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It would appear that the localization staff are not Tales of Innocence fans, so we’re stuck with Mr. Ruca Milda for now. (more…)

With Graces’ release date right around the corner, some of the localization details are starting to appear.  (more…)

It was recently brought to my attention that a pre-patched ROM of Tales of Innocence was uploaded to Blackcats. I was asked what I thought of this, so I will share said thoughts. (more…)

I’m alive, anyway. Happy Halloween! (more…)

Project Information

Started: July 9, 2008

Announced: July 14, 2008

Completed: June 29, 2010


Translator: throughhim413

Programmer: Kingcom

Editor: Yuli

Karaoke Timer: Kajitani-Eizan

Graphics: Deets

Proofreader: Sarah

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  1. @salty

  2. @salty

  3. why dont update a beta?

  4. that doesn’t even make sense.

  5. I think he meant why is the last update still (Updated April 1, 2010) and nothing having been said in over 3 weeks

  6. There is nothing to say. The beta starts, then the beta ends and the patch comes out. What would he tells you, it’s not like you can put a % on a beta. It’s either complete or not.

  7. Reading your post on the beta progress and issues with wireless, I personally say just to remove it completely. Honestly, I cant imagine anyone enjoying playing co-op on two tiny DS screens as it not the same experience as playing on a home console Tales. Just remove it completely and if anyone complains about it not being there, they can go screw themselves because they’re missing the true joy of being able to play your greatly translated version of a game that Western audiences would never have been able to play anyway. Whatever, you decide to do, try not to hang yourselves up over the issue as I’m hoping your audience won’t be as critical as you might think.
    Good job, guys!

  8. Um, yeah, ‘go screw yourselves if you like multiplayer’ is okay for you… but, see, the rest of us have FRIENDS. It’s a RARE thing for a video game to have co-op adventuring at all, especially a 3d DS game. There’s only 4 in english, most never get localized. HEY BETA TESTERS: DONT USE CHEAPO FLASHCARDS like R4 and Edge and TopToy and M3 and that crap! They don’t do wireless multiplayer on tons of games, they’re too buggy! USE A CYCLODS! R4 and the crappy cards have ‘multiplayer broken’ all over their compatibility lists. But not this card. see? Don’t even THINK about taking out co op, I donated! get your flashcards straight before you start thinking it’s broken, only cyclods so far has no wifi glitches, so you R4 and cheap clone card using pirates can play alone!

  9. @DontTakeOutMultiplayer

    Dude, have you even played any co-op Tales RPG? If you dont know, player 1 does all the adventuring and puzzles and stuff, while the other players wait to get into a battle. It’s not as amazing as you think. Im not saying I wouldn’t want it, but as Throughhim413 is saying, it is very difficult to debug and program, so it isn’t worth the trouble.
    P.S. If you own a DS and feel your not getting enough co-op RPGs, make the effort and google it. Theres the Crystal Chronicles series, Phantasy Star 0, Ragnarok DS, etc, etc. So don’t be a dick and make Throughhim413’s job harder by bitching about multiplayer.

  10. Both of you calm down. Saying things like “go screw themselves” or making claims that the team is using “cheapo” flashcarts isn’t going to solve the problem. The problem is multiplayer is buggy. Some people like multiplayer and it was a feature in the first place. Rather than saying it’s going to waste throughim413’s job harder and cursing out those who want the feature to stay in isn’t helping the situation. And perhaps as he said he can add a simple message that it’s buggy rather than blocking out the feature all together. Rather than cursing each other out for no reason let’s just wait for absolutezero’s statement and I’m sure they’ll have a perfectly good reason for which option they chose.

  11. Trust me, im doing anything i can to help the situation. If Throughhim413 himself says he wants to lock out the feature, then I agree with him. Im not trying to come up with a newer, more complicated solution. We all just want the patch as early as possible and if Throughhim says forgetting about multiplayer will do that, then so be it. Im still amazed at how adamant people are about leaving in multiplayer. Like i said, i honestly couldnt care less if its there or not, but what I do want is a well-translated patch as early as we can get it. That’s it, end of topic 🙂

  12. @ReD_MeNaCe

    I object.

