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December 2016 Update #3

Mission accomplished. Tales of Destiny DC’s main story is now translated up to the end of Act 1.

December 2016 Update #2

I’m still progressing through Aquaveil. Currently up to the Moreau Castle segment. I love Johnny. From the minute he hits your party, it’s clear that the game has throws all pretense to the wind. His character is silly yet profound. With some characters, it takes a little bit of time and effort to get a […]

December 2016 Update #1

December 2016 Update #1

I finished translating the events in Neustadt over the weekend. Today I translated the events in Shiden and the undersea cave, the first city and dungeon in Aquaveil. Next up is Moreau where we get to meet a bard. There was a request for more screenshots, so here’s a thing:

December 2016

Current Focus: Tales of Destiny R main story Sorry for the late post this month. I didn’t get as much done in November as I wanted to. I didn’t make the most of the time I had. I have a goal that I’m still hoping to meet by the end of the year, so here’s […]