October 2017

By • October 3, 2017

I kind of stole my own thunder for this month’s post when I announced that I had finished the first draft of the Stahn’s Side story translation. But that’s okay since there were some other good things happening behind the scenes as well. Mainly, Kingcom built the initial prototype of the database system that we’re going to move to in order to handle all of the duplicate text in Destiny! I’ve been testing it and it seems to work quite well! Hopefully we can start using it for translation soon. I also asked Kingcom to write up a post (or two) on how our file management has evolved since I know everyone gets tired of hearing from me all the time. It was an interesting read even having been involved in the projects myself, so hopefully that’s something everyone can look forward to at some point this month.

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

17 Responses to “October 2017”

  1. Can’t wait for Kingcom’s post! By the way, is Ruta still helping on the project?

  2. bro, we never get tired of your posting.. we are just happy you are continuing doing this. you are truly a god

  3. Cool. Hope everything goes well with the database stuff.

  4. I know I’d be very interested in hearing about the technical aspects. I have no talent in that area, however it’s fascinating to read up on.

  5. These are excellent progresses by your team! By the wonder I wonder if Kingcom would prefer finishing all three separate “Tales of…” projects in sequential order with you and others before resuming his own inactive projects. Or on the other hand he may wish to come back to working on the Dragon Quest Monsters 1+2 remake pack on PSX and/or two “SRW F” parts on PSX?
    Sorry if that bothers him but almost no one knows anything about these project status for a while.

  6. Congrats on making so much progress, Im so glad you’re all working so hard on this project! Its been a long time coming, but its reassuring to always see such amazing progress happening!

  7. As always amazing! Keep it up guys :3

  8. Great! Definitely looking forward to Kingcom’s post. Glad to hear that the method is working out.

  9. Cant wait for it! wow~thanks so much~

  10. Hey have you thought of starting a Gofundme page or Partreon, or even just linking a paypal account? I’m sure many of us here, including myself would love to donate and give something as an appreciation for what you guys have done and are doing.
    Thanks to you giving up your free time, these amazing games and experiences are playable to many people for the very first time. That deserves more than just a “thank you” message.

  11. Good job, once again 😀 !

  12. Keep up the good work!
    I wish to see the fully translated version of this <3

  13. I just discovered this website for the first time.

    I’ve become a huge fan of the Tales series over recent years, and naturally, this has led me to see which titles I still really need/want to play. Of course, Tales of Destiny DC popped up immediately on my list, and I’ve grown to enjoy the presence of its characters in Bandai Namco’s recently-released mobile game, Tales of the Rays.

    As a programmer/coder myself, I just want to say that I really appreciate the dedication you guys have to this project. Most projects that take multiple years to complete (and are driven purely off of dedication and love for the project) end up in the waste basket pretty quickly when times get rough or obstacles are presented, but you guys have stayed true to your word and continued to work hard on releasing this game with what seems to be a VERY solid translation. I love the dedication!

    As mentioned in an earlier comment, I would also love to donate to this project if it’s something that can help justify your hours and hard work.

    Excited to see this game finally playable in English!



  14. A thought, but since the game is now playable..will it be alright for it be released while we wait to play the other story? Just something for players to dig their teeth in while you’re translating the other side of the story.

  15. Read his previous post properly. Not all text you can encounter in Stahn’s side of the story is translated, let alone edited.

  16. I too would donate a tad. Just a few dollars is all I can spare but you are definitely doing a great service!

  17. I think he doesn’t take money because there is no guarantee he will finish the project, like if by some miracle Bamco announced a localization of ToD:DC.