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Fan Translation Tools and Process Stream feat. Tales of Destiny

Tales of Destiny Stream #3 on YouTube

Tales of Destiny Stream #2 on YouTube

Tales of Destiny Stream #1 on YouTube

New Destiny Video

It’s been too long since the last update. Apologies for the delay! We’ve got a new ToDDC video for you to make up for it.

Skit translation complete!

This project is continuing to move at a pace that is far beyond any of my expectations. If you’d told me that I would have all of ToDR’s 711 skits translated in just over a month, I would have laughed at you. And yet here we are.

Tales of Destiny Reborn!

Today I’d like to announce some news that I’m sure many of you will be excited to hear – the Tales of Destiny: Director’s Cut project is officially revived!

Tales of Phantasia X Video Preview

This video shows some of Absolute Zero’s work-in-progress translation of Tales of Phantasia X for the PlayStation Portable. As this video shows only the introductory events of the game, there are no spoilers.

Tales of the Heart: Translator’s Cut: American Edition

Because my previous videos resulted in such unbridled praise for my incredible voice, it was an easy decision when Kajitani-Eizan approached me about dubbing Tales of the Heart: Translator’s Cut: American Edition.

Yay for Updates!

A new video update! Hooray!