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Because it wouldn’t be right to let my favorite day of the year pass without some kind of post… (more…)

It would appear that the localization staff are not Tales of Innocence fans, so we’re stuck with Mr. Ruca Milda for now. (more…)

With Graces’ release date right around the corner, some of the localization details are starting to appear.  (more…)

It was recently brought to my attention that a pre-patched ROM of Tales of Innocence was uploaded to Blackcats. I was asked what I thought of this, so I will share said thoughts. (more…)

I’m alive, anyway. Happy Halloween! (more…)

Project Information

Started: July 9, 2008

Announced: July 14, 2008

Completed: June 29, 2010


Translator: throughhim413

Programmer: Kingcom

Editor: Yuli

Karaoke Timer: Kajitani-Eizan

Graphics: Deets

Proofreader: Sarah

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  1. Google Translate? You are doing it wrong.

    I recommend urban dictionary.

  2. what a douchebag, god no wonder he doesn’t have a fucking life.

  3. dont feed the troll

    can someone reccomend me a tales game?
    ive only ever played symphonia on gamecube and symphonia 2 on wii.. looking forward to innocence..

    but in the meantime.. gonna try playing another before innocence patch is released

  4. piroca is know as dick in Brasil

  5. oh … I see, then that nick sure fits the guy D:

  6. @phanboi
    play Tales of Vesperia for the xbox 360, or if you have a ps2, Tales of the Abyss. Both are great games that enhance our beloved battle system by letting you free run around the field. Personally, I liked Tales of Vesperia, but to each his own.

  7. Today was the first time I checked the ToP page. Did it really take only 4 months to get done? Is ToI really that more complex to translate, since the project is almost 2 years old?

  8. Yes, ToP was done in four months. However, you should really look at ToP as the exception, not the rule.

    1. I had already translated ToP. It was a bad translation and I ended up trashing most of it when I went to actually work on the game, but the familiarity certainly helped me to work through it more quickly.

    2. Another important factor was time. I translated ToP when I was in my first few years of college. I had all the free time in the world and I worked on ToP tirelessly. That just isn’t possible any more. I have a job and a lot of other demands on my already limited free time.

    3. ToP had a very short editing and testing phase. ToP’s first release was the equivalent of ToI’s first or second draft. I did the best I could with ToP in that time frame, but I’m doing so much more with ToI. That’s part of the reason that I’m so much happier with the work I’ve done on ToI. I hope those who have played both will be able to appreciate the difference.

    As fun as it was to translate like a maniac, those days are in the past. ToI is certainly longer and more involved than ToP was, but the factors that I mentioned are the more relevant ones.

  9. I understand you (^post above^)

    I feel that the Patch wont be long now…
    im so excited !!!

  10. Troughhim/Kingcom…is there anyway you can like teach me on how to translate nds games ?
    ive read everything on and ive messed around with some english roms where i translated some stuff

    But with a Japanese Rom, i cant seem to find any text, everything is different

    (Thanks in advance)

  11. When i first visited this website, the responses counter was at 200 xD

    Good work, guys! 😀

  12. Hi,sorry for my bad english,but do you know when your translation patch will be finished ?
    And thanks for your work !

  13. Reason number 4, you only had 3 staff members including yourself. For a game like that, it’s very little. I see other groups translating rpgs (CN who started Tales of Hearts, but gave their project to someone else) have like 6 staff members.

  14. I have a strong feeling Laharl is going to be a secret character in this game…..
    ……or how about a guest appearance?
    ……or a side character?
    …ok, well how about a painting on some obscure building….


  15. @Kasheem
    Why would a Disgaea character be in a tales game?
    I can just picture the conversation they would have…

    Laharl: Hey
    Spada: Who the **** are you???

  16. Say that to Keroro’s RPG =\

  17. Keroro RPG was developed by Namco Tales Studio and the Keroro Gunso series has a very extensive line of merchandise produced by Bandai. Both are subsidiaries of Namco Bandai Holdings. Disgaea in the other hand has nothing to do with Bandai or Namco, so comparing it to Keroro RPG makes no sense.

  18. it’d probably be more like

    Spada: What is that kid doing?
    Laharl: You dare call the great overlord Laharl a “kid”!? -uses Overlords Wrath and OHKO’s Innocence team, leaving a crater in it’s wake- Feeble humans, I claim this world in the name of Laharl! AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!

  19. ToI already has all the Overlord it needs. Two Overlords would make it far too complicated.

  20. ^ Indeed, but it would make for an interesting MUGEN.

  21. lol RsilensR now that’s what I call a thorough answer. Nice =D

    Now for Laharl ko’ing Innocence team… meh. One of Ricardo’s snipe shots in that anorexic body of his would send him crying back to the underworld.

