November 2017

By • November 1, 2017

Current Focus: Tales of Destiny R dungeon text

As you may have noticed, the Kingcom post that I teased last month never came to fruition. He was working on it, but we decided that we should probably actually get our database into production before we started talking about how great it is. And thanks to Kingcom’s hard work, now it is! This will allow me to get back to translating. I’m going to start by attacking the dungeon text, much of which is shared across every room of a particular dungeon. The database is going to be a big help both in letting me get that done more quickly and ensuring that there aren’t any errors introduced by copying it over manually. Not much else to say for now, I guess.

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

16 Responses to “November 2017”

  1. Good job Kingcom for the software and the motivation.

  2. Hi there.

    I have been following this website, these posts specifically. Beyond the fact that I do want to play a translated Tales of Destiny, all the work and time you and anyone involved have invested is really inspiring. I am a translator myself, English-Spanish so I am familiar with the struggles. Thanks

  3. As I always say, better to figure out how to do it right than to do it wrong and get frustrated trying to fix it (I’ve done enough data entry and having to fix other people’s mistakes in said data entry to know that all too well). This is definitely an important piece of your puzzle…good job, Kingcom!

  4. Alright! Great job on the work Kingcom, glad it works out. Much enthusiasm going forward.

  5. What happened with the new translator that joined the team? You haven’t mentioned her since then.

  6. thank you, I look forward to these updates every month

  7. All we can say is good luck to you both. Your hard work is very appreciated.

    We’ll look forward to what other news you’ll bring us. Be it anything you wanna say or by December, your choice.

    Until then, hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. thank you all so much for your hard work 😀

  9. great news guys, thank you for all you do. 🙂

  10. Sorry about the question, what is current % of project? I want play the best Tales game in english some day in my life… 🙁

  11. Thank you for all the work

  12. That is a great update! you have benn doing a great job!

  13. Good news :D, keep up the good work, can’t wait to see this game translated :). Thank you for all the effort you guys put in this project.

  14. I’m glad to hear that it’s working out. As always, thank you so very much for all of your hard work! The idea that I’ll be able to play a translated Destiny one day makes me happier than I can say.

  15. Thank you for your work on this. I’ve been checking in over the years and I’m so excited to play this.

  16. Thank you for keeping us updated. So glad for your work.

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