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Tales of Vesperia PS3 Fan Translation Released

The Tales of Vesperia team has released their English translation patch for Tales of Vesperia PS3. You can visit to grab the patch, to use the online script viewer, and the team’s IRC channel or the forum to thank them for their work! Congratulations on the release!

Tales of Vesperia (360) – $15.99 @Newegg

Anyone still need Vesperia for the 360? Can be had for pretty cheap right now at Newegg. [Newegg]

Make Your Voice Heard

Normally I don’t believe this kind of stuff works, but at this point, any chance to make our voices heard is a good one! So if any of you have PSN accounts, please head over to the Playstation Blog and let them know we want more Tales games localized!

Tales of Vesperia – GRADE Shop EVOLVED

I have been following Tales of Vesperia a bit more recently, and this most recent news is just funny beyond explanation. Apparently Vesperia’s Japanese DLC (downloadable content) will actually allow players to power up without playing the game. That’s right, you can trade cold hard cash (aka Microsoft Points) for in-game rewards.