  22. >.> tsk tsk, people who no nothing of the disgaea world -shakes head-

    Laharl despite his anorexic shota body, is over 1000 years old. able to withstand onslaughts from many of the most powerful demon’s ever, including the God of all Overlords o,,o and even kill them xD

    But this is Tales, not Disgaea. while Laharl and co would be stronger, i don’t think their skills would translate properly to Tales xD now if the reverse were true, tales char’s going to disgaea, that’d be neat =P tales skills would translate very well over to disgaea, Mystic Arte’s included.

    Still, i’d rather not see such a crossover, i like my tales to be tales and disgaea to be disgaea o,,o

    only tales cross overs i wanna see are stuff like radiant mythology xD not to deep a game, but fun all the same. Radiant Mythology 2 <3 -playing it again as a Ninja this time-

  23. Maybe someone can mod a prinny into it as a NPC

  24. arghh.. my top screen just broke a while ago cause a red hue to appear on the top screen.. and now i have a question.. is there a way to flip the top screen and the bottom screen to make the menu appear on top and the battle below?

  25. If I’m not mistaken (which I very well may be since I’m not an expert on the subject) during battles the touch screen occasionally comes into some kind of use, would switching the screens not render this useless?

  26. ohh.. better get my top screen fixed then.. hahaha

  27. Is it possible for a more open beta testing to go on. If you have most of the people that are ok with some glitches here and there testing the game, you will get every single bug you could possibly want fixed.

    It might be too late for it, but if you finished the menu you should have released a menu translation in case people were ok with that too.

  28. @ Anthony Abreu

    Just a menu tranlation ruins the game I think. You see all the important scenes, but cant understand them. I like the way the translators are doing it, just keep on working on it until its perfect then release it and let everyone enjoy every part of it. For all I it could take another year before its released.

  29. We have stated many times that we aren’t interested in doing open beta testing. We’re not stupid. We know that 95% of people who ask for open beta testing just want to play the game sooner. We want to fix the bugs and then release the game. It simply doesn’t make sense for us to do an open beta right now. It wouldn’t help us to accomplish our goals.

  30. @throuhim413

    I agree with you 100% hence the reason why i tell people to just sit tight and wait, this game is worth the wait and you guys are doing a great job. ^_^

  31. Well if it necessary wait 2 more years, I can wait… AZ do a great job em the translation of ToP, and I know the guys are working on it in ToI too. The team doens’t have the obligation translating any game, but us know they are doing it for free. Seriously, I be watching the rom hacking scene since 2001 and I’m seeing it dying every year.

    Now we have a bunch of noobs doing google translation and puting into a game, in the past we have good team doing the “job” and for good or not is much more better them some of the releases now.

    Now I assume with confidence, I just believe in AZ and Aeon Genesis.

    And RPGOne, who is the best team translating in the past years. (in memmory of ChrisRPG)

  32. To all the people begging to Beta Test: Beta Testing doesn’t come down to playing and having fun with the game. When testing a game, you are making every possible effort to MAKE the game crash/break/etc. Thus why open Beta will never happen, nor should it.

    Also, I played ToP with AZ’s translation, and they did a very good job. Looking forward to ToI. Keep up the good work!

  33. Make effort to crash the game? How do you even do that? Open beta test doesn’t happen because it is not for those that only want a chance to play the game sooner a.k.a. 100% of the people that ask for it.

    Yeah, 100%. If you truly wanted to be a serious beta tester and knew what it means you’d never ask to be one here or expect to be one for banal reasons like posting a lot or for worshiping the translators.

    Speaking of which, I went for a stroll in this site and got really queasy.

    “Thoughhim I love you!” “You are my god!” “When I grow up I wanna be just like you!”

    lol there are some people here that actually shut anxious boys up but most just act like protecting thoghhim from the troll menaces or wanna give them a translation boost with thankyous and rear kissing. You think he’s moved by flattery? >_> They know you are grateful, and will be even more aware when the download count starts.

  34. @FOG

    LOL hey you have a serious point here.. ah damn I never thought of that XD. Apart from thoughim had a sexy voice..

    Hopefully they take LONG on this beta testing. People can wait or learn to be patient haha. When i come back to this website now and again, I love reading comments which are typed by 10 year olds

    Not naming anyone… *cough* Hamza89, Hamodi, Arakune, lazerBEAM, pablo, kariz, sune, AznGamer64 OH GOD I COULD GO ON !!!

    Reading throughims comment about the ToP project. I’d rather wait for a proper translation, rather than a bad one. Since the team is spending hell loads of time on this project. When this project is finished though I bet the team would be like… FREE!!!!! I’M $%^” FREE !!

  35. @FOG

    I agree… but theres nothing wrong with showing gratitude. Theres alot of people waiting for this game, so i guess theres bound to be alot of praise.
    But yeah, the minority do just want to kiss his ass.

