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We really did release a legit Tales of the Tempest patch yesterday. April Fools! Of course, the patch wasn’t a joke. The joke, I see now, was on us.


Can you believe how long it’s been since our last release? Time really flies.┬áIt was difficult to decide what to do next after we finished Tales of Innocence. What game could possibly be deserving of our impressive localization experience and technical know-how? Thankfully, you, the players, were there to answer – Tales of the Tempest. (more…)

Project Information

Started: July 2, 2010

Announced: April 1, 2013

Completed: April 1, 2013


Translator: throughhim413

Programmers: Kingcom, StorMyu

Karaoke Timer: Kajitani-Eizan

Graphics: Deets

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10 Responses to “Tempest”

  1. huehuehue

  2. Seems like everyone that left a message in the read-me really disliked this game. I was hoping it was not that bad, but I fear the worst now. Still going to check it out though, thanks for the hard work.

  3. Emagerrrd! You guys are the best eva! I’ve been dying to play Tempest translated!

  4. I’ve put 10 or so hours into Tempest with this translation, and so far, my impression is.. ouch. This game’s painfully simplistic and boring. Menus are a chore to navigate. You can’t assign artes while in battle, can’t change characters while battle, can’t command a character to use a healing arte while in battle, and the characters controlled by AI can only use the four artes assigned for them under manual control, all of which is exceptionally limiting, to say the least.
    Not to mention the entire game is basically comprised of walking from one town to another over a massive empty overworld, which is likewise comprised of one random encounter after another. The battle system’s clunky and, while functional, very, very boring. There’s no sound effects to any attack, which makes spells in particular incredibly dull to watch.
    Boss battles are handled exceptionally poorly, as they act like normal enemies with massive amounts of HP and don’t even have their own battle music to set them apart from normal fights.
    And the story so far has made Twilight look comparatively decent. I’m not sure how they failed so badly to develop the characters’ personalities, but the reimagination team has a lot of work to do.

    All that said, the translation’s pretty great and it’s interesting to finally see how poor this game actually is. It’s a waste of time for sure, but I read that in the readme file before I started and it didn’t stop me.
    To be honest, I’d recommend listening to everyone in the readme file. There’s better ways to spend your time.

  5. The game is indeed very simple, with a story right out of an 8-bit RPG. It feels weird since the translation is so good, but what they are saying is so basic.

    The menus are bizarre. You can’t rotate the camera while walking. The music is mixed so that the repetitive baseline drowns out the rest of the track.

    Still, I’m a big Tales fan and this game feels enough like Tales that I am enjoying it. At only 12-20 hours, I suppose I can power through.

  6. I had fun with it. The one thing I hate about Tales games is all the asinine dialog. Vesperia and Abyss were alright, in that regard, but Symphonia, Legendia and Graces left me feeling like I was being held prisoner by the delirium tremens of stupidity. It [Tempest] could have been more open for me to enjoy it better and the menus were pretty inaccessible and irritating. But, it was short and it was free, and it was the least annoying Tales game I have played since Rebirth or Eternia…I don’t remember which was my more recent.

    Thank you very much for the translation–you’ve made my world a better place, honest. I was just at a loss for something new to play (since Ni no Kuni turned out to be so much more the overly pedantic Care Bears spin-off than a decent RPG) and Tempest just hit the spot. The localization itself, also, was charming.

  7. <3

  8. There’s no xdelta file in the folder.

  9. @kristy: tott.dat is an xdelta file. It’s not a requirement for xdelta files to end in .xdelta, although it is common.

  10. I liked the game, and with the translation patch was even better. great job keep it up and please,do not give up on tales of hearts

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