Stahn’s Side Story Translation Complete

By • September 8, 2017

At long, long, long last the story translation for Stahn’s Side is complete. This doesn’t mean the project is complete, mind you – even the translation is far from finished. In addition to the necessary edits on the story script, there are still the additional events for Leon’s Side, not to mention the countless lines of untranslated NPC and side quest text. But nonetheless, this is a big step forward.

The draft translation now includes a fully translated menu, fully translated skits, and a complete translation of the Stahn’s Side story events. This should make future playthroughs much more tolerable and will let me refine the story text as I work on the rest of it. Of course adding new content to the game also presents opportunities for bugs, but fortunately Kingcom and Kaji have been diligent about knocking those out as we go.

Kingcom is hoping to have a working implementation of the duplicate database in the near future. Once he does, my intent is to attack the dungeons first. Because of the way that Destiny structured some of its dungeons, the exact same text is repeated in every room of some dungeons. Being able to just translate it once will be a major boon.

Here’s a scene that made me laugh:

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38 Responses to “Stahn’s Side Story Translation Complete”

  1. Stahn…we love you and all your stupidity!

    Congrats on finishing the preliminary translation for Stahn’s side. It must feel great to reach such a milestone.

  2. This must feel like a great achievement for the team, grats to y’all.

  3. Congratulations! This is such a great achievement! Well done

  4. Congratulations!! Even if the project is not complete, every month, makes me more and more excited 🙂

  5. Congrats on this part of the project. This is a big achievent for your team. Good news and I can’t say enough how we thank you for all your work 🙂

  6. Wow! Keep it up!

  7. What wonderful news! Does this mean you’ve already translated act 3 since the September 2017 update a few days ago? Or does that still need to be edited?

    I’d also like to ask about your release plans for this patch. Do you plan to release it once everything has been completed, or do you plan to release it after a certain milestone has been reached and update it later? I would personally download the patch with just Stahn’s side fully translated, and then update the patch later once you finish Leon’s side, but that’s just me. Whatever you guys choose to do I’ll be with you until the end.

  8. Unless it has changed, they plan to release the patch when it’s 100% complete.

  9. Great job, everyone!

  10. yes, great work sir! I bow to your skill. 🙂

  11. You and your team have done wonderful, I knew if you all guys just focused on project that will be more successful in the end.

    Hopefully Leon’s Side has overlap with Stahn’s side so your workload isn’t too crazy, and you’ll be able to knock things out quickly.

    Also do you know who will be translating Tales of Destiny 2 one day? Do you think whatever program you are using will have benefits for ToD2 if it is similar to ToD1?

  12. Congrats !

  13. Congrats! I hope you will do rebirth when you eventually finish this

  14. Yes! Big congratulations to everyone on this. I thought my excitement couldn’t get any higher but this proved me wrong! Lol

  15. Just so no one has any unfounded expectations, I have no intention of working on Destiny 2 or Rebirth seeing as I have played only 10 hours of the former and like 10 minutes of the latter.

  16. This is pretty awesome. Great work. Looking forward to the end!

  17. thanks for answering atleast! you are the absolute best for doing this

  18. Wow, congratulations! I bet you’re relieved to be able to cross this off the list. Keep up the good work!

  19. Congratulations, I’m happy you have achieved a major milestone! Keep at it 😀

  20. Well, I’m gonna stop short of outright asking for an ETA, since I know it’s usually viewed with contempt in these things. But I think I can ask one related thing, which is my only reason for wanting to know it: I have been holding off on playing the original Destiny because of this, but it’s currently the most appealing game on my list. Would it be worth it to go for a playthrough now, or is this close enough (as in a few months away) so that I would probably be too “sick” of the game to play it? If you’re not close enough to completion to feel comfortable answering this, no hard feelings on my part 😛

  21. @Shady Guy Jose: If you’ve got an itch to play this game, I would encourage you to scratch it rather than wait for this patch. I can certainly tell you right now that the patch won’t be released this year. This game is complex and has proven that it can break in unexpected ways at times, meaning that it’s going to require more extensive testing than usual. Even if we were able to start beta testing right this second (which we can’t since the remaining translation is still in-progress), I don’t think we’d be able to test it to my satisfaction by the end of the year. You can always replay the game later with the patch, but if you want to play it now, I’d say play it now.

  22. Amazing stuff, great milestone reached!

    Keep it at 😀

  23. thank you very much for the work just per curiosity how many percent of the translation you have

  24. This is awesome!

    Long time ago, saw the nice video sub, & now this. You guys are on a good role, I support you all.

    Pretty soon when this is all done, BOOM, you’ll probably have a program we can download & put to use in the game system to help us play through this. Heck, some can even make video walkthroughs, but that’s a different story, yet still exciting for anyone that hasn’t tried it.

    Keep it up, you’re slowly making headway here…

  25. @throughhim413 Thanks for the reply! I’ll play the original PSX version soon then, and, most likely, when this does come out, the PS2 feel and the waiting time will be enough for it to feel fresh.

  26. Man this is looking so awesome!! Congrats on such a huge milestone. You guys rock!

  27. I’ve been lurking around since the ToP patch era
    Can’t belive you’re still on this
    Truly, you deserve a statue, my friend
    Thanks for keeping the flame still burning
    If there’s anything we can do to help, please let us know

    Regards from Argentina

  28. Congrats, man!
    My passion for the Tales series was rekindled as I started playing Tales of The Rays, and I hope you keep going strong and I get to play it someday.

    Thank you very much!

  29. Congrats!!!! i’ve waiting a LONG time to play this game a lot!! Good work man!!! Cheering here!

  30. WOOT!!!

  31. Awesome!!!!!! 😀

  32. So glad you guys are still doing this. Bravo.

  33. Congratz and thanks!

  34. Fantastic work guys!

  35. This is excellent news. I can’t wait to finally play this game in English.

    And to the person above, an English patch was already released for Tales of Destiny 2. Sadly, the same can’t be said for Rebirth.

  36. Wow that’s great ! Good job !

  37. This is so exciting to hear! Congratulations, and thank you for your hard work. Being able to play a a Destiny DC that I can actually understand has pretty much being my dream, so this is wonderful.

  38. For the second form of the final boss, will you be translating it as “Ultra Kronos” (PS1 localization) or “Mictlan EXE” (MUGEN name)?

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