Tales of Innocence

Tales of Innocence Cheat Code

Because it wouldn’t be right to let my favorite day of the year pass without some kind of post…


It would appear that the localization staff are not Tales of Innocence fans, so we’re stuck with Mr. Ruca Milda for now.

Glimmers of Hope

With Graces’ release date right around the corner, some of the localization details are starting to appear. 

Pre-Patched ROMs

It was recently brought to my attention that a pre-patched ROM of Tales of Innocence was uploaded to Blackcats. I was asked what I thought of this, so I will share said thoughts.

Alive and, well…

I’m alive, anyway. Happy Halloween!

Life After Innocence

Tales of Innocence is complete. An era has ended… at least in my mind.

Tales of Innocence (v1.0) Patch Released

Tales of Innocence (v1.0) Patch Released

Admit it, you didn’t think we were going to make it, did you?

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

In the last post, the message that I wanted to convey was that the project is almost done. That is a fact.

June Release. Probably.

We expect to release the Tales of Innocence patch in June.

Farewell for now, wireless

At this time, we believe that removing the wireless from the game is the best course of action.