Tales of Hearts (NDS)

Project Information

Started: June 30, 2009

Announced: September 20, 2009

Status: On Hold


Translator: throughhim413

Programmer: Kajitani-Eizan

Joint with Kajitani-Eizan

20 Responses to “Hearts”

  1. I’m so excited. >w<

  2. Soo x.x How is the project going? :// Your work on ToI was simply amazing and I wish to, someday, play ToH in fulll english too x.x

  3. Is that the “Anime Movie Edition” or the “CG Movie Edition”?

  4. Both.

  5. YAY! Thanks for your hard work! ^_^ Looking forward to it!

  6. Is the translation still on going?

  7. How’s this translation going? I was beyond impressed with your work on Tales of Innocence. I’m sure this will be amazing.

  8. You’ve finished Tales Of Phantasia!!!
    Finish Tales Of Hearts next…PLEASE!!!

  9. Can’t wait for this..
    Thankyou for what you do..

    Tales of Hearts is a must. really.

  10. I’ve come to notice that this project (Tales Of Hearts) is the ONLY game here so far to be announced for so long (apparently since 2009) and still have extremely limited info given…
    My guess has been that this game may actually be close to completion and end up a surprise release.A demo has already been given out and that was a REALLY long long time ago…
    Christmas day perhaps??..
    (I really do hope that the team is even still ongoing)

  11. Haha. No, no, definitely not. It’s been slow going. We have a long way left to go. I’m done with surprise releases.

  12. Awww…
    No Christmas day release,but at least the project is still ongoing.
    Keep up the hard work.
    If/when I could,I would definitely donate some money to you guys for doing all this.
    Tales of innocence gets a 10/10 from me.
    I’m gonna be honest and say that I don’t really fuss for trying out old games like the original Tales Of Phantasia (I’ve watched the anime though).
    Narikiri Dungeon X would be a good choice after finishing Tales Of Hearts.
    ((Keep on pushing and Merry Christmas))

  13. @MrPokemon907

    Tales of Phantasia: The Animation is at times, rather unfaithful to the video game story. For example, Cless and the group actually went through dungeons to get the two swords needed for the eternal sword, Lundgrom never handed it to them. Also, it never explains how they’ve met Klarth and Arche.

    So yeah, the game may be a bit outdated, but I still highly recommend playing it, the story and skits are good for what they’re worth and since it’s a spiritual sequel to Symphonia, it can also give some insight on that. The NDX translation won’t be done for probably a few years.

  14. Thanks for the recommendation mike.
    I’ll think about trying Phantasia out (I want to find why so many people like it anyway).
    I’ve watched all the episodes of both Phantasia and symphonia already (currently ongoing with the Eternia anime)and I think that I SHOULD understand AT LEAST a good set of Phantasia’s story plot already(since there are a lot of anime’s that actually don’t give as much story detail as the games linked to them).
    I know that I’ve kinda placed some bad words on Phantasia,but I’m actually a big enough Tales fan that I actually think Phantasia is REALLY cool (great characters,plot and all)…I just don’t like playing old games in particular because I’m a REALLY busy person and I’m picky with what I spend my time on..(I would rather read the story or watch the anime).
    I just wanted to give those translation recommendations since I feel that there may be a GOOD SET of people out there with thoughts and preference close to my own.
    Thanks though.

  15. Nothing beats the actual dialogue and feel from the game.

  16. Oh, yeah! the first continent is done! maybe I’ll be done by late 2015, I can’t for the Skits I hope there are many perverted ones.

  17. can’t wait for this

  18. I really want this. Still.

  19. I also really want this, mainly cuz i don´t have vita(can´t afford it), and also cuz its different from the vita version, and i really loved the tales 2d era. Currently playing/loving zestiria.

    Also thx so much for your work on innocence and tempest.
    You ROCK!!!

  20. Hey, Guys!
    I´m hoping that you got back to this project since I´m Enjoyning this game a lot on PS Vita.
    I would love to play CG version on NDS and experience the differences between both versions!

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