Streaming Tales of Destiny This Weekend

By • January 4, 2018

I’ll be doing another Tales of Destiny DC stream this weekend on Saturday night. As before, the stream will start at 6 PM EST. My twitch is here:

I’ll make another post here when the stream starts or you can subscribe to my channel on twitch if you prefer to be notified that way. If you can’t be there for the livestream, I’ll upload the video to youtube as before (although without such a long delay this time).

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I'm the translator for Absolute Zero. I also take care of the project updates.

5 Responses to “Streaming Tales of Destiny This Weekend”

  1. A ToDR stream right before AGDQ? Hype!

  2. Where i can find the first stream on youtube?

  3. Is there any chance of you guys release a pre version of translation with only Stahn side before the all project is done?? (i’m not interested in Leon side and i bet there are more people like me)

  4. @Cesar: Two posts down from this one:

    And no. There is no chance of that.

  5. Keeping the announcement up so I can remember to get on. So happy all my distracting stuff was finished yesterday.

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