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Tales of the Heart: Translator’s Cut: American Edition

Because my previous videos resulted in such unbridled praise for my incredible voice, it was an easy decision when Kajitani-Eizan approached me about dubbing Tales of the Heart: Translator’s Cut: American Edition.

Absolute Zero is moving!

But I’m just going to forward everything, so only the URL will be changing. There might be some brief downtime, but given how often I’ve been breaking the site recently, you’ll hardly notice the difference!

We’re Back!

As you can see, the site is operational again. Thanks to Kyle for taking time out of his camping trip to deal with the hosting issue! Should there are website problems in the future (not that I expect there to be), please refer to my Twitter account – @throughhim413. I am planning to change over […]

Make Your Voice Heard

Normally I don’t believe this kind of stuff works, but at this point, any chance to make our voices heard is a good one! So if any of you have PSN accounts, please head over to the Playstation Blog and let them know we want more Tales games localized!

Life After Innocence

Tales of Innocence is complete. An era has ended… at least in my mind.

Have an iPhone / iPod Touch? We have a treat for you…

If you happen to have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you’ll notice a new look to the blog. We just installed a spiffy new theme made just for you users who view the blog “on the go”. If you’d rather view the site in the normal layout, you can do so by clicking the link […]

Can you register?

A new Registration fix was released. Please help us test it!

Readers Page Now Up

Absolute Zero Translations now has a Readers page! This section allows you to see all of the readers of this blog, as well as some other neat features.