Tales of Destiny: Director’s Cut (PS2)

Project Information

Started: February 8, 2008

Announced: January 1, 2009

Restarted: July 17, 2014

Status: In Progress


Translator: throughhim413

Programmer: Kingcom

Quality Control: Kajitani-Eizan

Support: Cless, gogs, Carnivol

Joint with Phantasian Productions

118 Responses to “Destiny”

  1. Is this project translation still going ?

  2. Hope this gets picked up, can’t wait to play it 😀 Can totally understand why it’s taking so long. Lots of hard work going in to this, keep it up guys and hope we get a full release someday 😀

  3. 2016, this project still alive?

  4. @Rafael: Yes, but it’s not the current focus. You can check the main page for updates. They’re being posted regularly, so if there’s anything happening, that’s where to find it.

  5. I’m really looking forward to being able to play the *canon* version of Tales of Destiny! (Since the old PSX game is considered out of date now) Keep up the great work I can’t wait!

  6. Looking forward to this as well! Know that I’ll be waiting patiently til then.

    Thanks for your efforts!

    One question – is the dialogue so different that referencing the text from the original English game is insufficient? How much new translation are you looking at here?

  7. Thank you very much for doing this! I’m really looking forward to it!

  8. Thank you so much for all that you do. You all are true heroes.

  9. This project is amazing; I can’t believe the amount of progress you’ve done so far. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort of translating this amazing game for us to enjoy. I’m thinking about donating to the project if possible…is there a way to do so?

  10. Iam so, Excited to play this game (Tales of Destiny DC Eng Patch)….I’ve been waiting for this patch since 2009,..My dream will come true soon….Thank You

  11. Thank You….throughhim413

  12. Just wanted to drop in and say thanks to all the people involved in making this, you guys are awesome! Good luck with finishing ToD.

  13. Thanks for the effort, Im looking forward for playing this game again , now with subtittles.

  14. I have so much faith in the translators that I even bought a physical copy of the game to have patched for when the project is officially complete. (just hope I can find a way to play it on my slim NTSC-U PS2 without installing some weird flip cover)

  15. I played through this years ago untranslated. I have never enjoyed a battle system in a Tales game as thoroughly as Destiny DC’s. You guys are saints for doing this. Innocence and Phantasia were fantastic, so the anticipation is insane. Seriously, thanks a billion for this!

  16. 2017 August, is this project still alive? Hopefully it can be release asap.
    God bless you guys!

  17. Hi

    Good luck on your project, juste like the one on Tales of Rebirth, I’ve be waiting for years to play to that game. I’m french, but it’s the same, no localization, no fantrad for the both.

    Thanks for the great work, it’s really great, i don’t know how to say it more 😉

    And sorry for the shitty english, I only understand, not talk ^^.

  18. Good luck translators/programmers in this project. I seem to stop by once a year to see what’s up lol. I know it’s a huge project. Take care.

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