Tales of Destiny: Director’s Cut (PS2)

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I like 2018 so far!

January was much more productive than I expected, aided by the fact that none of my usual distractions managed to hold my attention. I anticipate more distraction and less productivity in February. I will stream again soon, certainly during Feburary, but I want to finish translating this section I’m working on now before I do. My best guess right now is that the next stream will be on the 10th, but I will make an announcement when the date is finalized.

I’ll be doing another Tales of Destiny DC stream tomorrow, Sunday (January 14th) at 6 PM EST. However, unlike the normal playthrough style stream, tomorrow I’m going to show some of the tools that I use to translate and how I go about the process. If you’ve ever been curious about any of that, feel free to tune in. My twitch is here:

I’ll make another post here when the stream starts or you can subscribe to my channel on twitch if you prefer to be notified that way. If you can’t be there for the livestream, I’ll upload the video to youtube the next day.

I’ve finished translating the NPC text for Harmentz, the second town in the game. Progress! I’ll show some of it off during the stream this weekend.

Project Information

Started: February 8, 2008

Announced: January 1, 2009

Restarted: July 17, 2014

Status: In Progress


Translator: throughhim413

Programmer: Kingcom

Quality Control: Kajitani-Eizan

Support: Cless, gogs, Carnivol

Joint with Phantasian Productions

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  1. right on. been wanting to play this without a script for ages. (=

  2. Oh god I can’t wait!

  3. Q_Q I can’t wait for this. throughhim rules!

  4. Hoping for some progress updates soon, thanks again for doin’ it… although I’m really surprised more people haven’t posted comments here. A TON of people everywhere are talking about this translation patch already.

  5. Oh yes! Thank you guys so much for doing this!
    I’ve already finished this game 3 times, and this game definitely deserves translating so that more people can experience what I consider one of the best Tales of games ever.
    This game gets my vote for the best RPG battle system ever. 😛

  6. oh i play this AWSOME game with translation but in the game it self !! i enjoy it !! but with your awsome work i will play this game moooooooooore and more .. i will understand everthing and enjoy japanese spuer voices !! really can t wait .. but will u make a link to the game torrent download or what ?? and when it fininshed ??
    thanks for your hard work ^_^
    ja na

  7. Been waiting to play this game. Heard from my friend it is one of the best tales game.

  8. OMG, THANK YOU!!! Cant wait.


  10. Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaase can you tell how can it takes to finish
    i reeeeeeaaaaaaaly want this translation

    Cless you are THE BEST Programmer EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

  13. I’ll thank you not to spam comments. You haven’t said anything that required a response, so I’m not sure why you expected one.

  14. I`m sorry
    Ididn`t play it byt i saw it in youtube
    it`s really AWESOME

  15. so i download it
    but its in japanese
    i`m really really bad in this language
    so you have SAVED MY LIFE

  16. I Forgot to Thank you
    for your great work at Tales of Phantasia


  17. Stahn is by far one of my all-time favorite Tales characters, and the fact that all of you are translating this game is like a miracle unlike any other. I’ve been waiting on something like this happening for years now, and for this, you guys have earned my utmost respect. If ever anyone is in need of Japanese translation assistance, I’d be more than happy to oblige. Anything for the sake of this patch.

  18. Hey no new about this patch project??? T.T this its my favorite tales ever, and now i hope that you guys can translate this game not just the menu.

  19. I got somewhat far in this game, but I think a translation would boost my enjoyment of this game 100 fold.

  20. I can’t express properly my excitement for this and all of the team’s translations. The Phantasia project was absolutely wonderful, and I wish both teams the best of luck and progress on this one. After playing DC, the original PSX game just doesn’t do Destiny justice so I simply can’t wait to play the game the way it was meant to be.

  21. This project is officially on hiatus until Tales of Innocence is complete on our end and Tales of Phantasia is complete on Phantasian Productions’ end. We want to ensure that the current projects are given all the time and energy they need to reach their full potential. Apologies for the delay, but I truly believe this is for the best in the long run.

  22. Sorry, but, isn’t ToP completed yet?? Cuz, I’ve been playing ur patch and it’s working great. It isn’t final yet??

  23. cant you make a patch of the ps2 version of tales of symphonia?
    its a lot easier to translate because you only have to copy whats writen on the gamecube version.
    it would be good to have a tranlation of the ps2 version because it has a lot of extras and there are a lot of people like me that doesnt have a gamecube and wants to play this wonderful game

  24. I’m not interested. It would take a lot more than just copying the GC text and Symphonia PS2 isn’t really worth it.

  25. I really want to play this game ;_; How long will it take to be fully translated? Btw, thanks for all throughhim, you rule.

  26. is this project is stand by or what haha

  27. Yes. That’s why it’s listed as “On Hiatus” for now. I’ll get back to it once I’m done with ToI.

  28. Throughhim413, I’ll be waiting patiently but do you have on your mind when this will come true? Just to know how many days left for me to play the game… and thanks man, early saying by the way. You are my only hope to play right this game and you are doing a great service, perfect!

