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Current Focus: Tales of Destiny R

Sorry for lateness. I made less progress than I’d hoped in August, so it’s time for a talk.

tl;dr: I’m going to focus on Tales of Destiny in earnest. Phantasia is mostly on hold until ToDR is done. NDX is totally on hold until Phantasia is done. Wish us luck!

More below.


Current Focus: Alvanista (ToP)

Another good month. Knocked out a few more ToP events. Things are moving along, but a little slower than I’d like as always.


Current Focus: Demeter’s Mansion Events (ToP)

It was a good month for ToP. I had hoped to be further along by this point in the year, but the project marches onward nonetheless!


Current Focus: Venezzia Events

This month saw Euclid and Lone Valley completed in ToP. Finally making some progress again.


Current Focus: Venezzia

Lone Valley is complete! I’ll probably change Cress’s dad joke before the final version. I’m not sure my current version is lame enough. But for now it’s on to Venezzia!

Project Information

Started: August 20, 2007

Announced: August 24, 2007

Completed: December 25, 2007


Translator: throughhim413

Programmer: Gemini

Additional Resources

Tales of Phantasia Guides



195 Responses to “Phantasia”

  1. This patch is for the PSX version. There is no patch for the PSP.

  2. Thanks, then i have to use an other way.
    So.. you guys are planning to make a translation for the psp version too? (I guess shouldnt be that big mess, cause you already translated the PSX Version which is almost the same..)
    Well, if not, its not a problem too ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Uh yes, and after I completed the game twice, I gonna think about a Walkthrough too..

  4. We won’t work on the PSP version. And no, it’s not just a simple copy&paste…

  5. how do i get by in moria mineshaft floor 4 with the up up down down left right thing?

  6. I want to know why did you cut off the voice of the character in all the game exept for batle and i want to know if theres a way to get it back i dont mind if the voice is in jap but i want it at least to be there ^^

  7. We didn’t remove anything from the game. You must be confusing which version you’re playing because all of the voice that was originally in the PSX version is still there. If you want the whole game to be voiced, you’ll have to play the “Full Voice Edition” for the PSP. There’s a reason that the voice was a big selling point for it.

  8. Ok, thanks for answers. So you guys know how to “hack” the psp game so i can translate it by myself, or any other way to translate parts of the game?

    Would be a great help =D

  9. ummmm strange because when ive try to play without you patch obviously it was in jap and first of all the opening video have sound but with your patch there nothing and another exemple his when cless talk to his father at the begening there supose to have voice but they didnt and i did not confuse the version im always on psx but still im trying somthing out maybe its just my fault soo wait up ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. Sorry to have bothering you ive found the probleme i just made a mistake when ive converte my iso to be able to use you patch but ive solve the probleme for what i see if i encounter any more probleme ill let you know ;p sorry again ciao

  11. Uhm, does someone of you know a GOOD PSX walktrough? I just found a really good SNES walktrough and some simple PSX Walktrough. So, does someone know a good one?(Detailed, etc.)

  12. Someone e-mailed me a while back saying that they were planning on writing a PSX walkthrough, though I haven’t heard from them since. The SNES walkthrough matches the basic outline of the PSX version, but obviously treasures are in different places. Sadly there’s no ideal solution at this point unless you want to buy a Japanese guidebook (which have extremely helpful maps detailing treasure locations).

  13. help with moria mine shaft

  14. So, you know how cheap or expensive such a book is?

  15. Hey its me again,
    erm I searched for the guidebook but couldnt find anything! No Websites that offers the guidebook or sites to download it. I found nothing =/

  16. Oh wow, thanks. I forgot to look at amazon and ebay xD.
    Well 12$ = 10โ‚ฌ~ I guess. Thanks for that, I guess I gonna buy it. But is this for PSX or for the PSP version?

  17. That’s for the PSX version. There is a PSP guidebook if that’s what you’re looking for, but they’re mostly the same.

  18. Ok, very thanks for help.
    What about you, you completed a Tales (of Phantasia) Games before?

  19. Sorry, but it’s like asking Elton John if he has ever listened to music…

  20. Umm how should i know??

  21. Mind you, the site is almost entirely based on Tales, he’s working on a Tales game, and he has already translated one.

  22. Well, ok guess you’re right. I just didnt know that to translate a game you have to complete it.(I thought you made the first half and throughhim the second one. Or you and he just translated different parts of the game, etc.)
    Well, after I completed the PSX version with your patch I gonna make a good Walktrough, look for it. ๐Ÿ˜›

  23. Hey, the translated PSX version runs on the PSP using popsloader with custom firmware 4.01 m33-2 perfectly (so far, I’m only an hour or two into the game) after being converted with IceTea into an EBOOT. Great job! Haven’t checked popsloader compatibilities on any other version than 4.01 yet, though.

