Tales of Destiny: Director’s Cut (PS2)

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I like 2018 so far!

January was much more productive than I expected, aided by the fact that none of my usual distractions managed to hold my attention. I anticipate more distraction and less productivity in February. I will stream again soon, certainly during Feburary, but I want to finish translating this section I’m working on now before I do. My best guess right now is that the next stream will be on the 10th, but I will make an announcement when the date is finalized.

I’ll be doing another Tales of Destiny DC stream tomorrow, Sunday (January 14th) at 6 PM EST. However, unlike the normal playthrough style stream, tomorrow I’m going to show some of the tools that I use to translate and how I go about the process. If you’ve ever been curious about any of that, feel free to tune in. My twitch is here:

I’ll make another post here when the stream starts or you can subscribe to my channel on twitch if you prefer to be notified that way. If you can’t be there for the livestream, I’ll upload the video to youtube the next day.

I’ve finished translating the NPC text for Harmentz, the second town in the game. Progress! I’ll show some of it off during the stream this weekend.

Project Information

Started: February 8, 2008

Announced: January 1, 2009

Restarted: July 17, 2014

Status: In Progress


Translator: throughhim413

Programmer: Kingcom

Quality Control: Kajitani-Eizan

Support: Cless, gogs, Carnivol

Joint with Phantasian Productions

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  1. I don’t see how that’s possible since the translation only started 2 years ago… Unless you’re saying you started waiting when the original version of the remake came out, but that wouldn’t make much sense. Anyway, this project is on hiatus, which it has been for a while.

  2. I mean 4 years on TOD2 and a year on TOD1 on ps2 ^^

  3. Hahahaha, sorry for being noisy throughhim413 πŸ˜€
    I wish I could play this games before I graduate ^^

  4. You know, I’d love to help you guys out, but I don’t know if there’s anything I can do. I don’t know Japanese. I do know some programming, but I don’t know anything like hacking.

  5. How long it would take to translate this game???
    Is the translation done?
    Sorry for asking this question all of the sudden. ^^

  6. ..Do any of you read previous comments? 0.o
    The translation’s nowhere NEAR done. As Throughhim has said numerous times, it’s on hiatus until TOI’s done.
    Even then I imagine they’d take some time out to, I dunno, chill the hell out & relax before translating the next.

    Amazingly enough, these people do have a life outside of translating games for us.
    If you want the game so badly then learn how to hack, program OR learn Japanese or whatever. You’d probably get satisfaction quicker than waiting.
    As for me, I’ll sit on my arse & wait ’til it’s started again & finished…but at least I won’t moan about it.

  7. I beat the game using a guide (todrtrans), but you bet I’d do it again with a translated version!

  8. whoa!, you rock titan!

  9. Soon soon….. It will be finished soon.. Soon!!!!! hahahahaha!

  10. This translation won’t be finished for a long time. We aren’t even actively working on it.

  11. How disappointing πŸ™ I was hoping this translation will be done soon….

  12. Any further questions or comments on the Tales of Destiny patch can be directed to the relevant forum:

  13. I hope this gets finished sometime soon. I think this really should be priority given the circumstances but since you are doing this as a labor of love I guess I cant complain πŸ˜› Do you take donations for this project :D?

  14. No, we don’t take donations, but thanks for the offer.

  15. The fact you dont take donations is pretty awesome. Really appreciate the effort and work.

  16. Thanks for the whole work.
    I would really love to play this game in English someday. Hoping that day is not so far :p

  17. Really looking forward to this patch, thank you and keep up the hard work πŸ™‚

  18. this patch probably wont be seen in about 4 or more years maybe im just guessing it could be some time next year but we have tox2 and toz to look forward to this year and there is a petition going on for toir and tohr for the vita so you all should join the petition from what ive seen and heard Tales of Hearts R is THE best Tales of GAME so far!!!

  19. I would like to know how is the progress on TOD ps2, I’ve been waiting for this game the last 4 years since I heard about the project. I hope you guys finish it before my ps2 stops working hahaha

  20. ToD is my absolute favorite, I check every now and then to see how is this going. So I just passed by to say I really appreciate the work you are doing. Keep us posted!

