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Because it wouldn’t be right to let my favorite day of the year pass without some kind of post… (more…)

It would appear that the localization staff are not Tales of Innocence fans, so we’re stuck with Mr. Ruca Milda for now. (more…)

With Graces’ release date right around the corner, some of the localization details are starting to appear.  (more…)

It was recently brought to my attention that a pre-patched ROM of Tales of Innocence was uploaded to Blackcats. I was asked what I thought of this, so I will share said thoughts. (more…)

I’m alive, anyway. Happy Halloween! (more…)

Project Information

Started: July 9, 2008

Announced: July 14, 2008

Completed: June 29, 2010


Translator: throughhim413

Programmer: Kingcom

Editor: Yuli

Karaoke Timer: Kajitani-Eizan

Graphics: Deets

Proofreader: Sarah

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  1. I agree with fog and silens but I also agree with kokia, it just won’t change but if it bothered thoughhim he would have made something but if he didn’t at least partially agree with what’s been said here he would’ve delete the comments or at least replied. But I do remeber reading somewhere here that trolls and raw thankyous ususally don’t reach thoughhim. Can’t really expect a guy that works for no profit for 2 years to be affected by insults or flattery. But IMO the forum should be the main point of comments here, it even make it easier to ban trolls and a thankyou button is present in most forums.

  2. I hate people who hates appreciation.

  3. I don’t see anybody here that hates apreciation. Only people that hate spamming.

  4. Hur dur me hate people that flood the blog with kthxbye
    me be liek a jerk that hates apreciation
    me think everibody should post thx or AZ wont nou our appreciation.
    me is hated bai everibody that cant read
    me has donated but thinks a thxu would be better

    I think I’m gonna cry. I’ve donated but never posted thank you. Argh, am I an insensitive jerk.

  5. I’ve been poking through here for awhile now, and I’m wondering if we can get some sort info on how long it will be before release? Is there a percentage gauge somewhere? I mean, obviously I’m not stupid enough to expect a firm release date but…3 months? 3 years? Ballpark it.

    I’ve known there was a translation underway for this game for awhile now but only just stumbled on this site.

  6. You’ve been poking around but didn’t see the “June Release. Probably.” post in the main page? The patch should be released before the end of June.

  7. Haha oh jeez. The last time I came on here, the latest news was about removing the wireless, and I simply added an internal page to my favourites, so I didn’t even see the home page when I came back.

    I didn’t expect there to be this much activity here, usually with projects such as these, we only get updates a few times a year.

    I’ve been waiting for that Metroid II remake for years with little to no updates.

  8. Any further questions or comments on the Tales of Innocence patch can be directed to the relevant forum:

  9. I only found out about this translation the other day. THANK YOU. You guys are awesome.

  10. I’ve only played for a few hours and already I’m extremely impressed! The translation feels so natural (especially when you compare it to the fail of the official Hearts translation). Thank you all so much for doing this! Serious kudos~

  11. Finally picked this game off my backlog and started playing it. I’m about 15 hours in and loving the game. Phenomenal job with the translation. Thank you!

  12. Like to say thankyou for all your hard work in the translation 🙂

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