Tales of Innocence

Beta Testing Blues

Beta testing is really depressing.

The Silver Lining

So yeah, obviously the demo was an April Fool’s joke. Many thanks to those of you who played along, you made it a lot of fun.

After Much Debate…

We have decided to release a demo patch.

We're Innocent (Blame CRC Checks)

We’re Innocent (Blame CRC Checks)

An update with pictures!? Impossible! Yet here it is.

Yay for Updates!

A new video update! Hooray!

Another point of view

Another point of view

I never really posted much on the blog, so most of you probably don’t know me. I’m Kingcom, and I’m responsible for all the hacking and programming of this project.

Thank You, Donors!

Kingcom and I want to extend our thanks to those of you who have donated to the Tales of Innocence project.

Happy… November?

Information is scarce, but words are, as always, plentiful.

We’re working on the game every day. Check here for updates on that. We’ll update again when we have something we want to show.

A Boring Update

This is a boring update. There is a video. It is boring too.