  21. I know work is off and on, but just wanted to stop in and leave some encouragement. I’m introducing my little girl to the older Tales games, and can’t wait to one day show her the PS2 ToD. Here’s to indoctrinating the future generation! Thanks for taking on the project, guys!

  22. Is this still going? I’d totally love this game!

  23. Any update? Thanks

  24. I would love to see this project finished, dont give up
    and if you need support, donate or something just write it <3

  25. Nice that this project is restarted!

  26. Nice that this project is restarted, I want to play it sooo bad.
    If you need donations let us know!!!! And of course thanks for your hard work!

  27. Thank you very much for restarting the project! πŸ˜€

    So many years have I waited… I want to play this game so badly. T_T

  28. Me too! What do we need to do to get started? Other than wait for the project to be finished

  29. @Harken: There’s nothing to do until the patch is released. Instructions for patching will be included.

  30. please finish this project, i really want to play this ToD game in english ver, please please please

  31. When do you plan to do Destiny 2? I’ve been hoping for a translation for a while.

  32. I don’t plan to do Destiny 2. Phantasian Productions is working on it.

  33. I have to say that I would be overjoyed to see this project finished. I’ve been visiting the site regularly since I learned of it. I think we’re all very interested in playing this version of Destiny. It just looks like the ideal remake. So please and thank you for all your work team A0. You make me proud.

  34. I am a HUGE Tales of destiny fan and I would love to see this patch finished. I am happy that someone decided to work on a translation!!!!

  35. I truly am excited for this one being alive again! I cannot wait to play this one. Good work, guys!

  36. I cant wait play this game tod:remake .thank you guys who devote their time to patch this game….i will wait for the realease…

  37. I love the original TOD, I still have my ps1 copy actually. I was really psyched when they announced this game, then immediately bummed when I realized its not coming state side. You guys are doing something awesome, I am so looking forward to this.

  38. I am SO waiting for this, guys. I played the original tales in my old ps2 but lost my save almost halfway trought the game -_- Greetings from Argentina and thanks for this!

  39. Can’t wait for this, thanks guys gonna wait for the release, I’m a fan of “Tales of” Series
    really looking forward to this πŸ™‚

  40. i have faith in this and is really excited, so do i have to check back to know when its done or can i get emailed

  41. Just finished Destiny PS1 for the first time yesterday and absolutely loved it. More eager than ever to see the patch completed. Sending positive vibes to you guys! Keep up the amazing work!

  42. Can’t wait to play this game guys! Greetings from Argentina and thanks for your hard work!!!

  43. Hey There,
    Just wanted to say thank you guys for all of your hard work. I played Tempest and Innocence thanks you all of you and I am looking forward to your future releases. I doubt I could be of assistance but if you ever need an editor or tester I’d be glad to lend a hand.

  44. This is really cool man, I’ve always wanted to run through this game.

    Any chance of this finishing sometime before October when Zestiria launches internationally?

  45. I reeeeeaaaally hope you guys don’t give up on this one. I’ve wanted to play Tales of Destiny Directors Cut for so long now and you guys are so awesome for trying to translate it. Keep up the good work, we’re all very proud of you!

  46. Hi!! Anyone knows if there is any news about this patch? I’m really exiting about play this game.

  47. cant wait for this to come out, i love the tales games and i am trying to go through the whole catalog

  48. tbh I hope this game gets localized as i dont see this being done within 5 years. If it does i hope it is just a straight translation and doesnt get the hearts R type of treatment.
    If you guys get it done before then then you will have my full respect.

    Even if you fully translate NDX/ToPX i will be happy.

  49. Hello guys i was hoping this will be translated asap this new year so we will have a good start of a year. . .iam fan of tales games thanks to you guys that you are working on this. . .keep up the good work!!! πŸ™‚

  50. i’ve been waiting this for years, i’m very excited to see it! πŸ˜€

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