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Recent Updates

Current Focus: Tales of Destiny R

Sorry for lateness. I made less progress than I’d hoped in August, so it’s time for a talk.

tl;dr: I’m going to focus on Tales of Destiny in earnest. Phantasia is mostly on hold until ToDR is done. NDX is totally on hold until Phantasia is done. Wish us luck!

More below.


Current Focus: Alvanista (ToP)

Another good month. Knocked out a few more ToP events. Things are moving along, but a little slower than I’d like as always.


Current Focus: Demeter’s Mansion Events (ToP)

It was a good month for ToP. I had hoped to be further along by this point in the year, but the project marches onward nonetheless!


Current Focus: Venezzia Events

This month saw Euclid and Lone Valley completed in ToP. Finally making some progress again.


Current Focus: Venezzia

Lone Valley is complete! I’ll probably change Cress’s dad joke before the final version. I’m not sure my current version is lame enough. But for now it’s on to Venezzia!

Project Information

Started: August 20, 2007

Announced: August 24, 2007

Completed: December 25, 2007


Translator: throughhim413

Programmer: Gemini

Additional Resources

Tales of Phantasia Guides



195 Responses to “Phantasia”

  1. I second Fudgehat’s experiences. Works flawlessly except for these crackles.

  2. Thanks. I got it to work with pSX, though I would still prefer ePSXe :/
    Oh well… at least I can play and know what’s I’m doing ^^ Big thanks to the translation team!

  3. I used ePSXe, it works great. Are you sure you have the write plug-ins for your computer? That would be my guess as to why it would do that.

  4. Well I didn’t have any problems with ePSXe before.
    For sound, I’m using the Eternal SPU Plugin 1.50, Enabled ADPCM, CDROM and XA sound.
    Direct Sound. Buffer 64. Smooth SPUasynch. Neill’s reverb. All 3 game fixes enabled.

    Like I said, I don’t have dialog with it.

  5. Your talking about the voice dialog that comes up once in a while with certain events right?

    Well if thats the cause then yeah its your drivers. I had to double check with my emulator cause ive been playing 30 hours of the game psp flawless. But I made sure and played a good hour of the beginning on the ePSXe and it works fine with these plugins. The graphics actually look way better with this plug-in if you set it on ‘NICE’ in the config option. I got the plugins from a torrent site.

    The plugins im using are as follows:
    video – Pete’s OpenGL2 Driver 2.7
    sound – Pete’s DSound Audio Driver 1.15
    cdrom – ePSXe CDR WNT/W2K core 1.5.2.

    although I really dont use the cdrom cause I just use ISOs. But I have audio on these settings.

  6. Words simply can’t not express my appreciation for your work. After sooo many years this is the first time that I can truly enjoy Tales of Phantasia (I know about the DeJap translation but I just don’t like it). My shelved PSP finally found something worthy to be played on it. This is a dream coming true in its most literal sense. God bless you.

  7. I am not obtaining to use patch to apply in iso, therefore from the error of runtime, as I must proceed?

  8. Gustavo, if you are italian, please don’t use babelfish or google to translate and just write out the message in Italian. Anyway, if you are running the patcher under Win98, there’s nothing much you can do. Ask somebody else with XP or Linux to patch the iso for you.

  9. I was refering to the hp at the beginning where <.< he does indignation and the life looks like this:

    I think… -.-
    I haven’t played it in a while… so im doing things from memory.
    Graphic problem is it not?

  10. forgot gummi,Ami and some others items that are in the translated option end in “i”.
    Is that supposed to be like that.

  11. Uh, those are all intended. Words do end in i in English.

  12. Shinma no Tenchuu, the number of question marks in the prologue are totally fine. They are like that for a reason, as they were in the Japanese version. Everything is like that for a reason, you know…

  13. LOL since this patch has been out i beat this game three times.

    Great work guys, i hope to see another tales game done by you like TODR or 2,Rebirth, or maybe some of the gba games.

  14. Well done! im really looking fordward to play this game. but there is a little problem, what do i have to do to play it in my playstation? (not an emulator). Im downloading the japanese ISO but I need inormation about using the translation in the PSX.

  15. well, after posting for hel i just found the information I needed. so here is the link just in case anybody else needs the information:

    please, continue tranlating tales not released in English.


  16. I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you made a translation guide for Tales of Phantasia. I was always unsure of whether to get it, but when I saw your guide I bought the PSP version and just beat it last night. Now it’s one of my favorite Tales games. 🙂 Thank you so much! It was a wonderful translation, and an awesome journey.

