December 2017

By • December 1, 2017

Wow, it’s December. November was a short month and 2017 was a very short year. I’m not anticipating a very productive December on the translation front. The reason for that is that I just bought a Nintendo Switch, which I will be using to play Mario Odyssey. That is, at least until my copy of Breath of the Wild gets here and I have an excuse to replay it on the new system. That is, if I don’t get wrapped up in Horizon Zero Dawn first (I’ve heard great things). But that will require me to put down the PC version of Okami, which is admittedly not a certainty. So with all of this important work to be done, I just don’t know that I will be able to find any time to translate. Truthfully, I haven’t really managed to find a good translation groove with Tales of Destiny since I finished the initial story translation. I’ve kind of been attacking files at random since we got the database system in place, but it’s kind of hard to get a sense of progress from doing it that way, so I’m not feeling a lot of motivation. I’m going to take a step back and just enjoy some good gaming while I sort out how I want to attack the remainder of ToDR. Since I know this probably isn’t what anyone wants to hear, let me talk about a few other things that are in work we approach 2018.


I’ve been messing around with streaming on twitch lately. I thought it might be fun to do occasional streams of some of the Tales games we’re working on. The upside of this is it lets me do video updates without having to make it an ordeal. I know people are a big fan of the video updates, but I’ve done them very rarely up to now because putting them together always took so much longer. The downside of streaming is that I’ll end up showing off a ton of rather unpolished work both on the translation and programming fronts. This isn’t a huge deal, but I feel the quality of what we’re showing will definitely be lower than what people are used to seeing from us. Additionally, I’m not just using my twitch channel for Tales, so people who follow it just for Tales might be disappointed (and want to yell at me for playing so many other games). Still, despite the downsides, I think it’s worth trying. I will most likely stream on like… Saturday evenings in the US. It’s not going to be every week. Maybe like once or twice a month? I’m not quite sure. If it happens, it probably won’t be until mid-December because my mic is straight garbage, so I’m waiting for a new one to arrive. Would people be interested in seeing me stream?


I’ve been thinking about making a discord server for Absolute Zero, but I’m still not sure if I want to. I’m fairly sure this is how it will go down: We’ll make the channel, a few people will join and chat, but it will be very quiet after the initial rush. Every once in a while, someone will join and ask about the status of a project. That’s basically how the forums ended up. I don’t mind having a place for people to get answers to their questions about project status, mind you. It seems like whatever searches lead people to my blog aren’t helping them to ascertain that information easily. I’m just not sure the community for these projects is large enough to sustain an active discord server. Still, I could imagine it being useful for things like bug reports and if I do end up streaming, it would be a good place to announce that. Would you join an Absolute Zero discord server if we had one? What do you imagine using it for?

Kingcom’s File Structure Post

This is coming at some point! It’s mostly done (I think?), we just never actually coordinated when we want it to go up. Maybe this month! (I didn’t tell him I was putting this in here.)

Blog Revamp

Old could use a facelift. I haven’t updated the blog’s look and feel in quite a while. A lot of the older posts are miscategorized and in general, I would like to clean up a lot of stuff. For example, I’d really like for my old Phantasia project and ToPX to be tagged differently, but right now both are just under Tales of Phantasia. I already got rid of the malfunctioning gallery feature that I was using at one time, but there’s a lot of other backend things that still need doing. I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to happen in December, but I might work on laying some of the groundwork for it.

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

13 Responses to “December 2017”

  1. I laughed at the first part of the post. Sounds like you need to catch up on some of those games lol. Have fun forsure. Got no complaints to make, glad to hear what’s up. Im looking forward to whats in store next year.
    Im interested in seeing you stream some Tales or some of these other games on Twitch. Super Mario Odyssey would be cool. I dont use much Discord much atm but Im willing to join your server.
    I’d love to see the site updated myself. It could use it no doubt. Great news. Good luck!

  2. I think it all sounds great. I feel that it makes sense to take December off. Streams would be cool. I can see a discord working for bugs, but you are likely right about the popularity.

  3. I agree about the Discord. I think the Twitch streams would be great though. Even if its not always development focused its another way to interact with the community and answer questions. It may also give you some motivation.

  4. I’d like a twitch stream of your translation since it somewhat archive your progress in videos, I don’t think anyone cares if it looks like an alpha product.

    Like you said, the discord would probably be dead on arrival since Tales is niche already but it doesn’t cost anything to make and might help in the future when the patch is released. I’d join it for sure.

    Have fun playing those new games 🙂

  5. I’d definitely join the discord server, even though I think you’re correct about how it would go. Horizon Zero Dawn is an amazing game, and definitely worth the play time. It’s definitely good to take relaxation time to prevent burnouts. Thanks again for the update!

  6. Don’t worry…I don’t think December is a productive month for most people due to holiday stuff. Take a break, get your ideas together, and then you come back with a clearer head and resolve.

  7. With all your hard work you deserve some time of. Never ever feel bad about that okay?
    We appreciate what you are doing.

  8. It might be better just to have a presence in an established Tales discord. I’m not sure where Tales communities go for Discord, though. I’ve been in the r/Tales discord and I don’t think I ever saw any translators or Tales YouTubers there…

    And 2017 was a short year? What??

  9. Its great to make twitch streams for the development of the translation, i follow JKB productions that is making a megaman X fangame and a solid 100 to 200 people appear on stream just to follow the work, talk with him etc…

    Even if you won’t be only doing the translation work on stream, people usually stay and watch because its fun knowing better who’s behind a future dream realization like you’re doing now.

    Just try to make a schedule or use discord to announce when you will go online and people will appear.

    About the status of the translation, don’t worry about it, even when you are doing other stuff, just make sure to update so people can know that the project is still alive and kickin.

    Again keep up the great work.

  10. I’d use the discord if you made one and keep other people who ask about ongoing translations for older Tales titles informed when the need arises. I’m in touch with other fandom translators and other diahard tales fans who wouldn’t check your website and the subject does come up from time to time in my circles.

  11. I’d love to watch you stream, so I gave you a follow on twitch. As for the Discord, I’m certainly interested, but I also predict it will go exactly as you say. Even still, worst case scenario, nothing’s lost but a minute making the server and posting an invite link, so I think it’d be interesting to try.

    Regardless, I’m always excited for whatever updates and content you guys put out, so thanks for all the hard work! ^_^

  12. Keep up a good work lol. Surely everybody need some leisure time to relax and enjoy life. We really appreciate your team commitments toward ToD DC especially when Namco team are not localizing the game (at least for now).

    I agree with the needs of place for forum and communication between players but probably it will be more meaningful for bug reporting and to ask guides for subquests after the patch has been completed.

    Anyway, enjoy yourself as 2017 is closing soon and thanks in advance for giving a lots of time for this. Happy holiday. 🙂

  13. Make a discord, recently I’ve seen way too many people (apparently fan of Tales of) not knowing about a0t’s work. And I feel Discord is way easier for outsiders to use than a forum where you have to sign up for it, leave a message, never knowing when you’re gonna get an answer whereas in Discord people can just come and go.

    Also, I’m not on irc anymore so that’ll leave me somewhere to talk to you easily xD