Tales of Symphonia PC

Tales of Symphonia PC

Current Focus: Ranting about ToS PC Tales of Symphonia, in spite of its flaws, is easily one of the most popular Tales titles in the west. If there’s a game where the success of a PC port is virtually guaranteed unless you screw it up, it’s Symphonia. And yet they screwed it up. Badly.

Tales of Vesperia PS3 Fan Translation Released

The Tales of Vesperia team has released their English translation patch for Tales of Vesperia PS3. You can visit talesofvesperia.net to grab the patch, http://hyouta.com/vesperia/ to use the online script viewer, and the team’s IRC channel or the forum to thank them for their work! Congratulations on the release!

Go follow Tales of Replica on tumblr

Kaji linked me to this awesome Tales of the Abyss tumblr comic called Tales of Replica. It is fantastic. Go read it.

Tales of Graces f (PS3) – $39.99 In-Store @Gamestop

If anyone’s been waiting for a price drop, you can get $20 off Tales of Graces f in-store at Gamestop for $39.99. Not bad. Doesn’t look like it’s available online. [Gamestop]

Tales of Vesperia (360) – $15.99 @Newegg

Anyone still need Vesperia for the 360? Can be had for pretty cheap right now at Newegg. [Newegg]

Tales of Xillia Hitting North America, Europe, and Australia in 2013!

Hardly the best kept of secrets, rumors about Xillia’s impending worldwide release have been floating around for months. Well they’re true! Yay!

SRWJ released at The Romhacking Aerie!

Kingcom, Tales of Innocence’s superstar hacker, and Deets, the graphical wizard and diligent tester, have just released their Super Robot Wars J translation!

The State of the Scene

This is surely going to be tl;dr for most people. If you never plan to be involved in and have no interest in the workings of a translation group, skip it.

Tales of Vesperia – GRADE Shop EVOLVED

I have been following Tales of Vesperia a bit more recently, and this most recent news is just funny beyond explanation. Apparently Vesperia’s Japanese DLC (downloadable content) will actually allow players to power up without playing the game. That’s right, you can trade cold hard cash (aka Microsoft Points) for in-game rewards.

throughhim413 killed in Rickroll Riots

…okay, not really. You can hate me if you want. You are the internet, you do as you will. However, let me make a few comments to those of you open-minded enough to stick around (or return). As I’m sure most of you quickly realized, the Tales of Rebirth post was an April Fools joke. […]