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Project Annoucement
(07-17-2015, 06:34 AM)throughhim413 Wrote: The project is still ongoing, but we're a ways away from completion. I don't have an estimated completion date.
Please stick the translation close to the original
throughim413 dont forget go play tales of link english u get new charcter tales of phantasia cross editon english name is Londrine its worng play tales of link english u get proper name of english is rondoline put it in english patach and cress mystic art still say dark blade. u get events everyweek it will help ur progress.
#63 go this websites u find tales of phantasia english names even new chartcer from cross edition they add it in go the name in english tales of the link is Rondoline put it in english patch and tales of the link tales of destiny charcter english one charcter in japanese name is kongman still put it in english version of tales of the link. this will help ur project.
Tales of Link, like many of the more recent localizations, seems like a half-hearted effort that is riddled with mistakes and oversights. We'll mostly be ignoring it.
[Image: absolute_zero_t.png]

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