a list of some of the major characters, locations, and terms in the game and how I’m currently localizing them. There was some good discussion generated from it and it’s always good to hear different perspectives on our approach.

Not a lot else to say at this point. I’m thinking about maybe going back to what I was doing at first with making small blog updates for minor progress. The monthly posts are good, but it might give me more incentive to actually do some work. Plus at some point in the not too distant future I’m going to do away with the twitter feed, so it wouldn’t hurt to get used to it. I’m just thinking out loud now. We’ll see how it goes.

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

25 Responses to “November 2016”

  1. First post here. Great! Now you’re onto Fitzgald, which according to your previous post suggests that you’re onto only two more countries left or 40% of the total nation quota. So that means that you may complete this game’s translation by next year, right?

  2. It’s a cliche but how about a translation bar (or something similar)? IIRC you did all the skits and menu outside the synopsis, so that would feel good to see those 2 sections as 100% completed. For the story you can add a few % depending on how many KBs of text you’ve translated, giving you an immediate result to your hard work.

  3. I’m really happy to see that it’s progressing nicely! Thanks for your hard work as always! Does Tales of Destiny R refer only to the Stahn side? I mean a lot of scenes are the same in the Leon side, so I guess it’s not that much new stuff for the DC exclusive side. But you will translate both, right?

  4. I check in here fairly often to see the status, though I don’t regularly post. I’m happy to hear you’re still pulling along. You certainly have my gratitude. Tales of Destiny is one of my top favorite games!

  5. better yet, use the progress bar from kaji’s blog 😉

    In regards to the style of updates, it’s totally up to you. Do what’s most comfortable to you. Though I hope you finish up the year before making a switch if you do, since there’s only one month left (the year sure flew by, huh?)

    I personally like the monthly format, but only because it means I can check the blog a little less. The twitter feed is super good for visibility though!

    You do you, man. That’s the most important thing here.

  6. @XtraT: We don’t really have a great way to make translation bars. For the Graces/Vesperia projects, their bars were managed by the software that they were working in. It was a pretty clever system that didn’t require any manual input. We don’t have anything like that in place.

    @Chaltier: We’re going to be translating both sides. I just use Destiny R to refer to the game. We’re working on the DC version. Right now I’m just doing the main story on Stahn’s side.

  7. I prefer to look on the bright side of things. Even if it was a slow month, you can still say you finished an entire story arc in that time! Slow and steady progress is still progress and you should work at whatever pace is best for your schedule in that particular time.

  8. As always, keep up the good work.

    The progress is a slow, but steady paste to make it be 100 percent perfect with no overlook stuff. So you keep doing your best, that’s all we can ask.

    And we hope to hear more good news on Tales Of Destiny R’s progress even by small minor news and twitter stuff.

  9. Do you think it would be possible to release an early patch of just the menus, items, skills, equipment, etc translated? I don’t mind playing with a game script in hand, but I’d like to know what my items and skills and such do…

  10. A program that automatically update the translation progress huh…pretty nifty tricks that team had. Oh well, hopefully you keep finding motivation somehow. I know that when I have to edit videos and stuff just for fun, the hardest part is actually setting up, not doing the actual work. A workaround I found is to do something I enjoy while setting up, like listening to music.

  11. @Taka: We don’t release partial patches.

  12. @throughhim413: Why not? A menu patch would greatly benefit those who don’t feel like waiting 3 years for you to finish the whole game.

  13. @Taka: It would take considerable effort and manpower to release a menu patch. A significant amount of programming work would be needed to ensure that the menus are fully functional, the translated content would need to go through several editing passes without proper context, then we would need to conduct a full beta test. It would be several months of work for a result that we could take no pride in. Our policy has always been to release one complete patch and to do it right. You are welcome to disagree with that policy, but please understand that without the ability to do work that is personally satisfying to us, we would have called it quits long ago.

  14. i’m really looking for it!
    thanks for doing it

  15. @
    throughhim413: Oh no, I fully understand where you’re coming from, and I respect that. But I’m just saying, even if you did a quick and dirty menu patch, and explained up front that is all it is and nothing more, then certain people would probably enjoy that. That’s all.

  16. Thank you SO much!!! I can’t wait to play with Destiny! Thanks for your hard work!!

  17. Good to hear, I’m unfamiliar with Tod’s story but it seems like you’re doing well.

  18. I’ve been waiting for this for years. I can wait a couple of months/years more. Greetins from Argentina. Thanks a lot for your work dude!

  19. Always nice to read any update, be it monthly or smaller updates. Thanks.

  20. Omg guys i can’t for play destiny!!! I really want that,so good luck guys!

  21. hey man, keep up the good work with the translation. I’m excited to finally be able to play localized Destiny R in the (hopefully) near future
    something I’d like to ask though, are you following the Vita hacking scene? a few days ago, TheFloW released Adrenaline, which allows us to finally play PSP games through HENkaku. with that in mind, would you consider focusing on Phantasia X?
    I’d love to hear from you, and thanks again for all your hard work.

  22. Thank you guys for working on this. I am so looking forward to playing this someday.

  23. Thanks for all the hard work! Just a question though, do you guys have the Japanese script for the game? If so, would it be possible to upload it anywhere (as in, so someone could just download them)? I know there’s an English script floating around but I’d love to be able to search up kanji I don’t know easily (since I’m still studying), rather than trying to find through stroke order, etc.

  24. Oh boy, I think we all are looking forward to what new NEWS comes up in December. Hope there’s more Destiny stuff to be heard. Good luck on that, and even more good luck in the Winter Season of Giving.

    Everybody’s gonna be wishing you, a Merry time for all the work you & many others have done for Tales fans everywhere.

  25. As a guy who LOVED all of your projects that you have been working on and has been constantly visiting your page since Tales Of Phantasia, I must say that I am truly ecstatic that there is progress on Tales Of Rebirth R. I’ve had the game in my library ever since I heard that you guys were making a patch for it and I would like to thank you for everything that you guys have done! ^-^

    I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and the best wishes to a new year!