  17. Im haveing a little trouble with useing this on my psp with popstation. mainly the spell crashing in the marathon dongeon Morlia mines in the future… anybody figured out a way to prevent this from crashing yet?

  18. well, I wanted to do moria with archie, but since her spells were crashing me big time (you always get crashes when you use teleport while someone is useing a spell every time). so Im fine now. great translation! there is one tiny problem though. the statue of dreams and statue of friendship’s names are mixed up… the Klonoa statue should be the statue of dreams, and the statue with two people holding hands skipping along should be the one of friendship <_<

  19. What’s with the patcher? It trashed the TOC of the image I used. For some reason, Alcohol 120% still thinks that the image is supposed to be 558MB, when it should be around the 641MB mark. Emulators don’t mind it, but pSX (at least) doesn’t care about the invalid TOC. Problem is, my PSX does…

  20. The patcher adds an extra 50 MB to the ISO I believe. Gemini can tell you more, but I don’t believe anyone else has had trouble with the patch on real hardware.

  21. Looks like most burner software doesn’t know how to properly deal with the generated image. CloneCD seems to ignore the TOC issue, though, and treats it as the correct length. Hopefully I won’t have to waste any more CD-Rs…

    What happens is that every time I try to burn it, it gets cut off at the original length. My cuesheet is correct (doesn’t specify a track length, at least), so I’m not sure what’s going on there.

    Might want to bug Gemini about rechecking the way he expands the ISO, then, to make sure that a valid, full-length TOC is generated. Not slamming his skills or anything, mind, but it’d be a good idea to check anyway. 🙂

  22. (Ugh, spoke too soon – CloneCD tried to burn it as a DVD, even though CD media was inserted. Another wasted CD-R, which I’m a tad pissed about.)

  23. Never mind. Mode2 throws off the size calculations, so the apparent 90MB difference is located there. False alarm! >_<

  24. Hi,
    I am wondering if any of you guys here interested in porting the PSP version of TOD2 into English. If you are interested, I can provide helps. I just hacked into the system, and managed to figure out the new 04-type compression algorithm that is used in the game. Thus, a translation is no longer impossible, in fact, a Chinese translation is going on just around the corner. However, I really love to see there is an English version in the future.
    Let me know.

    P.S. Just in case if you are wondering why I didn’t go to those folks at Phantasian Productions, don’t even ask, I WON’T help them for a reason I don’t want to disclose there.

  25. When you say ToD2, are you talking about the actual Tales of Destiny 2 (the sequel to Tales of Destiny as released in Japan) or Tales of Eternia? I assume you’re talking about the actual ToD2. For the time being, I’d say that I’m not looking to pick up any new projects, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any interest. Gemini is currently busy with Persona and I’m working on my own stuff as well, so for right now, neither of us are in a position to work on it. However, if you want to shoot me an e-mail so I can save your contact information, I might be interested somewhere down the line.

  26. Yup, I meant Tales of Destiny 2, which is never released outside of Japan (PSP version of ToE had an European release, which is in English). You can reach me at

  27. taken from throughhim killed in rickroll riots:

    I am working on translating a Tales game right now. It’s not yet time for me to announce which one it is, though it’s not like there are that many left untranslated…

    comment 8 from throughhim413:

    I think the announcement about what I’m working on will probably be made some time this summer.

    …Is this for real? You are working on another tales game?I’m confused

  28. I am currently working on an unannounced project translating a Tales game.

  29. Great translation, it’s awsome, keep up the good work!

    And BTW… are you planning of making a translation patch for the PSP version? I would kill to have one!

  30. No plans for a PSP release.

  31. I think that throughhim had said he will announce what he is working on sometime this summer. There are chances I misunderstood but I am very curious bout it. Is there an announcement on the way?

  32. I seem to have a bug, everything worked fine until I got to the part where Cless drops the Wraith Ruby from the moving transport pad, it only goes 1 way, I get back on and I’m stuck floating in the air.

    This is with both epsxe 1.7 and psx 1.13. Translations are great and would love to continue the game. Had zero problems during the patcher and the original bin/cue I made lets me go past this point, just not the patched version.

  33. Just wanted to say that I’ve been loving the translation. I, and a few other of my close friends realy appreciate your hard work on this.

    I’m currious to know if you plan to work on any other games though. From what I have seen thus far, the quality of your work is superb!

