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How do I even?
Hey, I'm a huge fan of the 'Tales of' series, owning Symphonia, Abyss, Radiant Mythology, Vesperia, Graces F, and Xillia1&2, but recently I've really been hit with Tales fever and want to play the originals. Thing is, obviously, they've not been released in English... So, plodding around on YouTube, I saw Absolute Zero thrown around a few times and here I am. Now, the pertinent question of the matter is, how do I even do this? I'm completely newb on this matter, seeing PSX, ISO, etc, etc thrown about, and I have no idea what any of this talk is. I need a newb friendly, step by step guide (PLEASE without any acronyms) on how I'm going to go about playing Phantasia (and eventually the other non-English 'Tales of' games)with as little hassle as possible. Please and thanks in advance.
Basically you will need a PSX (that's the first playstation console) emulator and a ToP ROM. An emulator is a program that emulate, replicate what a console does. So a PSX emulator does what a PSX console does. A ROM (or ISO, basically the same thing) is an image of a game, so basically the game itself in your computer.

So the emulator is your console, the ROM is your game. Emulators are free, they're easily available with a quick Google search. Just type something like PSX emulator. ROMs are technically illegal but if you're a dirty pirate you can also find them with Google.

So now that you have your emulator (console) and ROM (game), you need to apply the translation patch to your ROM. Note that there's probably a ROM you can download which already has the patch applied to it if you search hard enough, this is the internet after all.

Anyway, applying the patch is pretty easy, just download it from this website and follow the instructions.
Thanks a bunch. Honestly, if they're not going to release it in English and I literally have no other way to play it, who am I hurting, right? I mean, if they ACTUALLY released it, I'd ditch whatever in a heartbeat for a legit copy so yeah, seems kinda moot. Now if only I can avoid procrastinating on the matter...

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