I can’t do this anymore

By • April 1, 2017

This is not an easy post to write, but it’s important that I level with all of you. I suspect that some of you probably saw this coming, but for others it will certainly be an unpleasant surprise. I was always adamant that it would never come to this and so I hope you all know that this comes at the end of a lot of soul-searching. Over the past several years, I’ve found it incredibly difficult to find the time and energy to make the kind of progress that I want to on my projects. I’ve tried various methods to motivate myself, only to find myself slipping back into lethargy before long. The root problem remains – with my free time greatly diminished from my student days, it’s very difficult to dedicate the necessary resources to these projects. Couple that with the fact that my passion for the Tales series just isn’t what it used to be (I haven’t really enjoyed one of the games since Graces) and I’m sure you can see how we end up where we are today. I’ve considered my options and concluded that it’s not right for me to continue holding these projects hostage when someone else could be making real progress on them. That’s why, effective immediately, I’m bringing on someone to share in the translation burden with me.

Yes, it’s very difficult for me to let go of even a portion of these projects, but I think it’s necessary for these projects to make strides forward again. In the past, I have expressed concern that having multiple translators introduces the risk of inconsistent character voices and style. That still remains a concern for me, which is why the person I’ve asked to help is ruta from the Tales of Vesperia PS3 project. She has experience working with blending scripts and adapting to different styles and most importantly she really loves Tales of Destiny. Behind the scenes, our team has had regular contact with ruta since the old pre-localization Tales of Graces project and whether she knew it or not, I had always planned on convincing her to help with the extensive testing and editing process. So the only thing that’s really changing is that we’re getting her involved in the project earlier and in a larger role than originally planned. Kingcom has been working on multiplatform support for some of his tools to ensure that she’s got everything she needs. It may take a bit to get up to speed as ruta gets used to my style and our tools and refamiliarizes herself with the game (AKA replays it), but it will most certainly be worth it in the end. We’ll share more details when there are details worth sharing.

Sorry to those of you who celebrated the suggestion of my early retirement, but for better or worse, I’ll be here until the job is done. Hopefully ruta’s contributions will give the Tales of Destiny project (and me) a much needed kick in the ass.

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26 Responses to “I can’t do this anymore”

  1. April fools? 🙂

  2. Haha! Oh, thanks to Killusion! Else I was really confused by your contents and ‘student days’, I was already moving onto the other translator. Oh, not at all.

  3. Still can’t tell if the whole post is a joke or if you’re really getting help translating.

  4. I’m really getting help translating.

  5. Well, great way to announce it! I’m ecstatic that the project will be going faster.

  6. Will she help with Phantasia X as well?

  7. It’s good to see someone help you on this one, I’m sure you guys will be able to finish this project. Keep up the good work :D.

  8. I lurked on #Graces for basically the entirety of the eventually-abandoned translation project, and the entire time I was looking forward to seeing the work of another thoughtful fan translator.

    So, I’m happy that I’ll finally get to play a game (partially) translated by Ruta. It was a pity that she couldn’t get some credit at the time for the undoubtedly huge amount of work she put into Graces.

  9. Always been a fan of ruta’s work. Keep up the amazing work guys!

  10. I think this is a great development. I know it can be difficult to ask for help especially when it means losing some control but this will mean faster progress which is what everyone wants.

  11. Maybe you can work as a reviewer, instead of a full-on translator. I mean, most game localization work with this method:

    Translator -> Reviewer -> QA -> Game Tester (in this phase, if something wrong is spotted, they usually go back to the reviewer).

  12. Thank you for sticking with the project and going as far as to secure (excellent) help for it. When I saw the post I thought it was going to be dropped.

  13. It’ good that the project is still alive and well. we are all here for you. Thanks for the info and honesty 🙂

  14. Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to get help. But usually it’s the right thing so you don’t overwhelm yourself. I’m rooting for all of you.

  15. ffs throughhim, I read the post a day late and I took it seriously for a minute.

  16. I was afraid when i saw the title of this post. I’m glad to see my fears were unfounded. I can’t wait to see where the project goes from here!

  17. 😀 had me there for a second. Well, this is great news in my regard. Completely understand where you’re coming from but this seems like the best possible outcome for things going forward. I’m sure you guys will do your best and I’m incredibly excited for this.

    By the by, that Tales of Innocence translation was masterful!

  18. When I saw the title, I was scared that the project was going to be dropped. I’m so glad that isn’t the case! Thank you for sticking by this project and getting help, too. I can’t wait to see how things go from here 🙂

  19. Whew you had me for a moment! Glad you finally discovered that there is always another way. I think your doing the right thing you need to follow what feels right and if you need the help then make it happen! Good Luck you guys can do this! I’ll be waiting

  20. I knew it was April Fool’s day but you still had me! Still, I’m very glad to hear that you’re gonna continue the project and even decided to get some help for it. Just do what you think is right and that’s fine! Best of luck! I’m looking forward to reading more updates!

  21. Glad to hear it’s still moving forward! I was briefly scared by the title. Best wishes to you.

  22. Good luck yo!
    April fools or not, you are a human. Don’t over do it.

  23. been following the project for like 6-7 years now I guess…and not going anywhere till hopefully one day I get to play my best JRPG in English…I can’t thank you enough for everything that you have done till now.

  24. Lol I was freaking out for a few seconds until I looked at the date

  25. Honestly… I know you won’t like my opinion, but costs me nothing to share it:

    I think you take too seriously these projects. You know VERY WELL most gamers (like me) just want an understandable version of Tales of Destiny PS2. Many of us would not mind a not perfectly coherent translation and stuff. Who cares. After so many years we just want to play it in English. However it is. Even the worst translation ever cannot chenge the game that much. Also because we talk about Tales: for as much as I love it, it’s not like it has delicated themes or dialogues. It’s “just” shonen stuff, mostly. Nothing bad if something is not that coherent or well done.

    So, in my opinion, you should have asked for help earlier, and also NOW: ask for even MORE help! Just: why not? Relax… don’t be such a perfectionist. It’s just translation of ancient game… Giving it to us in English is enough. We’d all still appreciate it very much.

  26. I have been saying this for years with several teams for several translation projects. If they want a translation so bad. Then they should learn Japanese and translate/read it them damn selves.

    I mean seriously. THis is no job, its literally a charity. And if you aren’t getting paid for it, the bottom line is its a luxury–and you have no obligation or requirement to translate anything.

    We take what you give. And if you are tired of giving, simply stop. It’s almost like scamming yourself to translate and do free work for people who don’t give back.

    THey don’t like it? They can learn Japanese then , just as you did.

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