Blog Updates

The End of Absolute Zero

So… this is going to be really out of left field considering all of the recent activity, but here it goes: Absolute Zero is dropping all of our translation projects. No, before you check, it’s February, not April. This is real.

Absolute Zero Discord

I keep saying I’m going to post the discord, so I’m just going to post the discord. If you would like to chat about the projects or whatever, here’s the link:

December 2017

Wow, it’s December. November was a short month and 2017 was a very short year. I’m not anticipating a very productive December on the translation front.

Fixing URLs

I’m working on trying to repair some of the older links and images that have been broken during past site moves. Hopefully that won’t result in even worse breakages, but if you happen to notice anything wrong over the next few days, please let me know.

February 2017

While I hadn’t actually intended on taking all of January off from translating, my computer had other plans. My desktop had a major (and difficult to diagnose) hardware failure a few weeks ago and I only just got it fixed over the last weekend. On the bright side, I didn’t really lose anything that isn’t […]

October 2016

Current Focus: Tales of Destiny R This month was pretty good. Had some hiccups at the end, but more months like this one would be okay.

Looking Ahead

Happy New Year from Absolute Zero! Recently I’ve been annoyed by the git feed on twitter not posting automatic updates and it occurs to me now that project news has really gotten too spread out anyway. So I have a novel new idea for 2016 – I’m actually going to post news updates to this […]

Keep Forgetting to Update

Here we are again! Another update that I’ve been putting off for way too long! Sorry!

Forum Registration is Working Again

For the longest time, account registration on the forum has been broken. If you’ve been trying to register and been frustrated by it falsely accusing you of being a spammer, it should be working properly now. Please let me know if there are any further issues.

Git Feed

We have set up a twitter feed that people can use to follow our git repository updates as we work on our projects at @AbsoluteZeroBot. Any future commits for ToDR, ToPX, and NDX will appear there. We added all of the past ToDR commits to get started. I’ve also added a feed to the sidebar […]