  36. @ fog

    haha i thought the exact same thing when i first came here some weeks ago. There’s sum intelligent life here like red menace, rsilensr and carnivol, I actualy learned sumthin with their coments. but yeah most here are just drowning AZ with thankyous and rear kissing. I dunno if they see it as a nuisance but it did got annoying already.

  37. could we get a percent on the beta test and are there any other really big problems other then the wireless thing?

  38. No offense, but I get annoyed when people keep putting “good job” comments and “nice work” comments… More than half of the posts are about that and it’s making me have to scroll over the pages and look for funny comments… I should do that on Twitter… Well anyways there should be a page where people can put “good job” comments because the comments on this thing are overcrowding questions… I look like a douche now :3

  39. yes you do

  40. ok guys even though you hate “good job / nice work” Ima say Nice job ;D and anyway Ive been looking everyday at this page for like 3-7 months by now and I can’t wait for it to be done cause im having some really long travels upcoming and that game would be awesome to carry with me 😀

  41. What kind of posts should we make here then, wonderabcd?
    I’m sure the staff appreciate our gratefulness.

  42. You mistake gratefullness for adulation. Comments like the ones Fog mentioned are flattery trying to give a fake encouragement the team doesn’t need. Of couse, although you are asking, no one has the right to tell you what to post. But it would be good if some people had the good sense to read the previous “thankyous” posted and realize that expressions of gratitude in the internet, even sincere, becomes anonymous carbon copies of each other and, when in large ammounts, resemble spamming.

  43. I think were bringing up an issue much more abstract than we’re giving credit to. What does it mean to give thanks? IMO, its the sincere, grateful and purely selfless recognition of another persons words or actions. It is recognition with no greater goal or desire sought. In that regard, we really have no right to criticize other people for thanking Throughhim413 as we do not know if they are truly grateful, or merely, as said, “carbon-copying” other peoples possible thanks with no actual sincerity. I suggest we just leave the issue at that and continue giving the translators our (hopefully) honest and sincere thanks and praise. Throughhim413 does read this posts and I’m sure he laughs at some the interesting and ridiculous stuff we come up with, as I’m the first to admit (even this post is overly complicated and wordy). We should all just relax and have patience.

  44. I’m not debating sincerity here, it’s the internet. No matter what you had in mind when you typed your “thanks” it looks just like any other “thanks” already posted. I doubt reading the same word 11k times is either interesting or laughable for you, why would it be for the team? If you think the fact that you posted the word makes it any different from others, well, you think the team thinks only the ones that posted it are actually grateful? I’m sure you have come across boards in wich posting thanks is forbidden, guess the reason.

  45. Asking people to be patient and relax is as effective as this thanks barrage. “grateful and purely selfless recognition of another persons words or actions”. You see that? In the internet? Really? Oh, you can’t tell what’s the posters true feelings are? Yeah code for thanks is alt+847265787583, type it with whatever in your heart and the result will be the same in the screen. This thx u trend is spamming in its finest, hence why the raw word is forbidden in 10/10 serious boards.

    O course weve the right to criticize here, we must all try to make the blog better. And step one is realizing gratitude doesnt have to be expressed milions of times in the same way.

  46. Thanks.

  47. @RsilensR

    I’ve beeen reading your posts here. Though I agree with most things you said it won’t really make a difference here. This is an blog full of annonymous, most here just thank for impulse, troll for the lulz or try to look like they care about piracy.

    I often visit espalnds website. I remember not long ago it’s forum was just a bunch of people saying “gracias” with no relevant info at all. This is pretty much this blog, the good stuff is in the head of the page, where thoughhim writes. The rest is most kids looking for their internet hero of the week or trying to be funny. Don’t be so serious here, when thoughhim makes the next thread everything will reset to ground zero.

  48. Hurp a Derp. I am agreez. All d’s tanks r makin da teem see dem n dat taek 2 long.

    Seriously? You people are complaining that people are thankful for someone else’s work? What kind of life do you have to live where people saying thanks is actually negative in any way? I mean, of course we’re doing it because they’re working on the translation. Why else would we be thanking them? “Hey man, good job being on the internet.” People don’t get thanks if they don’t do something, and since these people are doing this in their free time for the internet to enjoy, shouldn’t they get some thanks for their work?

  49. @Huntar


  50. First of all learn2read. Why do people keep acting like anybody is saying thanking is bad? It’s the number of repetitions, not the action itself. Have you really never found a site in wich the raw word thanks is prohibited because it’s a waste of space? You think moderators do that because they live a life in wich people saying thanks is actually negative in any way? Please, cut the dramatic bs. I’m as thankful as anybody here for the patch but I agree that repeating the same thing bilions of times in two years won’t help the blog or affect the translators work in any way.

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