    I used to think this game was horrible, but that was from playing the rather low framerate GBA version.

  24. Yea, the GBA version really sucks imo. And yes, the PSX Version for the PsP runs very well for me too. But Iยดm stuck, because the game freezes. Normally it should show me a video sequence, but it doesn’t. It just freeze.

  25. I’m still working on a walkthrough, but I stopped for a while. I have too much homework to do, but I expect to be done by…October? I know, far away, but I want it to be good.

  26. Hi! Today I have completed Tales of Phantasia thanks to your beautiful patch, and I wish to thank again both you and Gemini for the great opportunity you have given to every Tales fan out there.

    Having played the Sfc version ages ago (not to mention some hours on the crappy Gba release), I gradually began underestimating the game, but being finally able to enjoy the Ps1 remake drastically changed my previous opinion.

    With my love for this great series shining bright, I wish you well and thank you again for all the efforts you have put into this ^__^

  27. pepsihojo i have exactly the same problem
    the game just freezes on midgard battle

    i have a psp cf 3.90m33

    please help!!!

  28. @prometeo138
    you play the psx or psp version(full voice edition)?

  29. I have psp 3.90 m332 and I’m 2 hrs in the game and I haven’t encountered any problems but then that midgard freeing thing sounds alarming

    on the other hand, THANK U SO MUCH ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Im playing in a psp and have the same problem
    during the battle in midgard. the first crash could be avoided but the next one after talking with the valkirye not
    i was thinking if I use the top iso in japanese, will the data load? if so, i could run this part of the game in jap, save and then keep using the patched game.

  31. Japanese or English version, doesn’t make a difference. The emulator is not fully compatible with the game. The patch is NOT causing that error, it’s the emulation core.

  32. What emulator is recommended then? I assume that this problem has been overcome

  33. double posting for great justice
    To Gato
    The patch is actually causing the error <___<
    Tried the patched on epsxe froze, tried a clean on epsxe, it was fine
    So all you need to do is to get a clean unpatched iso and play it on epsxe to get through that part, you’ll be asked to save righttt before the aerial fight so save there
    Then use cwcheats to save your memory card on the psp etc and you’re good to go

  34. Just a quick question: Is patch 1.1 still coming? I saw a message about it quite some time back, but I can’t find it anymore and there’s been no news for months.

    I’d been holding off burning this one because I’m down to my last CD-R 650, but if this is the final release then I’ll use it for this.

  35. The v1.1 patch is still in progress. However, there are no plans for a release any time in the near future, we still need more time to finish corrections.

  36. So, I thought the character sprites are gonna be like psp. but it still looks like squeezed psx character sprite. so does anyone know how to get the psp sprite patch????

  37. Well, it is the PSX version after all… Inserting the PSP sprites creates a number of issues. Even if we don’t discuss the legal nature of the problem, it presents problems in the game that we didn’t feel like dealing with.

  38. @Bluufish: no, it’s not the patch. It was tested on real hardware and there was not such a problem. And quite frankly, who cares about ePSXe.

  39. throughhim413,, absoulute zero said that he is gonna put the character sprites form Tow nikiri deungeon in the Psx TOP. So that,s a lie?? BTW he is still doing a fine job though

  40. Hold on a second are you the absolute zero, throuhhim413

  41. *Laughs* This is my blog, yes. Also, I don’t recall ever saying that we were going to change the sprites. It was something we were considering, but it didn’t happen.

  42. I can wait for 1.1 as long as it’s still coming, after all, I’m going to have to find someone to play through the game with anyway.

  43. So u are not going to put the character sprites??? welll that,s okay At least I can play the game. What changes are u gonna be make in patch v1.1 then????

  44. i was right, i used an unpatched version of the game, watched the animation and then saved
    now i will continue playing the patched version =D
    i downloaded from

    sorry Gemini but it’s a patch problem

  45. hey gemini… where is ur tool that transfers psp character sprites form psp ToP iso to psx ToP…..???

  46. I just read the manga, it was pretty coll

  47. sorry I spelled cool wrong…….. don,t laugh

  48. So, I’m guessing there will be no patch for the PSP version? (<3 PSP sprites). If not, it’s all okai, I played the PSX version, and I didn’t have a single issue. I was just hoping for a PSP patch so it would be portable. xD TOP EVERYWHERE! D: Also, is this unannounced Tales game in the works haaappen to be ToD2? ๐Ÿ˜€

  49. I have the file of the psp versio but i cant pacth it, it gave me the next error message: Cannot patch this verion of the game: incorrect

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