    “It will allow us to present the full game as we intended but will still allow access to that broken extra for those who really want it.”
    Quoted from “Beta Testing Blues”

    He did not state to permanently disable it as his personal coarse of action but to leave it even if broken. Thus your post has innacurate representation of what Throughim413 said. I also don’t see how insulting the group for multiplayer is not making it a bigger issue. You were just asking for an argument at this point. Trying to also end the topic after you declare yourself the winner with baseless points is also an example of this. Just needed to point that out.

  13. que paso con el juego ya pasaron 3 semanas desde que salio el beta test para cuando ya estara listo…

    saludos cordiales…

  14. @DontTakeOutMultiplayer:
    I think what they mean is that all the modifications to the game for the translation have caused the multiplayer to become really buggy. Games weren’t ever meant to be hacked/modified etc.

  15. Might be ideal to release another patch at a later date to support multiplayer, if development in the project is to continue post beta testing.

  16. @Kamuki
    Oh the irony of claiming I make an argument when you begin to complain. I’ll say it for the third time as people can’t seem to comprehend. Regardless of what Throughhim413 “wants” to do, the fact of the matter as he clearly said is that multiplayer will most likely not work. All I wanted to do was further emphasize if people would rather delay the release of the patch for something that probably cannot be fixed. Why waste time with something that’s broken. Im indifferent to whether its in or not, I’m saying I don’t want them to delay the release of the patch in trying to fix it as Throughhim413 clearly stated it can’t be.
    P.S. Saying that I “declare myself the winner” is just asking for an argument. Don’t put words that you want to hear in peoples mouths. It’ll help you in the future.

  17. @ReD_MeNaCe

    I think were having a misunderstanding here. You say you’d rather leave it out all together, I was just saying the option 2 was better so that we could at least try the multiplayer even if broken. Throughim mentioned this is what he intends to do. I wasn’t asking for them to delay the patch to fix it.

  18. The second option is the best choice for me, because you don’t need to remove the multi-player option for the people who doesn’t intend to use them. If you don’t want to play multi-player because you think it’s really buggy, you don’t have anyone to play with, or because you just hate to play with others, then just don’t access the multi-player mode (as simple as that). The Single player mode will still be fine even if the multi-player mode is busted right? so if you don’t want to try it then just leave it alone.

    Option 2 will be good for those who will and will not open the multi-player mode.

    NOTE: this is my opinion, not yours…

  19. Oops.. i meant to say wireless multi-player.. my bad..

  20. Do whatever is easier to the team.
    I won’t multiplay anyway.

  21. optian 2 plox

  22. Even after the beta test is complete and he release the patch, it’s not like it’s gonna be perfect. What was made by men, can’t be perfect.

    I can see people coming here to post bugs or translation typos.

  23. @Kamuki
    I agree, I don’t care if the multiplayer is in or out. I just want the patch as quickly as possible and arbitrarily picked the first option, but whichever is the most painless and efficient option, im all for it.

  24. Listen stop complaining about the multiplayer. I agree it would be fun with it but it’s not like we’re going to die if it’s not in. I just want the beta testing finished as soon as possible.

  25. Hey there translation team. I just wanted to pop in and say that I’m still really interested in this project. I’ve been checking this out for a while, and I just wanted to say that I’m very pleased with how quickly this project is moving. I’m really excited for it to be out, and I’ll be sure to grab this as soon as it is.

  26. i personally say keep the ability to use it in, but give the warning that it can glitch up 🙂

    although they’d mentioned something prior about making teh VS style accessible without multiplayer? how are we going to have that if i may? cuz isnt all you needa do to get it normally is just connect via multiplayer, then disconnect?….

    anyhoo, hope things work out in the end 😀 and hope to elp donate a bit this coming payday now that i know the page for you guys!!

  27. I can’t say i really care if it’s in or not, but there are obviously people who desperately want it, so. just add the warning? I imagine adding the little message “Hey, this can mess up. you’ve been warned.” wont be to hard o.o

    i don’t know many tales fans, and the ones i do know, have only played 1 or 2 of them xD

  28. Where do i download the patch?

  29. ….not out yet, it’s still in beta-testing.

  30. Beta test’s 1 month anniversary is today…

    No new release estimative, no new videos, no beta testing summary. Only these bad news about WM wich might push back this release even further.

    It’s likely we will only get this patch as a Victory over Japan Day gift. After all this is a victory over Japan’s selfishness over good JRPGS.

  31. ^ Stupid comment is stupid.