  29. Hey through him, would there be any way that the we get the menu patch that has been made thus far available for the common idiot like me? lol :p

  30. No, that isn’t possible. In the first place, it isn’t mine to distribute.

  31. Well I just got my hands on the a ToD DC from ebay and I wanted to know what I’m doing on the menu. I know its a joint effort from both you and Phantasian Productions but seeing as its on hiatus and it has been made clear that there won’t be any change until both you and cless are done with ToI and ToP, could you maybe talk to cless and see if it can be released. But I’m just asking it doesn’t necessarily have to be done if its too much work for you guys. Thanks for listening and looking forward to your release of ToI, video looks great so far.

    Off topic: I’m trying to get into Japanese, any suggestion on where I should start?

  32. Haven, though it has its quirks, My Japanese Coach for DS is a pretty fine piece of software for the newbie who wants to ease into the study. I would look into the known errors it makes (there are like…three, which is remarkably few) first off, but compared to an investment in something like Rosetta Stone, it’s dirt cheap and much less intimidating. It’s also a pretty great way to learn to write kana and kanji. It gets the stroke order wrong on one or two characters, but that’s what research is for.

    It’s also good to have pencil+paper practice with writing, so find a workbook that you can keep up with on the side. I can’t stress this enough: if you have any intention of making a serious study of Japanese (or Chinese, Korean, etc), you really must study the written language at the same time. You will have nothing but regret down the road if you put it off.

    I’m too far out of date to make a recommendation on a workbook, but the easiest thing to do is make an Amazon search on the subject and sort by reviews. Read comments.

    If you somehow have the means to acquire Rosetta Stone, the newer 3.xx edition is vastly improved over older versions and a nice piece of software for practicing the language and your pronunciation.

    Taking a class is ok, but considering what you actually retain from a classroom environment, and the time/money investment, you’d be better off just going ahead and spending that money on Rosetta, get some basics down, and reward yourself with a 3-4 week vacation in Japan, because in the end, immersion is really the only path to mastery.

    But hey, seriously, that DS game is a pretty solid place to start. Pick it up. Don’t waste your time with an emulator–the stylus practice is the best thing about it.

    Once you get a little experience, you can even consider a penpal.

  33. To me, My Japanese Coach looked mostly worthless. I didn’t like the way it worked. I personally don’t think there’s any substitute for a good classroom environment when it comes to learning a language. You’ll never get language immersion trying to learn it via a computer program or the internet. To me, the time spent in a classroom is of greater value than anything that other systems have to offer.

  34. Well yeah sure you have to pay for the class but to be honest wouldn’t you do better that way cuz you know you payed for it, and you know that if you do bad you will lose all of the money that you invested into it. No one really wants to waste money. Plus if your really interested into something like me and Japanese i think that every little bit counts. Like I tried Rossetta stone during the weekend and i coulnd’t retain any of it. And i tried really hard and I had My japanese Coach ds for a while but I only got knowing what i already did which where da basics.

  35. BTW everyone here should sign this petition here to bring the tales of games to america. We are trying to get 100,000 people so that Nandai will listen to us. All we need is you to help us. Go here
    and sign with all your might and let everyone else know that they should sign this too!!!

  36. OMFG is this for real ive been waiting like for…. an eternity to play this game en english a question is finished some prototype to play ??

    i cant wait any longer >.< i want,no i NEED to play tales of destiny 2 for ps2 is just f…ing amazing

  37. Dude you are a god! I never thought that the day when Tales Of games will be translated!!!! I will wait as much as it takes for you to complete this and, i hope you will translate Tales Of Destiny 2*psp ps2* it is my most favored tales game *completed it in jap for about 30+ times. xDDDD

  38. uh i havent finished my sentence *i never thought that the day when Tales Of games will be translated will come.*

    sry for my bad english

  39. when will this be released?

  40. I guess I can help you translate the game, because my language skills are quite good. Also, I’d love to have Rebirth translated, actually, but I guess that this could be just fine anyway – for some reasons, it seems like too many people are interested in ToR.
    What do you think?

  41. This project is currently on hold. If you want to help with it in some way, I would suggest going to the Phantasian Productions website and offering there.

  42. could you say how can i translate the menus of this game myself?

  43. if i could translate it i wouldnt give this translation to anyone (i doubt anyone would want it), it is just to know what im doing when im playing the game.

  44. In my personal opinion, this its the best tales ever released and not reached in north america, im glad that you decide to work with cless and all but, i do not thinks that cless its going to end any of his translations, not even phantasia has been finished yet, and just a menu patch for tales of destiny 2 has been released from that page im not saying that cless is useless, its just that you guys work so well and post updates with frecuency, i really want this game to be translate you have my support guys from absolute zero

  45. I agree

    I reckon its the best tales of all of them. I’d be really nice to have this and ToD2 rmk done. Hope innocent gets done so this can be finished.

    gdwork though

  46. I hope the translation will be soon… very soon XD
    i really craving for this game 🙂

  47. Does anyone have a link on this game?

  48. when will the translation be done?

  49. whoa Kris. You sound like you are in hurry.

  50. hell yeah! I’ve been waiting for the translation for 4 years already (“U”) (both TOD1 and TOD2)

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