January 2018

By • January 2, 2018

Happy 2018! Another year come and gone without finishing Tales of Destiny! Realistically, I didn’t expect we were going to finish in 2017. Honestly, given the amount of translation, programming, editing, and testing still needed, I don’t think we’re going to finish in 2018 either. That being said, we made some major strides in 2018 and they’re only going to help us as we move forward.

First, I made a big push to get the story translation for Stahn’s Side done. While the stream that I did in December demonstrated that I might have missed some sections, the story events are almost all translated. With the story, skits, and menu done, there’s a strong foundation to build on as I forge ahead into NPC and sidequest territory. The big benefit of having it in-game is that I can get started on tweaking and editing it as I play now.

Second, Kingcom implemented our backend database system for shared strings. This has already made a big difference for me while translating and it’s going to be critical to ensuring consistency between Stahn’s Side and Leon’s Side. As I’ve mentioned before, the number of shared strings in ToDR was one of my major concerns. Being able to edit one copy of the string and have them all adjusted automatically is huge. While there is still room for improvement with the system, having it in place has removed the last major technical barrier that was keeping me from progressing steadily. (Now there are just the motivation and free time barriers to deal with.)

I already mentioned some of these things last month, but here are my 2018 goals:

  1. Translate all the sidequest text for Stahn’s Side. I would love to try and finish ALL of the NPC text before the 2018 is over, but there are several real life factors that are already threatening to stand in the way. If things go my way, hopefully I can go above and beyond my goal. If not, well, I’ll do the best I can.
  2. Stream ToD at least once a month. I expect there will be some months where I have time to stream more than once, but I’m going to aim for one as the baseline. As before, I’ll announce it here on the blog a few days in advance if I’m going to stream. I’m probably going to aim for Saturday evenings like with the first stream. I know being able to see the progress we’ve made is nice for people who have been following the project for a long time and being able to interact directly with people is good motivation for me.
  3. More media posts! The streams will help with this, but I’d like to get more media content online for people to see.

As I do every year, I continue to pray that Bamco announces ToPX, NDX, and ToDR for localization (hopefully on PC) so that I can immediately cancel these projects. Please, Bamco, I’ll even give you the scripts!

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11 Responses to “January 2018”

  1. I’m sure that 2018 will be a great year for this project given how 2017 went. Keep the momentum up!

  2. Well I’m sure things will progress. As the phrase for the Tortoise & The Hare go…

    Slow & Steady, Wins The Race!

    So for now, the progress done can still be a HUGE leap. If you need more help, you could look into other Tales Fans that helped in different translations. Some have sites others perhaps on youtube. Heck, I even saw a guy that was determine to translate all of Tales Of Vesperia by his own effort then stopping when someone else brought in the new English Patch. Maybe some of those guys can help out, be it big or small, every little bit helps.

    Till then, wish this site & those working on Tales Of Destiny R, a Happy New Year! And looking forward to new stuff you’ll post whenever you can. I have faith in this site, & if Bamco saw such work effort & determination, they give you a Reward.

    Good Luck…

  3. Cool, hope everything works out for you this year?

  4. Here’s to another good year of progress! Watching the stream shows the love and care that has gone into the project. Can’t wait to see more!

  5. Here’s to hoping for a year of good progress! As always, thank you so much for all the hard work, news of ToDR is something I really look forwards to every month, and I’m so happy to hear that there’ll be regular streams this year! I’ll definitely check in regularly and participate if I can.

    Best wishes to you and this project in 2018!

  6. Great !

  7. Thank you and happy new year!

  8. Happy New Year! Just glad that the project is taking a turn for the better! At least it sounds like there’s more to look forward to this year. Will be glad to follow up on the media that goes up.
    Hope it’s a good year

  9. Happy New Year! Thanks for the hard work, and for being and inspiration to us Tales Fan!!! Keep up the good work, and expecting a work for Destiny R as great as the Innocence tanslation. Thanks so much for making the tales saga tittles available in english, and closing the gap between unstranslated an translated one :>)

  10. Best wishes to you and yours! Really appreciating your huge efforts. I’ll try not to forget your streams (usually checking the site every month for the monthly update, but I see there are more posts a month now. I can imagine having people watching your streams is a good motivation for you to keep working on it and getting feedback.

    Any info on ToPX? If I’m right it sounds like ToDR is a lot more work. I played ToP countless of times but this version is like the ultimate version to me.. and it’s my favorite tales ever.
    But ToDR is also the ultimate version of that game and I’d be so happy to play that with all those improvements. The fact I can perfectly play PS2 games nowadays on emulator with upscaling and all using my Steam Link on TV makes it even more attractive.

    Keep up your awesome work!

  11. I read some comment on Youtube suggesting a release of a Stahn-side onlytranslation first. Doesn’t sound too bad.. It’d create a lot of hype and probably some good feedback too while finishing the other side of the game. And of course: it’d be out earlier for all impatient fans :p

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