  32. ^yep
    All we can do is just wait,they have a life too.Diferent of some of the people above me xD

  33. @DontTakeOutMultiplayer

    First: You’re very, very rude. These people are doing a great job and do not demand a single thing. Hopefully this’ll even work as some sort of message to Nintendo that they decide to translate more Tales games. Because Tales are great. I know they asked for criticism, but bring it to them in a polite manner. That preserves an overall gentler atmosphere, easier to work in.

    Second: I think I’m using an R4 clone card, and I have had no problems with multiplayer so far. Of course, I’ve only tested Mario Kart, Meteos and Phantasy Star 0. The last one I did via Wi-fi, and that went off without a hitch. Other than the “Data disintegration over time” problem which is not very serious and seems to have fixed itself by now (Weird, I know), I have encountered no problems with the card that I am using. (DSLinker)

    Third: The multiplayer in the Tales series is simply not that great. Like others have said, one person is leading the game, the others are tagging along for the battles. I remember that the camera in Tales of Symphonia 1 (THE GOOD ONE, not that crappy excuse for a sequel) was made to track the first player, sometimes forcing player two to play BLIND since he was offscreen. All in all, not good. Might have been better if there were extra side-quest-ish co-op dungeons all across the game. Split party on a split screen.

    Anyways, Tales’s multiplayer is NOT good. Removing it is not a great loss.

  34. Ha, I was right. Removing wireless was the easiest course of action. I really don’t mind that its there, so I hope, Throughhim413, that you don’t concern yourself too much about it. I’m thankful enough that you are able to provide a presumably accurate english patch. I hope everyone else has empathy for your situation.
    Great job!

  35. I totally missed some of the comments on this page, so sorry about that. As for DontTakeOutMultiplayer, I hate to inform you that I have been testing on a CycloDS from the outset. It has had problems playing on wireless mode. I have purchased a second CycloDS to test between two of them. If it’s possible to make the wireless work, we’ll make it work.

  36. That DontTakeOutMultiplayer is precious. Can I buy him on eBay?

  37. Seriously, I don’t get you people complaining about the absence of multiplayer on the final release of the patch, those guys are translating for DONATIONS. They are working hard just for the sake of it, so what if everything is not as perfect as they thought it would be? They still did an AWESOME job and I am pretty happy with whatever comes out in the end.

    Go on with the hard work, you’re almost there 😛


  38. @Firellius
    dont mock TOS2 completely. i know that it was a kinda crappy storyline and emil is annoying( un til the very end where, u know wat happens). But u have to admit, the skits, and some cutscenes are funny.

  39. @Milotorou: We aren’t really translating for donations. We’d still be translating the game even if we got no donations whatsoever. The only reason we take donations in the first place is to try and avoid losing money on this project.

  40. How much money did you make with the donations already?

  41. lol @Piroca i dont think thats the most appropriate question to ask

  42. i never realized it was soo easy to make a comment, iv been following this for ages and always thought that id have to sign up and stuff to leave a comment.

    love your work throughhim413, big fan XD hope you enjoyed this endeavor, im really looking forward to this release and any future work you plan on tackling.

  43. The patch is done already, just release it. Are there any relevant bugs that prevent it from being playable in single player mode? What is it that still keeps you from pressing the upload button and cease our agony?

  44. Perfection ( or almost ) takes time, Mr. Long-as-ass-name. Why should they release a bug-up version of the patch?

    ( I’m looking at you, Maple Story translation ).

  45. @”Won’t you think of the people? THE PEOPLE!”

    That’s all Beta testing is about. Finding bugs and fixing them.

  46. @Won’t you think of the people? THE PEOPLE!
    Just sit and wait for god’s sake, they have been working on this for a long time to get it done right, so let them be and stop acting like a little brat about them not releasing it right away.

  47. I love it when kids try to look mature answering joke comments.

    And Piroca, you making fun of my name? I’m sure you know the meaning of yours in a certain language.

    Don’t take it to heart, kay? For managod’s sake.

  48. No one cares.

  49. Oh my god, really Piroca???
    I’m portuguese and LMFAO to your nick!
    Now about the game, great work guys, keep it up, I’m waiting for this translation like what? months? but i can wait a few more months, I just want the game to be well translated!
    You guys rule!

  50. What’s “piroca” anyway? I typed on Google Trans and got “prick” =\

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