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Tales of Hearts Merger

After Kaji has fired his old, worthless translator for Tales of Hearts, he reached out to me to see if I would be willing to join his project as the lead translator. Kaji is a long-time friend and a dedicated programmer, so of course I agreed. Absolute Zero is proud to announce the merger of […]

The Future of Tales of Hearts

So apparently I’ve been fired from the Tales of Hearts project… I guess some people think I’m “too slow” and I “constantly take breaks without doing any work to justify them” and I “have way more skill at making excuses than translating.” Well that’s just fine by me! We’ll see who has the last laugh!

The Silver Lining

So yeah, obviously the demo was an April Fool’s joke. Many thanks to those of you who played along, you made it a lot of fun.

After Much Debate…

We have decided to release a demo patch.


So this is what it’s like to have an April Fools joke go over well… I never knew. *Laughs*

April Fools: Bringing You Options


throughhim413 killed in Rickroll Riots

…okay, not really. You can hate me if you want. You are the internet, you do as you will. However, let me make a few comments to those of you open-minded enough to stick around (or return). As I’m sure most of you quickly realized, the Tales of Rebirth post was an April Fools joke. […]

April Fools: Tales of Rebirth Project!

April Fools: Tales of Rebirth Project!

This was an April Fools joke. Please see the following not-a-Rickroll post for details. throughhim413 killed in Rickroll Riots Tales of Rebirth, a title that has long excited import Tales fans has recently made its debut on the PSP in Japan (along with practically every other Tales more than a few years old). The PSP […]