  34. Through and I are not working together on any project for the moment, so the answer is no.

  35. I think there is a problem when it is coverted to psp format(eboot), I am at Midgard where you start the war in the past.
    I start and about 6 to 10 battles in, the game freezes and then shuts off.
    I have since downloaded another copy the posted by eulogy on a torrent site, but It too did the same thing.
    Does any one have a fix for me to solve this, maybe even a save file after the batle.
    Or should I just play it with an emulator, or burn it to a disc?
    Also if I do play it with an emulator will I have to restart it over again or can I convert the save files I have to another format?
    any help would be great

  36. yea im havin a similar problem that u pepsihojo but is a bit later in the game when the aerial attack is coming and a video-anime show the enemies coming, in that video the game freeze and i cant continue playing can some1 help me T.T?


  37. If the video is freezing, it might be related to either your copy of the game or the system/disc/emulator you’re using to play it. We didn’t do anything that should have affected the videos, so you may want to check your settings. Does the OP video give you trouble or just the cutscenes in-game?

  38. About phantasia v1.1… Is it near completion?

  39. Hi, apparently some Chinese gamers have translated the PSP ToP. They’ve released it as a PSP plugin which loads with the game. I’ve played it for a bit and it works pretty well. This is the link to details and download of the translation:

    The site is in Chinese though. I’m posting in hopes that an English translation patch for the PSP version of ToP can be made using this incredible translation?

  40. There’s no way I will work for another 4 months on a game that is already available in English. Just forget about it, once and for all.

    And no, that Chinese stuff wouldn’t help at all.

  41. Guys i really want to download tales of phantasia on psp but theres one thing im not a member
    of this site cananyone just let me borrow they’re account so that i may be able to download
    tales of phantasia on my psp in english i tried to join but its been days since i singed up but
    i didnt get any email so if anyone is kind enough to let me borrow they’re to download top i english
    TY and my email is you may want to mail your username and password there PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  42. Don’t send him any email. It’s probably a scam, since you don’t need any account to download the patch.

  43. Is there a way to play this on my PS2? I think there’s a way, but I don’t know how…

    I have a Slim PS2 and some CD-Rs. I will not install any modchips or open the console up, but I am willing to download whatever computer program that might be needed to get the CD to work in a PS2.

    Any help would be very appreciated!

  44. The only way to do that in a Slim PS2 without opening it would be to use Magic Keys and buy a boot disc. By doing so, you can mod the console without voiding the warranty. It only costs about $20-25 for both of them and just about anyone can do it.

  45. Thanks!

    But… I’m really new at this. I don’t know any of the terms or products needed.

    Where exactly do I buy Magic Keys? I looked at what I think is their website (, but I can’t find any “buy” link… Also, what is the exact name of the boot disc I should use? Are these boot discs sold in stores or do I have to buy them off of their website?

  46. If I used your patch, which is great, and I’m thinking of writing a walkthrough, who should I give credit to for the patch?

  47. Credit for the patch should go to both myself (throughhim413) and Gemini. I look forward to seeing what kind of a walkthrough you produce. ToP PSX has never had a good English walkthrough, glad to hear that someone wants to work on one.

  48. Yeah, I haven’t seen any good ones so far. It will be my first one, but I feel so…sure about it. I’ve used walkthroughs for a long time, and have played a lot of games, but I never felt like making one. When I started play ToP with your patch, I felt like this was a game that I could make a walkthrough of.

  49. First of all THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I have been waiting to play this TOP version in english for over 6 years.
    I have a question about burning the patched image. I applied the patch to the .bin file, I checked using epsxe emulator and it works perfect; however when I tried to burn the image to play in my console it doesnt works; I checked the burned disc and there are some folder and files (DAT folder, dummy.bin, readme.pdf,etc). I already tried using ImgBurn and Nero… It always get the .cue file instead of the patched .bin, could be this the problem? how can I burn the disc correctly..? please, I want to play the game in my console.. Thanks in advance..

  50. Hello, I’m from Germany and got some questions…
    1. Does this patch REALLY WORK on the PSP Version? (The full voice edit version)
    2. If yes, how to patch that darn .iso file or something. I mean I’ve got the iso of the PsP Version. And your Patcher too. But i dont really understand your introductions.. Which .bin or .img file?? All i tried didnt work.(Cause of errors form the patcher, not compatible or something[section22 error])

    So could PLEASE someone help me? =(

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